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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Are there any real cure for premature ejaculation?

Everywhere I look, there are plenty of “cures” but you would need to pay for them or they don’t work. I am suffering from this and I am asking everyone for advice, for a website or anything. Are there any real cure that are also free? Are there anyone who actually cured it? I thank you in advance. I am very grateful for any answers/help you have for me.

Answer by ez80227
i fyour’e a kid, it ins’t an issue you cure as much as getting used to having sex.
if your’e an old man who has this issue, yes, there are treaments.
however, an old man wouldnt be asking this here but rather asking his urologist, so you must be a kid, therefor, patience grasshopper.

Answer by Bon Bon
just think of michelle obama
while making love

Answer by Brandi
cock ring. they don’t cure it but most guys I know say it really helps.

also anything minty.

Answer by Taylor
Soft topic. When you masturbate try to make it last as long as possible, before you are about to cum and can still prevent yourself from doing so stop masturbating and let yourself cool off for a couple minutes or so.

Rinse and repeat… ho.. pun.

Should help you last longer if you practice it often. You have to keep with it though. Eventually premature ejaculation shouldn’t be a problem for you anymore, if you stick with it.

Answer by odimwitdwon
They are in the process of or have just gotten FDA approval for a topical cream that desensitizes you.
It numbs. One problem is that it can also lead to *slightly* decreased sensitivity from her. I suppose a condom would help. It is a mind over matter thing. Make love to women you don’t care about or that repulse you, lots of lubrication, older women, and women who have had one or more children, and after she has had one or more good orgasms keeps things less intense (less friction), less tightness.
Here is my list of “aids”:
0. Condom – thicker the better.
1. The longer it is between Ejaculations, the less control you have.
1a. Don’t sweat it if the first time is quick (if she’s ok with that) follow it by foreplay till you’re ready to go again.
1b. Watch the film “Something about Mary” reduce your frustration level with Rosie Palm.
2. Pay attention to your excitement level (muscles in the legs and the nerve center in the lower back) and slow down the stroking before you reach the point of no return. This take practice.
3. As #2 but withdraw and obviously continue love making using other means.
4. Her on top. but don’t just lay there! Her on top gives you a bit more control.
5. When you masturbate, never finish in less than 10 minutes. Its completely under your control, so you have no excuses. Practice makes perfect.
6. There are several medical treatments, if your partner is dissatisfied with the duration of intercourse. Is she? Many women can NOT orgasm during intercourse, so it may not be that big a deal for her.
7. Read the wikipedia article below.

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