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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : are virgo moons interested in the occult?

you know things like palm reading, psychics,supernatural. but not the bad stuff such as black magick. but i read somewhere that virgo moons are very intuitve and have interest in the occult. do you think this is true virgo moons please answer. others are welcomed to answer too but no rude comments thanks.

Answer by Epic band geek
Depends. Many are. But the houses come into play here too. If their moon was in house 12 they might be especially into the occult.

Answer by Ava
Have a look at whats in your 8th house.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How do I put a password lock on my email for the palm pre?

I have E-mail an email account that I frequently access on my Palm Pre. The problem is that it never asks for a password. People are always asking to see my phone and the first thing they hit is the email button. I don’t really want everyone going through all of my E-mails so is there a way to make it ask for a password every time?

Answer by cs64736943
Three things you can do:
1. It’s easier and quicker to GO TO THE PALM WEBSITE rather than Yahoo. Google it.
2. Check your phone’s settings yourself
3. Stop giving your phone to friends if they read your emails! They can get their own smart phones!

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : My dog chews on every sago palm tree in our yard – no other plants. Is there something about them?

Our dog seems attracted to destroy our sago palms. She chews the frawns and then the new growth as it comes out. Is there a scent or taste that is known to attract dogs.

Answer by crash
Please read the website
Better stop it before it get to the seeds, here are some sad stories about people loosing there dogs to the sago palm seeds
Palm trees can be deadly to dogs if eaten, and even to children

Answer by lillardlane
The dog must like the taste of it!

Answer by ama
We just returned from the emergency vet our 18 week old lab ate a sago palm. She is very sick and according to the vet will probably die because of liver failure. We did not know sagos are poisonous there are no warnings on the plant. I would take your dog to the nearest vet ASAP. Because any part of the plant from what we understand is toxic.

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on palm reading

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