Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Are palm readings real?

I’ve never consulted with an actual palm reader, but I’ve checked numerous websites on how to read palms, out of pure bordem, and they all say the same thing… that I will be single… can you change what you palm reads, or will it all, inevitably be true? …or is palm reading just a bunch of crap?
my mom had her palm read in her twenties, and the woman said she would have three children (although she had none at the time) 2 boys and one girl, and that the last boy would be very dear to her and sweet… she also told my mom repeatedly how much my dad loved her, and that he would never leave her out of choice… and my dad ended up dying at 43…
so is palm reading real??? will I really never find love? :'(

Answer by Joe G
It’s crap.

Answer by Evelyn
I believe that you can change your destiny . So it is possible you could meet someone.

Answer by shakeadoo2
palm reading may very well help guid you to somthing or offer happy insights, but when it comes down to it, you create your life, not your palm…and what you see in your future will be the future

So create and find true love, they’re out there if you beleive it

best of luck 🙂

Answer by amlia
actually palm is part of body ,and every part of our body tell s something about ourselves ,so your palms certainly reveals sth too. but pls dont take it wrong , i mean , it can only reveal your homor or even your characteristics. but you see someone believes that a personality determines one’s destiny .that is why some people can tell people’s furture just by reading his or her palm .but from this point we see that our future finally is in your own hand not in you palm

Answer by alwaymoving4ward
I once had my palm read….scary accurate! She said that was pregnant – NO WAY! sure enough 2 weeks later I found out I was pregnant….along with a few other things that were dead on but didn’t realize at the time……

Answer by happy d
Yes, palm reading is real but some palm readers aren’t.

The lines on our hands (and feet) are a reflection of what we think and do – most of our major nerves end in the extremities of our bodies (reflexology works on this principle too).

Our lines change as we too change, as humans we are creative beings and can change how we think and act!

So no, nothing is written in stone! Palm reading analyzes our main character traits and is supposed to use this information to tell us how we can use our strengths and build our weaknesses.

My wife is an excellent palm reader and uses her skills to help people.
She has written a palmistry course ( and also articles discussing the ethics of some palm readers

Hope this helps.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : So i’m going to have my palm read…?

I have just been feeling suicidal and crappy lately. I recently came out to my best friend, and i love em too. I also have been having thoughts about killing others or killing myself in the future. I have a feeling i won’t live past 2010, and the only way i can stay sane and alive is if i date my best friend. I just feel like we’re soulmates, but they don’t feel the same right now. I think that they will have bad experiences with significant others, and then they will come back to me in about 20 years. But i don’t want to wait to have my best friend when we’re both old. I want my best friend now while we’re young. We are also both going to different colleges, and i’m socially akward, so i don’t want to be away that long. That’s why i feel like i’m not going to make it. I just want to go to the healthcenter and get a bunch of pills and overdose on them.

So i’m going to have my palm read to see if i can come out of this depression, and if my best friend and i will end up together. I also might pay to have a love spell put on my friend so they will only want me. I just want to be happy and i deserve it. What do you think? Is having my palm read a good choice?

Answer by Ducksworth
I can tell you your future without reading your palms right now: “I see wasting money in your future”. Use that money to go get your hair and nails did, or a massage, or go out with your girlfriends and just relax. That’ll give you more time to think about your problems and work out the situation for yourself. Palm reading is a scam. Let’s say for a second that psychics DO exist. Would they be setting up shop in a shack and charging petty cash to tell random people’s fortunes?

Answer by SohamR
No, don’t have your palm read. Palm reading is simply an excuse for you to take the responsibility of your life out of your hands and put the blame on someone else. If you really love your friend, man up and ask him/her out and admit your feelings. If he/she is truly your best friend, he/she will understand, and no matter what happens, will remain your friend. But at least, even if it doesn’t work out, you’ll have tried.

The worst thing you can do is mope around with suicidal and homicidal thoughts. Also, tell your friend ALL of the above, as well as a doctor. If he/she is truly your friend, he/she will support you through everything and that doctor will help as well.

Answer by Sarah N
Ive been dealing with and they have really helped me through this tough time im going through. I knw how you feel and hope everything goes better for you.

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Rihanna Palm Reading

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