Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : can anyone please tell me whats gonna happen? (free card reading or something?

a free card reading that is as real as possible? my name is Tara, female and i’m 21! i’m single i work at the co-op and live with parents (any more details i can give if you want them) i want to know this:
am i always going to be single?
what does my future hold for me?
how old will i be when my dad dies?
what will my dad die of and how?
i do accept e-mail and IM!
if anybody can answer to my question (being honest) i’ll be very grateful, thank u

Answer by autumn
I have done Tarot readings in the past and what I will tell you is this, there is no way to tell you how old you are going to be when your dad dies or how he will die. No you won’t be single forever focus on yourself and education.
Watch out for scams… if someone says they can answer impossible questions or want an outrageous amount of moneytell them no thankyou.
Its a Godgiven gift and if someone has the ability to tell you something threw a reading (tea leaves, palms, tarot) they will not charge you or if they did a SMALL amount. Becareful.

Answer by punion
your dad will always live in your heart and if you want to be partnerd you have to work at it it wont come to your door.unless you hit on the mailman

Answer by Intowiccan/witchcraft
some of ur questions are very hard to answer but there is one i can answer. “will u always be single” no u wont……….i see someone who u either currently or will soon no and this pitular person has blonde hair and either blue or green eyes
sry but that is all i can do for u goodluck

Answer by sam.cale
Honestly sweetheart, tarott will not do this for you. Tarott can only lead you in the right direction, but it can not anwser any specfic questions. The best thing to remember when thinking about the future is ” the future is effected by the choices we make today”

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : please tell me all u know?

please tell me aLL u kno about palm reading and what ur future holds!!!! and if any sites make sure they are free

Answer by summrgirl101
go and like ask a gypsy or sumthing

Answer by soft_ball_superstar
What the heck are you talking about that’s not real!!!!!!!!

Answer by milly_1963
Try this link below : )

Love & Blessings

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : New Palm Z22. What is a good website with games for my Z22?

I have over an hour ride home on the bus from my highschool everyday and I need something to do. So I started looking for games to put on my PDA. But everywebsite I see only has games for other versions of Palm. Does anyone know some good websites with inexpensive or even free games to put on my Z22? Are there any?

Answer by ackmondual
* = freeware

======these are some ‘restrictions’ that your Palm handheld has compared to the midlevel Palm PDAs and up. Look for apps that support:

1) z22 (obviously, but had to point it out anyways)
2) low resolution (160×160)
3) color or grayscale screen
4) games that use only touchscreen (since the z22 only has 2 independant buttons, touchscreen games only won’t matter)
5) if it does require buttons, keep in mind many standard Palms from os3.5 era (around 1999-ish) had a at least (page) up/down buttons, and 4 PIM buttons for a total of 6. That kinda became the ‘standard’ when game devs made games, like how every PC gamer will have at least a 144key QWERTY keyboard and 2-button mouse. Your z22 as may alr kno only has 2 side, indpendant PIM buttons, but u do have a 5-way joystick (up, down, left, right, and center/select). That’s actually more buttons, but some apps don’t support left and right. Also, for the apps that may allow u to remap left and right as PIM buttons, it may just be too odd to play a game like that, with that kind of physical configuration.
6) os5. It may either support ONLY os5, or a wide range of them. The point is there are a handful of apps that work fine on os3/4 but not so on os5
7) it’s uncommon, but if u see screen resolutions supported as Palm 160×160 and Sony 160×160, make sure the former is supported b/c Palm and Sony may have had different standards for 160×160 screens.

======As where to get them:
>>the more “independant” sites – freeware apps of all types. Lefthand side, search under games category – games… shareware and freeware

>>ESD sites (these sites are like online retailers for the devs. Iv’e read that they collect hefty fees from devs to use their sites as a channel to sell the devs’ apps, up to 40%! so whenver possible, see if u can find the dev’s own site and try to buy directly from them instead by googling the name of the dev). Some of these sites do a good job of keeping up on info like size of programs and supported handhelds. Filters can also help u find stuff like freeware only apps, those under $ x, supports low-res, etc.

>>For games directly from the devs…. good thing is for these devs that offer good tech support, it’s best direct rather than doing it from an ESD: – many great games. Great customer service. Look for game pakcs as those are great value for the $ $ (like PopCap Games pakc 1 & 2). Also sign up for their newsletter for news on upcoming games, and even notices on promo sales.

you can easily find these other sites using a search engine. Parenthesis indicates some games of interest from that dev or what they’re known for. My apologies if some of these devs have hi-res only games:
BapSoft (logic puzzles), CrazySoft (card games, puzz), DeluxeWare (puzz, other), Kickoo, LDW (plant tycoon), MegaSoft, Momentum Games/Mobile Wizardry, N.I. Games, PalmSW, PDAmill, PLBM, Redshift (a cheap RPG for 160×160), ToySpring (Bike Or Die), Viex games

======some stuff you should get:
file manager, check size of individual files, browse SD card folder, copy, move, etc. What ppl take for granted on desktops, now available on Palms.

read native PDFs with zooming and panning ability.

stopwatch app. 0.1 second increments, and use up and down buttons as start/stop

set fast alarms (as oppsed to in Datebook), create limited # of custom midi alarms, and multiple countdown/countup timers

========some of my pics
see below

>>>SHARE_WARE that’ll work on a z22 AFAIK
Popcap Games pack 1 & 2 (
almost any game from Astraware really. Go on mailing list news on promos and discount periods

Warfare Inc ~$ 20
RTS game. Many level packs

Dragon Fire $ 10
nice RPG.

Bike Or Die $ 15
physics based biking game. LOTS of level packs

MicroQuad $ 15 to $ 20
Super Mario Kart like game

Games by Bapsoft ~$ 10 to $ 20
various PUzzle games. Games packs are good value

Spellbound $ 10?
like Boggle, but with more complexity and tiles that fall

======freeware games
these lists I’ve compiled are from 2005, and will probably never get updated, but surely there’s more than enough there.
I’ve marked some of my favs with a **. Some of these may not work on a z22, but at least they’re free :~\

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on free palm reading

PALMISTRY: HOW TO READ PALMS: The Major Lines Part 2 – by Karen Lustrup

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