Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Black / blank screen, keyboard lights flashing, HP tx2000 not working?

When I opened my HP tx2000 laptop from sleep mode one day, the screen was blank and the keyboard’s lights flashed, but it wouldn’t start. This is apparently a common problem resulting from a defect in the video card. I read several solutions online, but some of them sounded insane for such a small problem (like taking apart the laptop and soldering the video card), so after more searching I found an easy solution.

Please read all of the instructions below before trying anything. You might want to load this page onto another device to help you while following the steps.

Have your laptop turned off and plugged in or with a charged battery. With the palm or side of your hand, press down firmly on the H, J, and K keys on the keyboard and turn on the laptop at the same time. This will probably take many tries. Apply a bit more pressure each time. DO NOT put all of your weight onto the keyboard or otherwise apply enough pressure to break it. Just because your computer is malfunctioning doesn’t mean it’s broken and that you have nothing to lose by breaking it anyway. Don’t give up, the situation is not hopeless.

Once you get it started properly, pay attention to the bottom of the first screen that shows up, which will offer a setup option by pressing the Escape key. It will only appear for a few seconds so you have to be quick.

In the setup menu, press F10 to setup the BIOS, and from there select the BIOS boot order. Set the CD drive to boot first, and the laptop hard drive (not the USB hard drive) to boot second. Save and exit by pressing F10.

This solved my problem completely, and I am now able to have my laptop enter sleep mode and start up normally.

Answer by Bob
Hey, that is a great question, thanks for coming to answers, I hope this information helps.

HP support Forum this site will help with your problem or problems, and information that you may need…
F-11. This will take you to a HP support window, click system recovery. It will take some time to complete…

This site is very good for computer…… and click CHECK NOW it will do a lot of repair for you and you just wait for it to finish…

Creating Recovery Discs and or repair disk, Saving a Recovery Image to a USB Flash Drive in(Windows 7). Just go to back and you can do it there.

Call hp pre-sales support @ 800-752-0900
Call technical phone support @ 800-474-6836.

Wire less printers

Pleae download and run HP Print and Scan Doctor utility which should resolve most of
printing issues.…=

Hey, I enjoyed your question, I have worked as a technician most of my life, I hope I have helped you…
Good luck…

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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What are some things you want to do before you die?? (bucket list) =)?

Heres Mine =)

100 things to do before you die. <3 The smiley faces are by the things I really want to do . =) 1. Spend a night in a haunted house with all your friends!! =) 2. Meet Justin Bieber!! =) 3. Meet John Cena!! =) 4. Tell Miley Cyrus shes a slut to her face. 5. Meet Jeydon Wale!! =) 6. Be in one of Jeydon Wales videos. 7. Touch Taylor Lautners Abs!! =) 8. Touch John Cenas Abs!! 9. Sing in front of Pres Obama. 10. Make a song with Justin Bieber. =) 11. Get married ofcourse. <3 12. Have 2 kiddies. <3 13. Save a Life. 14. Stop animal abuse. =) 15. Go on a Disney cruise ship. =) 16. Swim with sharks. =) but NOT by myself! 17. Go to California. =) 18. Most definitely go to Hawaii. 19. Go para shoot sailing. =) 20. Go surfing in California. =) 21. Watch the sunset in New Mexico...its beautiful!! 22. Go to Las Vegas for a getaway...without parents!! =) 23. Be in a movie. 24. Go to a UFC championship. 25. Go snowboarding. 26. Go ice skating. 27. Become a singer ofcoarse!!! <--- my dream =) 28. Return SHAMU to Seaworld!!!!!!! (inside joke) 29. Be on Wizards of Waverly Place. <--- love that show. 30. Meet Selena Gomez 31. Tell Britney Spears shes a fothermuckin Whore! =) 32. Make someone come back to life after they died. 33. Meet Will Farrel. 34. Tip a porta potty with someone in it!! =) 35. Go to the Super bowl. 36. Go to the Olympics and watch the ice skaters. 37. Swim with a whole bunch of dolphins. 38. Go to WWE Monday night Raw. =) 39. Ride in a hot air balloon. 40. Visit the Grand Canyon. 41. Enter in American Idol or Americas got talent. 42. Walk the great wall of China. 43. Stay awake for a whole 2 days. 44. Go white water rafting. 45. Learn to meditate. 46. See the Northern Lights. 47. Watch a lightening storm from the sea. =) 48. Meet someone who could pass as your twin. 49. Stand on the international date line =) 50. Take an amazing picture that you can treasure forever. 51. watch a meteor shower. 52. Say sorry to every single person you have hurt. 53. Be able to say truthfully that you are ready to die. Answer by springback2
Summer also ideal for


Answer by Hanana7
Wow . . . how long did it take you write that? I think i’d like to do a lot of that stuff. Especially some of the sillier stuff like 57 and 83 and other ones I don’t feel like looking for.

Answer by Christ-4-Life
1. Go to the Olympics and win 1st place in the 5000 meter run.

Answer by Crossflower
I think ‘sort out my grammar’ should be number 94, no offence XD

Answer by Dr. Jennifer Reid
Tell you to stop insulting Celebrities.

Answer by SodaPop
I have 3 wishes:

1) Make everyday a day worth living

2)Live life as if it was an adventure

3) Laugh like Nothing mattered…

Answer by **juicy~princess**
Here’s mine:

1. Meet Selena Gomez

2. Meet Justin Bieber

3. Let Miley Cyrus sing for me

4. Have my own concert

5. Become famous

6. Visit Europe

7. Visit New York

8. Visit Japan

9. Go to Australia

10. Buy a mansion

11. Be the youngest/oldest person who climbed Mt. Everest

12. Be on the news

13. Meet the Beatles

14. Sing When I LOok at You in front of the whole school

15. Meet any famous singer

16. Meet Simon Cowell

17. Go skydiving

18. Go scuba diving

19. Kill Britney Speares (lol i hate her)

20. Meet Lady Gaga

21. Meet Fergie

22. Meet Black Eyed Peas

23. Meet Usher

24. Be in one of Justin Bieber’s music videos

25. Be Justin Bieber’s girlfriend

That’s all i could think of. 😀 OMG, like you have so many. LOL. So muchhh!!!

OOOHhhh and also…….


100. Be the richest female ever!!!!!


Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : I believe my friend has a serious metal disorder.?

For the past 2 years my friend has been going through bouts of strange behavior.

The first time I recall this happening she disappeared from the social world for about a month and bought $ 500 worth of marijuana with her High School graduation money. She smoked through it alone for an entire month and started to believe some strange things. She said that she believed that God was speaking to her and that she was worried her fate was to be murdered by a serial killer. She dramatically burst out in tears and shouting when our two friends, herself, and me pulled into a Psychic’s parking lot to have our palms read. After this she attempted to tell us all a story about God speaking to her but she kept losing her train of thought. A 5 minute story lasted a good 40 minutes because she kept stopping and saying, “…..uhm…..and…..uhm…….yeah………..what was I saying?” This was a little over one year ago.

Recently my friend has gone through another bout of “insanity”. She has lost her sense of time and blacks out. She found herself inside a casino looking for her “friend” Lady Gaga’s (the singer) hotel room. She said that she thought she was famous and that other celebrities were following her around looking for her. She ended up inside of an elevator wondering how the buttons worked when a man invited her to his house. She went to his house and woke up the next morning there, unscathed apparently. She also has been making rap videos and taping herself. She takes this very seriously and wears a wig. She can’t sing worth shit either but she believes she is going to be a famous rapper. She is obsessed with Lady Gaga it seems. She has also been showing up and peoples houses at strange times and staying. She came to my house recently and nearly pushed my daughter off my bed (10 month old) and called her a “dumbass”.

She has also been a strange person but things have been elevated for a year or two. She has done ecstasy, acid, and marijuana. The ecstasy and acid have been recently. Her mother has been in a rehab facility for years and I suspect her mother drank/did drugs while my friend was in utero.

I don’t think this is schizophrenia since it isn’t constant. She is sane for about 3/4 of the year and then completely insane for 1/4. She gets scary and she needs help.
I apologize for miss spelling mental. It sort of ruins the entire question.

Answer by JW
what kind of metal? copper? silver? If there is rust, just remove it with clr.

Answer by reporter
I do not believe you have the credentials to make this qualified analysis.

Answer by collegekid1987
It definitely sounds like your friend is having bouts of psychosis with delusions and hallucinations. Get your poor friend to a psychiatrists ASAP before her illness progresses! Better to be safe than sorry.

Answer by phloyd
For sure she has some serious issues, probably caused by being brought up by a drug addict/alcoholic mother. Definitely sounds like some kind of schizophrenia.

Answer by Felicia W
Sounds like this girl has a laundry list of disorders and illnesses, I would call someone about an intervention to get this poor girl some help before she ends up killed by the next not so “nice” guy who invites her over.

Answer by Pearl L
its probably the drugs, just turn her in anonymously for drugs and once shes in jail she’ll go off them

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