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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can anyone palm read or is anyone a clairvoyant!? and can do it online?!?


Answer by ♠ Hot Mess
No need to give all those !!! and ???
And making it sound like the biggest emergency. I don’t know will people do these things online, especially here in this section.What I can tell you though from a friend of mine who’s very spiritual, she’s told me to don’t worry about your palm lines, because they can always change. Also an older woman told me once that if you let people read your palm it can shorten your life or fuck it up.
Now I’m not 100, but maybe just go get it done somewhere in person. Doing these spiritual things online always seem a bit sketchy to me, unless it’s chart reading from your natal chart and such like that. I never tried paying for those sites that helps you interpret though.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What POP settings should I use for mobile mail on my Palm TX?

I’ve tried to set up Versamail to send and receive my Yahoo mail on my Palm using the wireless connection but with no luck. I can go online and read messages from the Palm homepage but can’t send. Anyone know the answer?

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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Anyone ever had a profoundly accurate psychic reading done before?

Ok, I am contemplating doing something I have never done before out of my relentlessly anxious curiosity about my near future. I am considering getting a psychic reading done–either over the telephone or in person but there are so many frauds out there claiming to be a genuine medium with profoundly right and true guidance/answers that I wouldn’t know the very small amount of mediums who are actually sincerely psychic from the many who are just phonies looking for money. If you personally have had an exceptionally ‘true’ psychic reading done that has proved since then to be pretty darn accurate considering what has happened in your life since your psychic ‘reading’ NOT a palm reading or tarot card reading please (as I’ve tried both of those more than once and they were all horribly inaccurate so for obvious reasons I do not wish to get another tarot or palm ‘readings’ ) so, if you have had a startlingly accurate psychic reading could you please recommend to me the person who did it and how i could get in contact with him or her. I live near Syracuse, NY but as I mentioned I would be willing to have this psychic reading done online or on the telephone if necessary. I really want something to believe in, please let me know, many genuine thanks!

P.S. If you’re not comfortable replying publicly to this question of mine then please email me privately with your story and the contact info of the psychic you had a ‘reading’ by :O)

Answer by jwhite1979
If anyone could actually contact dead people or foresee the future, they would not be telling fortunes for $ 20 bucks out of their living room or over the phone. They would rule the world.

Psychics use a method called “cold reading.” It’s all a sham. I wish they were real, but they are not and never will be for real.

Answer by LiveReadings
Yeap I have. I use the Psychics Delphi and Jennifer who are also tarot readers. I find the combination of tarot and psychics the best readings. Delphi and Jennifer have consistently given me the best and most accurate readings an they can reached online at:

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