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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Any suggestions for further reading?

I love Catcher in the Rye. I’ve become quite obsessed with it.
I would like to read more novels that are related to the subject (disenchantment, or coming of age.)
I have read all of Salinger’s work. I have already read A Separate Peace. I do not like Harry Potter (though I have read all the books.)
I am not a young adult.
I also enjoy satire and I’m looking to move away from the classics, which I have read extensively.
Any suggestions?

Answer by daddy-o
There is a good book with a story about angsty coming of age of vampiric youth called ‘Blood and Chocolate’. Not sure of the author but it is a good read.

Answer by je t’adore
the long way down
to kill a mocking bird
the scarlet letter

Answer by the_shell
A favorite contemporary satirist of mine is Terry Pratchett. I laugh out loud when I read his work. He’s written a lot of books, (somewhere around thirty or forty), centered around a fictional world called Discworld. Technically, they’re all fantasy, but they definately don’t read like fantasy.

Answer by paulapop14
If your interested in something a little more recent try Miriam Towes A complicated Kindness, or Summer of my amazing luck. You might also enjoy John Irvings, A Prayer for Owen Meany.

Answer by Elsa
Read Stones From the River by Ursula Hegi – honestly, anything by Hegi is fabulous. The Vision of Emma Blau, Floating in my Mother’s Palm….

Martha Gellhorn is another good author, but no coming of age stories that come to mind.

Good luck….

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How do I add ebooks from to my ipod touch?

What format do I download it in and how to I add them to my ipod? through itunes? thank you much appreciated.

Answer by DMZ
I love ebooks, and I love the iPhone. For the longest time, I was very frustrated because of how difficult it was to get books on the iPhone. The desire to read Cory Doctorow’s latest work, Little Brother, drove me to dig a little deeper and I am happy to say that it’s actually not an impossible task! Note that this method should also work with the iPod touch.

Here’s what you need to do :
1. Get a jailbroken iPhone. There are many ways to jailbreak your iPhone. Please be aware that this may break (”brick”) your phone and void your warranty. That said, I used ZiPhone to jailbreak my iPhone and it was quite painless process.

2. Once your iPhone is jailbroken, you should have a new icon on your iPhone called Installer. This is, a fantastic tool to browse, download, install and manage third party applications on your iPhone.

3. Using Installer, find and install This is an ebook reader for the iPhone. There’s a Books category in Installer so you can immediately install some ebooks to read.

Now, that wasn’t so difficult, right? So how do we get more ebooks on the iPhone? This is the not-so-simple part. There are a few ways to do it (using SCP, iPhuc, etc), however they all require quite a bit of technical ability. I found a simpler way to do it, and it involves is a huge repository of publicly available ebooks in a variety of formats (PDF, Mobipocket, Palm Doc, HTML, etc). It also has a mobile version which works well with the iPhone.
* Go to and create and account. This is free.
* Create a bookshelf. You can browse the site and add ebooks to your bookshelf.
* Open on your iPhone
* Tap the “Sources” tab at the bottom of the screen
* Tap “Edit” then “Add” and enter the URL for your new shelf – something like
* Tap “Done”
* Switch to the “Install” tab and select the ManyBooks category to see your selections.

This is where I faced a few issues. After installing a book, would give an error message. However, when I open, the ebook was indeed successfully installed.

Hopefully, once we have the iPhone App Store in place, we will have an easier way to browse, purchase, download and read ebooks on the iPhone. In the meantime, I’m quite happy with this method.

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