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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Any hands only masturbation tips?

I need dome tips on how to have a great masturbation using only my hands… any tips?

Answer by Clayton W
strecthing my legs very tightly seems to help, i should know im on number 1644 as we speak.

Answer by Kitty Kat
keep rubbing your clit, nice and fast.
its awesome,

Answer by wigginsleanna
hell yeah…go deep and push on the lower part of your stomach.

Answer by Kakkoii *Diva*
Find what makes you feel comfortable and aroused. Some stimulants could be ice cubes or warm (not hot, not burning yourself) water in a bath, erotic stories, pornographic photos or films or a certain memory. Think about how to create an environment that arouses you and makes you comfortable. This is different for everyone.

Sometimes it’s good to lick your fingers so it will not be dry when you start. Or if not use a little bit of Vaseline, not to much,because it can get greasy and messy.

Every woman is different when it comes to pleasure. For some it’s fun to tease your finger with the top of your clitoris, for some it’s good to rub the bottom labia.

you know how you like it!!! we cant tell you how to do it, because you are your best customer.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can masturbate while your in the doggie position your hand and knees on floor or bed and your fingers back rubbing it. You can do with your legs wide or with your hands pressuring your thigh. You can also try new things like with your legs on the bed and your back is not. you know take off your clothes and do it in the open really wide in a chair…W/E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

be creative and make you happy, that’s all.

Answer by Atul07
Dear friend
There are number of methods used by women to masturbate.
• Clitoris massages using hands and fingers.
• Rubbing the vulva against pillows, clothes or furniture.
• Vagina plays a minimum role during the masturbation practice, but vaginal penetration during masturbation is not unusual.
• Nipple stimulation along with clitoral or vaginal stimulation.
However, it is important to know that there is no defined correct or right way to masturbate. It varies from one female to the other due to the fact that each woman’s anatomy is slightly different from others. There is also a great deal of difference in the psychological make-up of each female, making each women go for different masturbation methods. Some women find it difficult to adapt new methods for masturbation.
Mentioned below are the steps to obtain the best results of masturbation-
Relax well before starting with the masturbation process. It is essential to get into the mood, by taking a warm bath and a glass of wine. Removing most of the clothing, lying on your back, legs bent and spread apart ensures better mood for performing the activity.
Recalling the exciting past sexual encounters and fantasizing about it. Reading an erotic magazine or watching an adult video.
Exploring one’s body, most prominently the sensitive areas. Exploring different parts of genitals and looking at them are important steps for getting aroused. Touching inner labia, outer labia, clitoris, vagina and perineum.
Using fingers to stroke different parts of vulva, with special attention to the clitoris and labia. Applying different speed, pressure and motion helps in building up excitement. Placing the fingers on either side of the clitoris and stroking up and down, or placing two fingers on the clitoral hood and rubbing in circular motion are well known methods.
Experimenting with different types of touch, tickle, pinch, and pulling the genitals. Palm and knuckles can also be used besides fingers.
Once exploring process is over, further stimulation of vulva is done. Slip the finger in between the folds of vulva and massage the inner labia, pulling on them gently. Slip the finger to the top of vulva and place them on top of the clitoris. They are then moved up and down in a jiggling motion. If there is a need, one or two fingers can be inserted into the vagina. Experiencing orgasm in the very first or a few first times is sometimes not possible.
Clitoral Stimulation – Clitoris is stimulated but either using one or two fingers or palm of the hand. Sometimes, direct contact with the clitoris is too intense, so stimulation is done near and around the clitoris. Some may prefer to have a layer of clothing between the hand and clit.
G-Spot Stimulation – Inserting a vibrator or dildo into the vagina can provide the vagina with a feeling of fullness and stimulate the G-spot. It is easy to locate the G-spot, but manual masturbation cannot provide adequate stimulation. For such cases, sexual toys used more often.
Vibrators – They are most commonly used for clitoral stimulation, vaginal stimulation and anal stimulation.
Showers – A detachable shower head is most commonly used by women. Showers with versatile control, which switches the water from a steady stream to a pulsating jet spray.
There is no specific way to masturbate and no fixed number of times in a day, which it is practiced. Any frequency of masturbation is acceptable, as long as an individual is comfortable doing it. It is a very normal and healthy sexual practice
You can mail me at
Best of luck

Answer by FUNnCRAZY
go to also do an internet search for “female masturbation techniques”

Answer by Teddybearcub
Slowly “tease” and tantilize (round and round, zipping in and out of your vagina, etc.) your clitoris as long as you can until you can’t stand it anymore and speed up to your orgasm. Enjoy!

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What makes a party fun? (For a 17th birthday by the way :)?

I’m turning 17 in two weeks and I want to have a party for the presents and stuff to be honest, but I hate having parties. My last party was when I was 13, I didn’t even have a sweet 16 party last year. I like going to parties, yes, but I hate having them because I have to oversee all the guests and I feel horrible when people start breaking of into little groups and not doing whatever and looking like they’re not having fun. How can I make a party fun for everyone (decoration ideas? theme? things to do?) so that it can be fun for me too? Thanks for any advice, I appreciate it!
Same question, different category by the way 🙂 Thanks for the input!

Answer by SexyAmby
wow! have lots of food, music, invite lots of people even if u dont know some of them its a great way to meet ppl.

Answer by Dr. Christopher Carter
Fog lights
Pick a theme you feel is good by the crowd of people coming
Enforce a dress code,a minor one though. No gang related crap.
Create a gift list.
Most importanly have fun!

Answer by jim w
if you and your guess answer Question on yahoo answer.

Answer by libby l
Teen Party ideas

Themes: (submitted by readers)

Girl Friend Party:
(a special day for your friends’ birthday day)
Blindfolded her and take her to get her haircut pay for that. Next pick up some videos and put the blindfold on her again. When you get to your destination (a made up salon in your house or a friends) take off the blindfold. Decorate the area like a salon…you will need to make signs, get streamers, and put accessories (make-up, hair products, facial products, nail products) on display.

Have some new makeup for you girl friend and do her nails, make-up, and hair and if possible pick out an outfit for her to wear. She never know what was happening next.

When you’re done and have watched a movie, blindfolded her again and take her out to dinner with your male friends. (Have the guys pay for the dinner ;o)

Titanic Party:
A formal affair. For girls let let them dress together and make each other up.
Have servers and a Captain present for an elegant dinner. Find young musical entertainers to provide the background music.
After dinner an adult can man the black-jack and roulette tables.
Hire a Caricaturist to draw the guests (this will be their party favor).

Fortune Telling Party:
Hire a palm reader or have an adult dress like a gypsy and have their palms read. Also use tarot cards to learn to tell fortunes. Serve fortune cookies. For party favors give bangles, moon and star items.

Write Horoscopes: pass out pencils and paper to each guest. The “astrologer” asks them to write various items, the paper is passed to each player AFTER each item is written. Turn the paper down, so no one can read what is above. When completed, the last person signs their name to the bottom. They are then turned in and read using the ‘story.’ See link at horoscopes to get more information.

Mall Fun:
Scavenger Hunt:
Prepare the night before by going to the mall to find or think of things for the hunt. i.e.: number of stairs, escalators, things in shop windows, lost receipt, etc. The day of the party give each team a list of the items and within a specified amount of time see who comes up with the correct answers/items.
Party Favor / Game: Give each person $ 5.00 and see how many items they can purchase in a limited amount of time.
Hit the pizza parlor (or other) afterwards.

Regression Party:
Party like a 4 or 5 year old. Play traditional party games like pin the tail on the donkey, musical chairs, hot potato, drop the clothes pin in the can, scooping cotton balls from one bowl to another-blindfolded., etc.

Limo Romp:
Hire a limousine. Pick up the party goers and take them to a restaurant for dinner. Best best would be an “50’s Diner” someplace were they can play goofy games. Make sure the limo is stocked with soft drinks, music, etc.

Hotel Party:
Get a two bedroom hotel room. One for the kids and one for the parents. Make sure it has all the amenities like pool and game room. Bring lots of popcorn, sodas, videos, etc (or if you prefer room service). Let the maids clean up the mess the next day.

Clothes Exchange and Redo:
Good for girls of roughly the same size, or a couple sizes. have everyone go thru closets at home and find clothes they don’t want or that don’t fit, clothes, purses, bags, shoes, socks, anything…Buy bits of ribbons, buttons, fabric, zippers, patches and sewing supplies. when everyone gets to the party, make piles of clothes that are around the same size. Then everyone can sew on the ribbons, iron on patches-make the clothes look different, maybe even buy some tie-dye, a kit should be around $ 20.00. Then swap clothes.

Beauty Salon:
Take the girls to a beauty salon to have their hair and nails done. Or do up their hair and nails at home in conjunction with a slumber party. For an activity, decorate pillow cases. Purchase one plain white case for each girl.

Disco Party:
Rent a disco ball, strobe light and get together some 70’s movies. Have your friends come dressed for disco. Serve TAB

Traditional Party:
Are the above just a bit much? How about a regular, stay at home, do it yourselfer. Here are a few games and activities.
Prepare slips of paper, enough for each player. All will be blank except two. One will be marked “Murderer” and the other “Detective”. Let the players pick no one can say who they are. To play, turn out the lights and have everyone mill around. The Murderer must “strike” one person and they should go down. This “Victim” cries out and the lights are turned back on. Everyone then freezes. The detective then must determine who the killer was by asking questions. Everyone MUST tell the truth except the Murderer, who may lie as much as they want.

Potato Chip Taste Test:
Use about 5 different brands of chips in numbered bowls. Give each person a pad of paper to record which they like the most or comments about them. After everyone is done let them pick which goes to each empty bag. Let them read their comments.

Spaghetti Drop:
Need-bowls of cooked spaghetti noodles, plastic gloves and coke or other bottles (set for each team, relay style game)
To play-Have the teams line up. The first player, on go, puts on the gloves, picks up 10 noodles, runs to the bottle and must drop each one in. When the get all of their noodles in the need to run back and turn the gloves over to the next in line. First team finished wins.

Scavenger Hunts:
Nature hunt-list of items that can be found outdoors.
Use Neighbors-Find items on list by knocking on doors.
Unnatural Nature Hunt:
This one takes work on the part of the parent. They would need to make up things to find outside.
an orange on an oak/pine etc;
a daisy “growing” from…;
rocks wrapped in foil;
Pickles growing in the soil;
other “freaks of nature.” Give each person or team a notepad to keep track of what they find. Do not give them a list of these unnatural items…let them try to find them. Make sure you tell them the designated area.

If you have the toy Bop-It, pass this around and see how far you can get.

Here is another game suggested by Nancy Carter
Summer Snowball Fight (outside activity!)
Materials: Plenty of panty hose, preferably white (local $ store is a great resource) I think one pair will make about 10 “snowballs”. 25lbs+ flour
Directions: Put a cup or so of flour into the leg of hose. Tie off as close as possible to the top of the flour. Cut the hose above the knot. You now have your first “snow ball” Try it!! Continue by tying, filling, tying, cutting. It’s a bit of prep work – but worth it! The “snowballs” last a long time!
Warning: Be prepared for a mess! White will be all over everything in your yard! Use a leaf-blower to dust off the kids. Get as much as you can cleaned up before it rains. The memory is worth the mess!

1. Mail Order shopping. Tell the kids they have $ 75.60 (or some odd amount) to purchase an outfit with. See who can come up with the most complete outfit, most unique, etc

2. Letter shopping. Cut out squares with a letter on it (26 – a thru z). Set them on a table with the girls around it. They each pick up a letter and must name an item that can be purchased at
1. a department store (if they name an item within 5-10 seconds they get to move on to another ‘store,’ if not they continue until they can think of an item starting with the letter)
other stores to ‘shop’ at:
drug store, grocery store, hardware store, etc.
This game can continue, as if taking a trip…after the shopping, they can continue with cities, rivers, and people.

3. Make an autobiography: Make booklets from 8×11 1/2″ paper. On the inside write on each page:
How I spent my childhood
My aim in life
What I enjoy
My biggest blunder
My best friend
My travel
My hobbies
Spending my money
Have the kids find pictures out of magazines to put into the pages (this is for fun, and does not need to represent them entirely).
When they are finished, let them share their books.

4. Cut out of magazines (teen mags would would great) full pictures of people the kids would know (celebrities, etc) Cut off the heads and paste them onto the tops of others bodies. See if they can guess where they belong and who

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What does Obviousman do for a living?

a. Computer tech nerd
b. Male porn star
c. Hip hop music video choreographer
d. Tom Cruise impersonator

If you believe he does something else please specify what…

Answer by MAD DOG
Ok… we’ll find out if Obviousman himself answers this question.

Answer by kingsley
A smart computer guy.

Answer by lduncan00
I think he works at the DMV. Always looking busy on the computer, but we know what he’s really up to…

Answer by Paris Hilton
Everyone loves Obviousman. Here’s the HollyScoop on him…from the Hollywood Tattler….LOL

Age 47 years old..Born around and raised in Eagle Rock area, where his parents and grand parents also lived. Went to local schools until he was admitted to Occidental College. Graduated from college with a degree in Yahoo Answers and other smart stuff. Met and married Ms. Obviousman, who came from some little town between Palm Springs and Vegas (I forget). Has 3 daughters, 2 older, 1 younger, younger one possibly from a BIG SURPRISE from Ms. Obviousman or 2 from a prior marriage due to age diversity ???? Insisted all children work at Disneyland, which is very near where he lives. Always gets an annual pass to Disneyland. Grandparent(s) still live in Eagle Rock. Wife is a teacher, possibly in Inglewood Schools…He used to live or work in the south of the Valley. Probably knows as much about L.A. as anyone but me…..LOL

Answer by chieromancer
I kinda thought he was a real estate agent. But I like Paris’ answer better.

Answer by jsco637
I think he is a hardworking Californian, like most of us, tired of the stereotypes, and paying too much for illegals and taxes.

Answer by Your Friendly Jewish Accountant
He’s a superhero, he calls out the stupid questions and exposes them to the sunlight so they’ll melt.

Answer by Obviousman
Actually, it’s A, B, and C.
Fabio’s my identical twin brother. He went into modeling, I went into porn. Guess who makes more money?
OK, I lied about C. I’m really not into hip hop.
I’m much too tall for D.

I’m also a real estate investor, and occasionally go slumming in the Finance forums when things around here get too slow.

So how do I have time to answer all these questions? Pretty simple, really.
-90% of the questions are the same ones over and over. I come up witha good answer, then copy and paste.
-Ever work on computers? You spend a LOT of time waiting for them to reboot. I can probably answer 4 questions in the time it takes a PC to reboot.
-I actually like helping people who want to visit LA.

Things must be really slow if we’re concerned about me.

Thank you all for the kind words. I really appreciate that.

Just read Paris’ answer. Not bad, but I’ll clear up a few things:

Age 47 years old: True. Went to Oxy with the Prez, who is the same age.

Born around and raised in Eagle Rock area, where his parents and grandparents also lived: Partially true. I don’t ever recall mentioning my grandparents, but they are not from the ER area. My mother still lives in ER, though. Dad passed away a few years back.

Went to local schools until he was admitted to Occidental College: True. Went to ER Jr High, but a different school for HS. Although I’m going to the ERHS 30 year reunion, just to see whatever happened to all those people from Junior High.

Graduated from college with a degree in Yahoo Answers and other smart stuff: Funny. Actually, my degree from Oxy has nothing to do with what I do now. And I did see this guy around campus, a long-haried dude from Hawaii named Barry Obama. Since he lived in Haines Hall (the party dorm), and I lived in Newcomb Hall (where we went to other dorms to have fun), we didn’t see much of each other. Hey, wanna know my other claim to celebrity (which was my previous claim to fame, but has now been placed second): I lived in the same dorm as “Disco” Sammy Rubin. You can see him now on channel 5 as the entertainment reporter.

Met and married Ms. Obviousman, who came from some little town between Palm Springs and Vegas: Before she became Mrs. Obviousman, she lived in the OC. That’s why we moved there.

Has 3 daughters, 2 older, 1 younger, younger one possibly from a BIG SURPRISE from Ms. Obviousman or 2 from a prior marriage due to age diversity ?: Here’s what happened- I got 3 kids in the deal, with an option for 1 more. I simply exercised my option. There is an 11 year gap between the previously youngest, and the “caboose”. She’s the end of the train. And she was quite planned, I assure you. We had to time it so that she was born near the end of the school year.

Insisted all children work at Disneyland, which is very near where he lives. Yes, I live near DL, but none of the kids has ever worked there.

Always gets an annual pass to Disneyland: True

Grandparent(s) still live in Eagle Rock. Only 1 surviving grandparent, who turned 100 last year. Not living in ER. Never did.

Wife is a teacher, possibly in Inglewood Schools. Baldwin Hills, actually. That’s how I know so much about “Black Beverly Hills”.

He used to live or work in the south of the Valley: Let’s see, I did live in the valley about 20 years or so ago.

Probably knows as much about L.A. as anyone: And I love LA. If I could, I would wear a baseball cap with the Dodger’s logo on one half, and the Angel’s logo on the other half. I love both LA and the OC.

He is a good smart guy !!!!! – Thanks. I’m a bit of a smart@$ $ , too, just because it’s fun.

So, armed with that knowlege, I’m sure a really dedicated stalker could find me now.

Gee, I wonder if I’ll even get Best Answer for answering a question about myself?

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on palm reading video

Mr Angry’s darkest secrets revealed through palm reading

Written by RockPsychic


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17 Hours after the quake, Hurricane Irene made landfall less than 300 miles from the epicenter of the Earthquake.
Damage estimates from this hurricane, throughout the United States were near $19.6 billion dollars, which made it the 5th costliness hurricane in United States history
The coastlines were evacuated and lives were saved because of this prediction and appropriate warnings.