Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Am I going to die because it said so in my hands?

sum1 in my class read my hand and got a bunch of stuff right

that i spent a bunch of money in 3 months (wells it more know cuz its 5 but even in march i had less than i had in jan)……i’m forgetful (but he knows im ditzy but we’re still not close friends)….tht i wont need 2 dependent on a man

and i really wanna be independent & the more ppl want sumthing they go 4 it so it mite b true (o yea and he has no idea of my wanting to be independent)

all that was rite so when at last he said im gonna die young do you think that’s true? btw im only in highschool and i started crying when i got home! i really dont wanna die young and knowing that you’re going to die is even worse

he’s not a real palmist he just looked up a little bit of it online

i’m really scared
i’ve heard two examples from relatives where bad things turned out to be true
one including death

Answer by An0nym0us mAn1Ac
Sorry honey. Life is a life sentance, no one gets out alive.

Answer by ThaTaz
There is no way to tell when you are going to die. No Way. Not by the palm of your hand or by anything else. Not even when someone is ill and dying can you tell for sure when they are going to die. So, no you are not going to die because a guy that doesn’t even know palm reading to begin with saw something in your hand that he interpreted as a young death.

We always spend money, even if you only had $ 1 and you spent it then you’d still use it as an evidence of the palm reading being true. That’s how the human mind works, we search for things that fit and take them as evidence.
We can all feel that we are forgetful. Once again the term is relative and we can make it fit.
Not depending on a man or anyone else? The same thing, we all feel independent in one way or the other.

For any “foretelling” to be true you need it to give exact details that can be proven without you finding the evidence in your memory. If it said that you spent $ 300 on April 12 and your bank account says the same, then it’s true.

So, while we can’t tell when we are going to die we can tell if things like palm reading is true or not by looking for solid facts.

About what your relatives said: You don’t know that it was really true since you were not there to check out the facts. They could have made a simple mistake. That happens. Or coincidence could have make it look as it it was true.

There is a guy that offers $ 1 million to anyone that can prove that they have the “power”. This far no one have claimed the money. Why? Because the know they can’t prove it.

Putting that ti the side it is interesting to see what people can do with your mind. making you believe in things that isn’t there and even more interesting the “cold readings”. Cold readings are absolutely fascinating and can make people think that the other person knows their deepest secrets.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is the zodiacfor entertainment purposrs.only?

I’ve found it help me find the best.solution to my identity crisis…:0. Anybody else

Answer by Been There
First I would like to say that I am a professionally-certified astrologer with over 40 years experience working face-to-face with my clients.

Sun sign astrology does not use the astrological techniques, and it is not valid. It’s sole purpose is to market the writer .. to earn money by writing for the general public.
Sun sign astrology is for entertainment purposes, and those who think it applies well are not looking closely-enough.

Real astrology works only off an individual person’s birth chart, calculated for the date, time and place of birth. This chart is unique to the individual, ad the answers are valid. You can learn to do it yourself .. which is far better than paying an astrologer to do it. I might be the expert on astrology, but you are the expert on yourself, and can potentially give a far-better reading for yourself than I ever could.

This is why a good astrologer will only give real-time live readings (in person, on the phone, or skype). No written report is put together or can take into account just how all the various factors in a chart work together … written reports are computer generated and are no better than the free information on may websites.

Answer by ChainLightnin’
Astrology is one of many types of fortune telling. Just like tarot cards and palm reading, magical thinking is involved. Astrology can not pass testing and need blind belief which some people gladly give. Along with their money. It’s a business first.

Anyone can go online and get a birth chart. How many people can decipher them? Someone may say they do this or you can buy books. But for accuracy it makes sense to seek professionals. That is where they start making money. And if you need to see if a relationship works, they can handle that too. Blind belief is needed here too. Astrologers don’t claim accuracy, they tell you how satisfied their customers are. You are going to take whatever is said as truth. Does anyone pay an astrologer to be wrong.

Many of the experts say you need to be certified to be a real astrologer. And that requires a large investment of time and money. Then there are others that admit they are self taught. Lots of contradictions. Astrology is supposed to be extremely complex and at the same time easy enough to learn by yourself. Sort of like a married bachelor. If you like contradictions, you will love astrology.

Answer by Bentley
Palm reading is one of many types of fortune telling

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What does it mean to have a huge birthmark on the hip and many beauty marks?

Ok so I have a huge birthmark on my left hip and when I say huge I mean huge. I have little beauty marks inside my birth mark and 2 identical beauty marks on either side of my stomach. I have a small beauty mark on the side of my cheek(left) and a beauty mark on my finger (left hand). I looked online about birthmarks and there locations and found nothing. I read that birthmarks mean you had a past live and my mother, and aunt said that when I was a younger I told my mother that I was in heaven waiting to come and join her again. I’m very smart and talented but have medical problems that are not on my moms or dad side of the family. I just wanna know what it means to have a really big birthmark (Its darker then my skin color) and many beauty marks? Did I live a past live or something? Thanks 🙂

Answer by Marge
I like to dabble in palm reading and mysticism and things as well but if we are being honest, birth marks don’t mean anything with regards to your past lives or future….they are just a slight birth defect =) I think the shape is more telling….if it looks like a country or an animal it is fun to figure out its relevance in your life!

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