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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : all my wall posts and everything is disappeared in Facebook?

Today I logged to FB account and realized that all the wall posts, videos I’ve uploaded ,pictures and all applications (palm reading and all) everythng is disappeared

but the things my friends have written on my wall is remaining ..only that ..and rest of the things ..each and everything is like deleted .why this happens?

my wall is soooooo short now ..I dont know ..i am desperated

any help ?

how should i recover this ?

Answer by blitzcrackunders
Check to make sure you’re not just displaying “just friends” and instead, “you+friends”

Answer by tr
Someone has maybe got your password and logged into your account and deleted it all, or your facebook was maybe hacked…. change your password if you think this is the case.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How do you bluetooth ring tones on the Palm Centro. I NEED HELP?

I just got a Palm Centro, and I have all of my ring tones on there from my razr that I had. My friend wants me to bluetooth her one of them, but unlike my razr, it doesn’t have a separate folder for pictures, videos, and ring tones so that I can bluetooth them. I have read the manual over and over again, yet I cannot find out how to bluetooth them. PLEASE HELP

Answer by Dusty
You can’t, but if her device has IR capability, you can beam it to her.

Answer by Kim
First you need to download the program call Mini Tones to your computer and then sync it to your phone. I have provided the link. Second, you need to have a memory card in your phone. When someone bluetooths you a ringtone, it will go to your minitones program. A screen will pop up and ask you if you want to save the file on the unnamed card. select ok. Then open up minitones and select the ringtone. A screen will pop and asks you if you would like to trim, add, select trim, then okay. with minitones you can also make your own ringtones. You can take any part of a song and make you a new ringtone. The same process. I know this may seem like alot just to bluetooth, but it is worth it. I love my Centro. If you have anymore questions, email me. I hope this helps

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : With Palm available why would someone buy an iPOD?

I’m looking for something that can play music, videos, and read documents, but is small and convenient to take with you.
Is it because Palms don’t have that big of file space? 128mb versus 30GB etc?

Answer by Funny man
Buy any MP4 player

Answer by daveycakes
PALM are great tools – but ipods only carry documents and store them, they don’t actually read them. You should invest in a blackberry.

Answer by Brento!
becae you can read documents with an ipod. i just finsihethr fourth harry potter book on my ipod. you just have 2 know how. just google the process if you get an ipod. the software s free and you use ipod notes. the benefit of the ipod id def the space. palms don;t exceed 5 gigs ever. i think less than that. ipods go up to 100 gigs. if u want to watch full length movies, or just lots of small ones, u need major space. movies tka eup more space than almost anything else.

Answer by MANGO
With Ipod you dont have to worry about the hotsync stuff

Answer by coolsmartygirl
aren’t palms more expensive and used mostly for addresses and appointments? or am i just stereotyping?

Answer by GD
did you answer your own question?

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Apr 15, 2006 at 10:52 am
Is it because Palms don’t have that big of file space? 128mb versus 30GB etc?

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