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Any love story like break up or marriage that became true?

Answer by Jo Jo Gunn
Yes !
Hopefully you were read by a psychic with other credentials such as a Life Coach and/or Empath, and/or with specialties much like readings of Tarot card, shell, palm, etc.
With all the con artists out there ~ no one can be sure but, referrals are the absolute best.
I got my referal from a Ghost Adventures episode here in Florida ! She is ALWAYS on the mark and validated my abilities. I always knew I had something special but never knew what it was ~

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My 20th birthday is just on the horizon and I want just one thing; love! This Valentine’s Day has been exceptionally lonely for me. I had a humiliating breakup several months back in my first and only relationship and I have high hopes of finding someone (hopefully soon). I’m not really sure where to start; I’m not in school right now and I’m working on getting a job. My life is and has been far from ideal for quite some time. From early 2011 until now, I’ve been through some unusually turbulent and trying times. My last relationship made everything seem bearable, but it was still very rough at times.
I don’t have many opportunities to meet new people and I can’t afford the money (or the courage) to talk to some random person I see in public. However, I’m willing to take a chance and just go for it. I just wish there was some kind of opportunity I could take. I’m not 21 yet, so I can’t go to a bar and apparently the same thing is true of most comedy clubs in town since selling beer in comedy clubs seems to be a thing now. My resources are somewhat limited as far as money goes, but if I see the possibility of getting a new boyfriend or girlfriend than I’ll find a way to make it happen! Even if there’s no guarantee of a positive outcome, I’m willing to do WHATEVER it takes.
I know what I want, but I don’t know how to get it. I’ve never gone “fishing” for love before, so this whole finding the right person for me by myself thing is a new concept. My last girlfriend actually contacted me via a mutual friend, and that’s how we met. I only wish that could happen again, but it’s probably a foolish thing for me to think that a lover will just come to me automatically. I live in Colorado Springs, Colorado and I’m a lonely man. Please help me find someone, I would REALLY appreciate that! Thanks

Answer by mrs. mike
Hi Bobby,

Maybe there are some kinds of community centers in Colorado Springs or underground clubs? Look in the local newspaper, especially the Sunday paper, to see what all is going on in town during the week and the upcoming weekend – maybe something will catch your eye.

Then there are all those “usual” places like the bowling alley, the library, concerts, poetry readings, church…

That’s all I got, Bobby. Sorry.


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