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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : are my two palm trees going to die?

i got two palm trees from mesquite nv last year. i live in utah i am under educated on how to take care of them in the winter and so i figured to keep the snow out of the center i would just cover them with plastic bags… i know now that was a bad bad idea… i was looking at them today and noticed they werent looking good.. so i took the plastic off and they have a lot of white and black mold.. what do i do i need help i have read that a copper based spray in treatments will help but what else do i do? i love palm trees and i have always wanted em and now im affraid of losing them… please help.

Answer by Tom Ssssss
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Answer by Kaviani999
Signs don’t look so good. They’ve been severely weakened before a Utah winter, so they will probably not make it.

I would cut off anything that looks rotted or even kinda rotted; then spray the rest with a cornmeal tea until they’re soaked. Pile up some leaves or compost around the base of the plants, drape in non-LED christmas lights, then cover with a floating row cover or any dark, clean cloth.

Answer by Hondu
As already mentioned, it doesn’t sound good. A copper base fungicide is likely your best bet, but if you are going to prune the bad parts off, do NOT cut the growth leader off even if it is moldy. That is curtains for many varieties of palm trees. If you get snow you certainly must get freezing weather. Frost damage is a more real threat than a bit of snow in the center of the tree. Fabric row cover may help, but mulch heavily around the base of the plants. Some varieties, even if they frost kill will start new shoots in the spring if the roots don’t freeze.

Answer by briggs451
It would help if you could tell us what species palm you have. There are a few palms that can stand brief cold snaps, but I think in Utah, palms probably should winter indoors.

I concur with the above. Your palms sound like they’ve croaked. Even if hey survive the damage you describe. they probably will be stunted and misshapened. I guess I would start over with another batch and bring them inside during cold weather.

You could get basal shoots if the species you have is a clumping palm (one of the Arecas for example) and if the roots have not frozen.

Answer by marcelo
Probably they died. Most the palms species don’t are cold hardiness enough in Central and Northern parts of USA, except the Pacific Coast far north like Seattle or Vancouver where some species like Butia Capitata, Chilean Palm or European fan Palm can survive there where have mild winters. The soil freeze some feets below the level of the ground. Just protect the leaves isn’t enough. I don’t know what specie do you grow there, but just few species can resist 20°F, until 10°F (-6°C, until -12°C). Cold Hardiness to 0°F (-18°F) I just know only the European fan palm.

Answer by Rick
Hi Trevor,

This is Ricks Picks. I work in the Garden Department for The Home Depot. Thank you for your question and Happy Holidays to you. The one thing you want to remember about palm trees is that they are “Tropical”. It may be too late for your palm trees already because if it is snowing, then that means it is freezing and palm trees do not do well in temperatures below 50 degrees. What kind of palm tree did you buy? There are several varieties of palm trees and many will do well inside your house providing there is at least medium to bright indirect light available. If you have it in a pot then you can move it inside during the fall and winter seasons.

As for now, your palm may be too damaged from frost to recover. Did you plant you palm tree in the ground? If it is possible, dig it up, providing the ground is not frozen and bring it inside to an area that is warmer. Keep the palm in an area inside the house that has a medium to bright indirect light source. You can treat the mold with a fungicide or spray it with a dish soap and mineral oil combination and wipe off as much of the black and white mold and mildew that you can. Cut off any dead material. If there is still some green in the center of the palm tree, there may be a chance (depending on the type of palm you have). This may be a futile course of action since the palm trees may be beyond recovery at this point, but if you want to try, you have nothing to lose.

Check out this web site which will give you some good information on palm trees. I just entered in a general search for “Palm Trees” and it came up with a lot of selections. You may be able to identify your palm trees from this site.

I have a potted Madagascar palm that I left outside. The night time temperature dipped down to around 24 degrees F. The leaves are frost bitten not looking good. I did not expect the temperature to drop down that low. The forecast was about 15 degrees F off!! The plant will be OK, but it will be dormant until it warms up again. It happens to all of us. In your area though, I would keep the palm in a pot and be sure to bring it inside when the temperatures get below 50 degrees F. Take some pictures of your palm trees and document the progress. They may turn out to be a healthy trees. If you still have the plant ID card from when you first bought the palm trees, it may help in identifying the palm trees.

Best of luck to you Trevor and Happy Holidays,
Ricks Picks

Answer by arctostaphylos
Your palms in Utah are toast. If you want palms you’ll have to grow them indoors. Even palms in Southern Oregon where it only gets below freezing a couple of times a year don’t last long.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Paul’s Visit To The Palm Reader?

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