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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can a Kentia Palm tolerate this much sunlight?

I’m planning to put it on my appartment balcony which receives a good amount of sunlight, and I’ve read differing views on the Kentia’s ability to handle the sun – I was wondering if this could be a problem in summer? It’s not as bad as being directly in the sun but the balcony does get a good deal of light. Thanks.

Answer by ylangylangylang
I asked my Kentias and they said, “Please, no direct sun and especially no afternoon sun.”

No, really, the leaves will sunburn. I don’t know where you live, but at my nursery we keep them in a shade house with tree ferns, camellias, and the like. . Kentias don’t like to dry out either, and under those conditions it would probably do so.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Palm reading advice: Husband has two lines only right hand?

Just read a little, and found out I have only one line on the affection line (marriage line) on both hands.

My husband has two lines on left hand? But only one line on the right? What does this mean?

Does it mean he will re-marry or has cheated? Since the line is after we got married.

Answer by engineer25
It means he has cheated. You should probably file for the divorce.

He’s cheating on you with your daughter. Better kill him off

Answer by dbraunofva
Why in the world would you think that the lines in a person’s palm means anything at all? Palmistry is crap.

Answer by The Sellsword
The thing I never understood about palm reading is how people can look at the same hand and know different things every time lol.

Answer by sexy_chick
Palm reading is very unreliable due ageing and usage that cause more lines than there really is .

Answer by Sips With A Fist
Duh. He’s been hanging out with the sinister Mrs. Palmer and her five sisters again.

Answer by old school PHD – spuds to you
it means he will not live that long. the second line is the life line. if it is not on both hands, well…

Answer by john w
Oh my ! This is a terrible omen.

It means he is going to die very soon!

Answer by A M
I don’t know where you got the “after we got married” information about the line, but it is a commonly accepted fact (or belief, whichever way you want to look at it) that there is no time line with the lines. They are just a rough outline of how events might play out over the course of someone’s life. Like a short life line doesn’t mean a short life

Parallel lines on this indicates infidelity. Hashes going through the line indicate children and islands are read as marital turmoil. If the line breaks up it is an indicator of separation and reunion. It should be noted that this line tends to change throughout the person’s life and reflects the events of their life as it is as opposed to what it was prior to the current love interest or those of the future.


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