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Can anyone give me a diagram or something of the indivdual symbols and lines and signs on your hand according to palm reading? Like something that shows me where my life line and love line are and explains all the different lines and their significance? Thanx!

Answer by Nikolae
for such a request i suggest that you consult Wikipedia and search for PALMISTRY. if you still are not satisfied then i cry your pardon and suggest looking up PALMISTRY on google.

Answer by Cheryl H

go to this website. It is very informative and hopefully helpful.

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I downloaded this app on my phone because my friend said it is so accurate. I downloaded today (just a few minutes ago) and it takes a picture of my palm and then analyze. It started off all right and then when it went to my thumb it said i have musical talent of some sort and then next for another finger it said it have love for the arts but on a line on my palm it said i love a good debate (which I was planning on either majoring pre-law or becoming a management consultant). Then it said the line of apollo promises me success in the arts you choose to purse a career involving artistic endeavors. What does that mean? I can’t sing or paint. I do have passion for dancing, but I never pursue it. Does it mean that any career I choose involves some time of art? HELP . & thanks in advance!

Answer by manoranjan
When the line of sun is strong and clean, then it brings success, name and fame. The long finger of sun and strong mounts also brings glory in the field of art. The sun line, sun mounts and sun finger can tell you the phenomenal achievement of your life. However, sun line or Apollo line is not everything. It needs to study the shape and sizes of the palm. The palmist should asses what kind of palm you have. The presence of Apollo line on a conic hand does not indicate the same achievement in square hand. Apart from this, the line of head has a vital role in the study of palmistry. Your case is relating to art. It can be anything like public speaking is an art, writing articles and story etc. You may find work that is pertaining to art and the work that needs fertile imagination. You may consult a palmist to asses your success in life. But, the apps has got no relevance.

Answer by Astrologer Naren Sharma
Mail me your palm picture.

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My palm is very confusing as many times as I try to read it (For fun) It makes no sense. Please If someone could tell me what the lines have I have marked in read mean it would be wonderful. *Note I have marked them in read because the pictures havent come out well and you can’t really see what I am seeing.

* I am right hand dominant. Few questions as well I have a birth mark light brown in the middle of my ring finger…any significant meaning?

First Pic The one without red lines

Red Lines What do these lines Mean?!?! Please Help Thank you.
red line meanings

Left Hand(Non-Dominant)

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* I know a lot of these questions are silly and nothing is set in stone. The future is always changing. But could you give me some kind of reading into my future. Such as fame(If any), career, money, family and love.

Thank you 🙂
So vague and short noooooooo but ty

Answer by Vic
First Picture is Clear
Your Head and Life are common for a distance, which means you obey your elders and follow the tradition.

Your Thumb bends backward which means that you can easily adjust to circumstance and you are not very rigid.

Your hart line is good and starts under the Index finger (Mount of Jupiter) so you do not fall in love easily and you have control on your emotions. You are a business type fellow

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