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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can anyone help me with palm and hand reading? Website . . .?

Can any of you people give me a name of a website that has to do with hand, palm, lines, marks and zodiac signs reading? That includes images or drawings for easyunderstanding please. I am realy curious and I have found many websites but I want a good one.
please ignorant creatures do not answer If you do not even know about palmistry!

Answer by eri
I’m not sure how you define a ‘good one’. They’re all just making it up since that doesn’t actually work. You can make it up yourself with the same results.

Answer by Eros
“ignorant creatures”…lol. That’s exactly what you have to be in order to believe in such nonsense as palm-reading.

Edit: Let me make a palm-reading on ya: “Ohhh? Something of pleasure to you will happen soon in your life, something special. You will also encounter some difficulties…. A person will make an impression on you. I see a feeling of loss here…hmm..undefined. Your relations will keep you occupied in the near future…I see you have secrets you don’t want to talk about…mhmm…i see illness…some sort of illness…may be present, may come…i see change in your life…you wish you had more time off work…yes…Oh you are unemployed? Yes. but that’s what i said right? You wish you had a job and that you could have your time off that job every now and then….etc”

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Has anyone ever proved palm reading false FIRST HAND?

Have you ever got a palm reading before and found out that it was false?

Answer by MythBuster
Tee hee!……….sorry question tickles

Answer by punch
Well, lets see, when I was 12 a palm reader said my husband will be very tall and I’ll have 3 children. My husband is only 1″ taller than me and I never had kids.

Answer by Wonder Weirdo
I knew it was false before it was read. The reason why I did it is because I wanted that woman to hold my hand after I had put it into a very naughty place. She wondered why I was giggling the whole time.

Answer by Fatimas in da hiz houze…..yeah
palm reading is always false! the guy whose reading your palm is not god. he does not know what happens in your future. he just wants people to think hes all that. I advise you to stay away from palm readers

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Why do people insist on believing nonsense like astrology, palm reading and alien abductions?

Why do people insist on believing nosense like astrology, palm reading, psychic phenomenon, alien abduction, Face on mars and crop circles?

When the stories are solidly refuted, like the crop circle phenomenon, people insist that the hoaxes were just lying about their hoaxes!

Meanwhile hucksters write books and get honorariums for lectures espousing this nonsense. All for the money.

Answer by .:Denim Zero:.
Why do people insist on believing nonsense like Muhammed, Jesus, Ghosts, Holy Spirits, Angels, Demons, and Zombies?

Whats strange to you, is commonplace to other people. Religion is solidly refuted, constantly, but religious people never listen.

They believe whats in their heart. If someone believes in alien abductions, what should it matter to you?

Religion is all for the money. Its tax-free, and one of the largest businesses in the United States. Look at scientology, even though its clearly bullshit, L Ron Hubbard made billions with it.

Answer by larry
It all seems to flow from the fact that Sun Sign tendencies are much more accurate than they should be, according to things like the law of averages. Naturally a huge expansion is built upon this in every possible bizarre direction, claiming accuracy in minutiae, where none exists at all, other than in the Sun Signs. Good luck dealing with this scientifically, in a world fueled by vain hope and arrogant presumption somehow fused together into personal world view. Conversely, morals make logical sense, and are even mathematically describable. There are many cracks in the cosmic egg, but a person must be willing to find them, and not simply make declarations of what or where they should be, which is the standard and customary approach. Regards, Larry.

Answer by Clever Internet Nickname
The same reason that trolls keep posting and reposting this question in the Horoscope forum instead of checking the “Resolved Questions” first:;_ylt=An7jvYFxWcxpzxoln2.uFKcjzKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20080609133621AApXOiA;_ylt=Asvb2199EHngCi6HugkDWSIjzKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20080126173956AA1Ybu4;_ylt=AkhNiJHWbFo66iM0vFh4pjcjzKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20060902181950AAForvo;_ylt=Aqnnjfcnx3_8H6fKU7BpUEIjzKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20061208120001AARcqhf

There’s more, if you’re interested.

Answer: Because they can.

Answer by ABBABABE
People like a bit of mystery and magic in their lives. Life is serious instead of indulging in harmful substances they have beliefs and thoughts outside the thoughts of possibility.

Then there are those who have had experiences outside the thoughts of all possibility.

I’ve yet to hear of someone being harmed by astrology or belief in little green men. I hear daily about people killing people, drunk driving, hatred, greed, the main chance and war.

Maybe you are the kind of person who longs to tell their children there is no santa claus, or wouldn’t tell them such rot in the first place. Perhaps magic, hope and dreams of a better world has gone from your thoughts and life.

Most people know the facts about psychology and the scientific roots of our existence. Why would you dump on ASTROLOGY when it gives many people harmless pleasure. It also opens them up to the wonders of the planets and our universe.

Answer by Bumby
Why is it that people who believe in Sun Signs are always put in the palm reading / alien abductions genre?

May I enlighten you ?

Number one: Palm Reading is not associated with Astrology in any way. We do not read palms (much to askers disappointment) and have never made such a claim. Palmistry is where people read palms. Astrology is where people read the Stars. There’s a BIG difference.

Number Two: As to the aliens, they have nothing to do with studying the stars. Your comment is vague and yet a very blunt generalization. You are insinuating with it that Scientists and Astronomers alike are insane and uneducated. We have all studied and researched this subject, obviously you have not!

And last, but none less important! We are not “Hucksters”, liars, jokers, hoaxers or what have you! We are enlightened and open minded people with a common interest. One that has been around before paper money! To insinuate that we are money crazed, alien searchers or liars just shows your ignorance!

I believe I have made my point.
Please leave this section and don’t let the metaphorical door hit your ego on the way out!
Oh, I’m a Libra 🙂

Answer by sheenax100
LOL well I don’t know about the alien abduction part

Answer by tiacola
What’s so hard about letting people believe whatever the hell they want to. If you don’t believe in those things then that’s, of course, your choice but don’t others have the same right to choose what they believe in? You don’t see anyone trying to convert you to astrology so why come here and try to knock our beliefs? It’s all about respect….

Answer by z v
Why do doctors and hospitals keep charging money for illnesses they cannot cure?

Why do politicians keep getting elected and spending our money when they don’t keep their election promises?

Why did our US government which is against communism borrow 6 trillion from the communist Chinese government to fund the Iraq war?

Why did you assume that horoscopes, astrology and palm reading and alien abductions are all the same subject?

Why do some people think that all people must be assimilated like Borg and all think alike?

Answer by who told u?
WHY would you CONCERN yourself with people who believe in Astrology, palm reading and (alien abductions – duh)?

WHY would it BOTHER you?

WHY is it a BIG deal to you?

That is YOUR opinion. You can’t force it on anyone else.

Answer by Left-T
People believe in fools and in Astrology. Their are those who believe in it and use it as guidance to better themselves and their are the fools, who post questions like this.

If you don`t believe in it, why post the question here since you are going to get negative response.


Answer by ♥gigi♥
The Planets, each resonating with a unique vibration of Solar light, are an integral part of our existence in this Solar system. The Sun, Moon and planets are energetically merged with the souls on earth – they feed us with cosmic energy. Thus, just as a body is made up of bones, fluid and flesh, so a soul is made up of astral elements from the Lights and planets, such as mercurial, lunar or martian energy.

Tropical Astrology is a traditional method of mapping the positions of, and harmonic relationships between Celestial bodies (planets, Sun, Moon) – within the framework of the seasonal archetypes of the Zodiac Signs, and the Houses of the Nativity – which are determined by the daily rotational movement of the earth. Through the cosmic imprinting of each birth, event or moment in time, we can find the potential within our individual human consciousness, as well as the inpouring of energy that mirrors human evolution and events.

Before birth, each of us chooses a birth time and place – in order to connect with certain other souls, work out past karma, and continue progressing as spirits in human form. There is also a certain element of chance – by necessity and design – that helps to make each of us unique and bring us surprises and new experiences.

Learning about your Natal chart serves two key purposes: first, you may gain a better understanding of your inborn personality traits and how they serve to strengthen and nurture you; and second, you consciously reunite with the universal elements. This is a way of opening to the God-force, or universal light of which we are a part.


The birth chart is divided into 12 sections, or Houses. They are numbered counter-clockwise, starting in the East (left), or Rising position. The sign at that point is your Rising Sign. The Sun, Moon & Planets are seen at different positions within the houses. Planets at the top of your chart, or near the Midheaven line, were overhead when you were born. Planets on the right hand side were setting, and planets at the bottom were beneath you (Nadir). Each house rules a different area or experience of life. Houses may appear to be different in size from each other. This is because of the commonly used Placidus house system, which accurately depicts the houses in time and space from our perspective. Planets which were retrograde are shown with an “Rx”. These are planets that appear to be moving backwards through the Zodiac – but are roughly in the same orbital position around the Sun as the earth, and temporarily moving at a slower rate. The North and South Nodes are the points at which the Moon crossed the plane of the ecliptic (earth’s orbital path) going north and south respectively.

Astrology is not your daily horoscope. How could 1/12th of the world’s population have the same fate as you? Real Astrology is so much more. Your personality has a bit of every sign and every planet, in a blend of elements unique to you.

It’s not the best way to decide what to do today. Regardless of what your astrologer or horoscope may say, your choices will ideally be based on your own inner voice, your higher self – the voice of reason and clarity. Whatever you may learn from a Transit or other predictive reading will hopefully give you insights into trends and possibilities in your future, with a focus on opportunities and feelings – not specific events. The intention will hopefully be to help you accept and prepare for your challenges.

Astrology is not a religion, nor does it make one irreligious to use astrology. God – whomever or whatever that means to you – created our universe ages ago, and gave people varying visions of spiritual meaning for existence in this universe. One of those visions grew into the art of Astrology – in all it’s many forms in various cultures. It is deeply ingrained in Eastern philosophies, and in the West it has been accepted more often than rejected by popular theology*. It is a living art, growing and changing with each new cosmic discovery.

Your Natal Chart is not a way to cop out on personality problems. Whatever difficult traits you may have are meant to challenge you to become a better, stronger, more spiritual person

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Daniel Radcliffe Palm Reading

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