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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Any true website for palm reading?

Any true website for palm reading? the one that you believe that and have been applicable for you?

Answer by Dr.Jones
I have been to a few palm reading sites, but they have all been scams.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What was that fad in the 40-50s about the shape of your head and telling the future?

It was like you see how your head is shaped and it will tell your “destiny”….I guess kinda like palm reading.

Answer by Anniekd
Phrenology. Different sections of your brain supposedly made your head lumpy. They said they could read the lumps to tell you what you were like.

Answer by MONK
phrenology, and it has been discredited.

Answer by kmankman4321

Answer by Minny

Answer by Lou A
i was a cone head. sure enough i became a mountain climber.

we dont know…..we think your crazy…..but dont hate us please!

Answer by Terry
The “40-50s” were actually the 1840s and 1850s. Some who practiced phrenology paid for unusual skulls. Africans, Chinese and Polynesians contributed against their will in many cases.

If you want the Truth…..Ask a Pagan.

Answer by stephen k
Phrenology would cover that

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Have you ever looked inside the groove when you spread your?

fingers apart? arent the little ridges so cool?

POLL: ar your grooves square shaped or rounded?

in palm reading, the square shape is a sign of high intelligence

Answer by Mark L
oh yes

Answer by L.A Aussie
Mine are square.

Answer by Mr.Brain
I don’t read palms, I read feet.

Answer by Jessimistic
some are square and some ar rounded…so. i am mediocre, like I am in all things in life.

Answer by Shane W
i thought she was talking about something else…

Answer by Kayla G

Answer by Crash Fu™
Yeah, but aren’t you a cat?

Answer by Cali Mermaid

Answer by Amie F
mine are like arches except upside down however my little finger ones are square

Answer by Adrian Monk
well I just did now and I can’t see good enough to tell what shape they are

Answer by BirdLives!
so… on a scale from 1 to really really high, how high are you?

Answer by everybody’s got one

A square has three sides, right?

Answer by ♪♫Heather Honey♫♪
I’m going to sound completely ignorant here…..

but grooves???

You mean down between the fingers, yes?

(Sorry….. my brain is fried today)

And damn…. I thought you meant another groove…..

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on palm reading

What does the Bible say about Horoscopes and Palm reading?

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