Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can anyone read my palm/hand?

The first picture is a whole hand and the next is the whole palm—Just if you want to read it all…

This is my left hand:

This is my right hand:

And I really don’t care/want any of your opinions on palm reading! Thanks:)

Answer by Dianne Wallace
More than happy to read your palm, but every time i click in your http , I get nowhere. sorry…

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Palm reading & stuff . . . ?

Is it true that you could tell a persons life by the lines on their palms?

if so, what do certain lines mean . . . ?

Answer by AMJATH
U know how these lines forms. Its u who form it.

While u r a baby u fold hands (U can see a baby if u want), at that point lines forms.

So remember nothing like palm reading.

Answer by Mark Owens
No palm reading is of Satan not the lines in your hands, yes one could receive things in their spirit about your life while acting like or believing its from your palm. but if they are not saved then it is from Satan, Hands down Also Christians will never palm read Satan can read into the future, but only what God allows him to, For whatever reason only God knows

Answer by DogmaBites
You might be able to tell what they do for a job. Some jobs leave tell tale signs. A painter may have paint, a mechanic may have grease.

There is nothing special in the lines. Palm readers and other psychics are scams.

Answer by Matt
when you have a singlle straight line(“|”) it is either an I or an L. As you can see, and
L can also be two lines forming a right angle. T is similar to L but upside down, and the two lines are connected in such a way as to create 2 right angles.

Answer by Pricilla
Psychic people see more than lines.
I has to do with your energy. You should go visit a psychic and you will see how they do it.

Answer by Teawitch
It is not my area of expertise. However the lines on the palm do stand for different parts of your body as well as your life. I was told I would be miserable and yet prosper. Another told me the same thing, although it was added that the miserable part was only for a short time. These were an oriental and a caucasian woman. One is in the Dakotas the other New Mexico. And for those who say it is for money, I wasn’t charged a cent for either reading. When offered money they refused to take it and told me they only give readings to help others, not themselves. I would believe them over the psychic hot-line group.

Answer by Hand Research
Hi Norma,

While many people associate ‘palm reading’ with future predictions, the truth is that hand reading today has become much more focussed on personality & (spiritual) health assessment.

Many modern palm readers even reject the idea that one can tell the future of an individual from his/her palm lines… simply because most of the lines can actually show changes during a life time!

Maybe you are interested to learn more about hands?
Then I can recommend the MODERN HAND READING FORUM – see the source below!

Hope to see you there! 😉

Greetings from The Netherlands,


Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : do u think that a palm reading is true?

because i was on holiday wiv my boyfriend and the hand palm reader said that i will have three children
two boys and a girl with my boyfriend to you think it is realy l true

Answer by Diabla
No such thing, I’m not superstitious. Time alone can tell, no one can predict the future.

Answer by paula p
most are accurate but there are some fraudsters around don’t believe all of them.

Answer by Christina
For enterainment purposes only!!!! No, but really it’s what you believe in. Some real psychics and mediums do have that *special* gift.

Answer by sunshine_today

Answer by giselle

Answer by Martin523
It’s about as true as a horoscope or fortune cookie.

Answer by subhsewife1969
I have a friend who does it and she once told me to be careful with the man I was with because I was going to get pregnant. Yeah right! I was on the pill, we used condoms. We were always careful. 3 months later I found out I was 4 weeks pregnant. I now have a great daughter and loving husband, but still, it was creepy.

Answer by dalmation60
most of the time if you are truthful with yourself you can find out they are pretty accurate. i know how to tell if a woman likes sex or not just by looking at her hand

Answer by friskocaligurl
it depends. do u think so? only if u believe that person or palm reading.

Answer by gamemanual
well all I can say is my sister and her boyfriend went to a palm reader and the reader said the two of them would never get married, 2 weeks later her boyfriend was killed. you figure that one out. and this is a quite little town.

Answer by Valentina
i dont think so

Answer by worldneverchanges
Do you believe the earth is square or that we are all water-breathing monsters? No one can predict the future.

Answer by hmguy01
Palm readers are masters at separating you from your money. It is human nature to want to have some measure of control over what will happen to us in the future. The reality is that we can only endeavor to position ourselves in those situations that increase the opportunities for good fortune. No one can accurately predict what will happen in the next five minutes let alone in the years to come.
If children is what you want for your future, then next time, save the money you would give to a palm reader and use it for a nice romantic dinner with your b/f.

Answer by Devin-Gale
I think it’s true. I do palm reading and have done it for a couple of years, and it is all based on your lines in your hands that may have been caused by different things.

Answer by PEPPER
No. There is only one person who knows what your future holds, and nobody can look at your hand and tell you anything.

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