Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can anyone suggest a good daily diet to lose weight?

Answer by kamsmom
I suggest joining weight watchers…I have done it twice after the birth of my two children… I tried to do it alone but I needed the constant support of other people and its a lifestyle change not a fast diet.

Answer by Petunia217
I have to agree… Weight Watchers. I was and still am very sucessful with it. I am doing it alone but I have built my own support network around me. Meetings do help though as you get really good ideas from other people on food prep, motivation, exercise etc.

Answer by Nocine
If you drink pop, exchange it for diet pop/koolaid & water. Reduce portion sizes. Eat several smaller 3-4 meals instead of 2-3 large ones (increases your metabolism.) Try to walk 20-30 minutes/day. Do toning exercises every other day. Limit sweets & high fat foods. You don’t need to cut them totally out of your diet. Remember fats/sweets are still part of the food pyramid, but are a very small portion of your daily allowance. Best Wishes!:)

Answer by 4JESUS
You can read the book “Food combining for health”. It tells you which combinations are good for you. Like eat protein with vegetables or a salad. The same thing with starch (pasta, rice, potatoes) eat it with veggies or salad. Salad can be a big bowl. Your protein or starch should only be the size of your palm or a small bowl of rice order to lose weight. Allow 4 hrs. in between meals for digestion. Don’t eat meat and potatoes. It takes over 8-9 hrs to digest. If you want to have something in between meals, have a kiwi, orange, or grapefruit juice. Drink lots of water so you can feel full. And ofcourse exercise. Either do a fast paced walk for 1/2hr. 4 x a week. You can also do an exercise video at home or join a gym.

God Bless!

Answer by bigtigerthecat
one of the biggest mistakes poeple make is skipping meals. You must eat regularly to lose weight or your body wioll store up fat.

Answer by hrblfmayn
Heres a Safe Wieght Loss.This plan is recommended by a leading doctor.

Start with LA Bomba
a 3 day plan to lose up to 10 pounds.

This is how and why it works

Then as recommended by the doctor follow with a Shapeworks weight management program, for fastest results I recommend the Advanced Protien Plus.

This link is to the Doctor’s website with his credentials

And this site is a collection of his weight management, nutrition and healthy lifestyle talks

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Answer by MARINA C
eat 6 small portions a day,a good breakfast and a light not skip meals and drink much water.also try to do some exercice

Answer by annbest711
I tried 100% Hoodia and……
Hoodia has worked for me…and with no side effects.
Check with your doctor before starting any weight loss program.

For all you doubters, here is the prior feedback for another Answers user who followed my advice:

Asker’s Rating: *****
very good comment i lost 2 lbs in a week
i think i can almost get in my leather dress, i can hit the town in no time


#1. Be sure you are buying pure Hoodia…look for the import certificate on the website. No matter the price, if they do not display this, you really do NOT know what you are getting!

#2. Be sure it is 100% Hoodia & not mixed w/other herbs, etc.!!

#3. Keep in mind it stops your hunger pangs…you MUST remember to break your habit to always eat at certain times.

#4. Drink a full 8oz. glass of water with it!

Hoodia (HOOD-ee-uh) gordonii – A genus of 10 to 20 species from southwestern Africa.
Hoodia gordonii is the stoneage wonder plant found throughout the dry arid regions of the South western African continent now on the verge of making history in the fight against obesity. It is a genus belonging to the Asclepiadaceae family which consists of approximately 20 species. Used to stop hunger, quench thirst, and provide energy among other things since prehistoric times, Hoodia gordonii was first discovered by the San tribesmen and women to get through the most difficult of times.

You can read a good article about how it works at:

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Which computer is good for minecraft if they are at all?

This is one computer which is the HP Pavillion Slimeline Desktop features:

Height12.3 inches
Width3.9 inches
Depth15.4 inches
Weight17 pounds
Processor BrandIntel®
ProcessorIntel® Pentium®(Also known as the CPU). The part of the computer that interprets and executes instructions. Think of it as the brain of the computer.
Processor Speed2.9GHzHow fast a computer processor carries out instructions. In general, faster is better, but processor speeds across brands may not be equivalent (i.e., a 3.0GHz AMD processor may not be the same speed as a 3.0GHz Intel processor).
Cache Memory3MBA small segment of memory that stores frequently used information for fast access by the processor, improving response time.
System Memory (RAM)6GBThe memory a computer uses to run its operating system, applications and active data files. Greater amounts of RAM improve speed and enable more applications to run at once.
System Memory (RAM) Expandable To16GBMaximum amount of memory a computer can support (as opposed to the amount that comes preinstalled).
Type of Memory (RAM)DDR3 SDRAM
Hard Drive TypeSATA (7200 rpm)Hard drives are classified based on the interface they use to connect to a computer. Common interfaces for internal hard drives include EIDE, PATA (also known as, ATA and IDE), SATA and SCSI. Common interfaces for external hard drives include USB 2.0, FireWire and eSATA.
Hard Drive Size1TBCapacity for storing programs, photos, video, music and other electronic information. Hard drive capacities range from a few gigabytes to several hundred.
GraphicsIntel® HD Graphics 2500Type of graphics (video) adapter (usually built into the motherboard), identified by manufacturer and model.
Video MemoryUp to 1541MB total available (as allocated by Windows 8)Manages display functions, including screen refresh rates, resolution and color. The more video memory a computer has, the better graphics and video will look.
AudioBeats Audio; High Definition Audio with up to 7.1-channel surround sound capabilities
Network CardBuilt-in 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet LANAllows a computer to connect to a network either by using cables (Ethernet) or wireless technology (IEEE 802.11).
Wireless NetworkingBuilt-in 802.11b/g/n wireless LAN
Recordable DVD DriveYes, double-layer DVD±RW/CD-RWDrive that can read CDs and DVDs, as well as write and rewrite CDs and various types of DVDs.
Recordable DVD Drive Speeds8x DVD+R DL; 8x DVD-R DL; 16x8x16 DVD+RW; 16x6x16 DVD-RW; 5x DVD-RAM; 40x24x40 CD-RWMaximum write (DVD±R), rewrite (DVD±RW) and read (DVD-ROM) speeds of the DVD±RW drive.
Direct-Disc LabelingNo
Digital Media Reader or SlotsYes, digital media card reader
Available Expansion Slots3 PCI Express x1, 1 PCI Express x16For digital cameras and digital audio players: Slots that allow the addition of a removable memory card, such as Secure Digital or CompactFlash, to increase storage capacity.
For computers: Slots on the motherboard that accept sound cards, video cards, memory and other upgrade cards.
USB 2.0 Ports2 USB 3.0 (front); 4 USB 2.0 (rear)Ports that allow high-speed (up to 480 Mbps) data transfer between compatible devices.
Keyboard DescriptionUSB with volume controlIndicates design, functionality or connection features. Some keyboards offer special buttons for gaming or multimedia use, while other keyboards include features such as illumination or wireless connectivity.
Other Control Devices (mouse, etc.)Optical mouse
Operating System PlatformWindows
Operating SystemWindows 8The master software that controls hardware functions and provides a platform on top of which any software applications will run. Commonly used systems include Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X for computers and Palm OS and Microsoft Windows Mobile for PDAs.
Software IncludedCyberLink PowerDVD, CyberLink PowerDirector, CyberLink PhotoDirector and more
ENERGY STAR CertifiedNoENERGY STAR is a joint program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy helping us all save money and protect the environment through energy efficient products and practices.
Best Buy PC AppNo
HDMI OutputNo
Blu-ray PlayerNo
Graphics ChipIntel
Warranty Term – Parts1 year limited
Product Height12.3″
Product Width3.9″
Product Depth15.4″
Product Weight17 lbs.
Drive Capacity1TB
This is the other computer’s features and it is the Inspiron 660’s :Processor
Intel® Pentium® processor G2020 (3M Cache, 2.9 GHz)
Operating System
Windows 8, 64-bit, English
4GB* DDR3 SDRAM at 1600MHz
Hard Drive
1TB 7200 RPM SATA Hard Drive
Video Card
Intel® HD Integrated Graphics
Optical Drive
DVD+/-RW Tray Load Drive, 16X, SATA
Dell KB113 USB Wired Entry Keyboard – US
Dell DW1506 (802.11 b/g/n) WLAN half mini-Card

Answer by Ibrahim
i didnt bother reading that huge description you wrote, but i have a mac on which i play minecraft on, and its pretty fast 🙂 and when i mean mac i mean the pc. OSX

Answer by Andy L.
You are getting and displaying a lot of information, but the thing that stands out is the low grade CPU and graphics and slimline pcs are awful to upgrade when you will need a new power supply and graphics card to do well at gaming.
Showing where you see these would help. The first, with all the words, has a conflict between the CPU and its graphics. Something is wrong. I know of no Pentium with HD 2500, and both are on the low side, and it will be enough to get Minecraft running Windows 8 without dealing with very low end graphics power and upgrade issues when you try to fix things and move to higher graphics games.

Wireless is a $ 10 card thrown in, usually for smaller sized pcs and bigger is easier to upgrade.
You don’t list the price or where you see these, but they are cheap with some bad attributes even if itcan run on low or medium settings.

Start again, and by email or another question, try a price range, what you want (gaming Minecraft and similar), and what monitor or TV you plan to use or need, and at least confirm USA or country.

If wondering about gaming performance, properly selected, laptops are stronger than desktop PCs up to about $ 470, and if adding a display, to about $ 600 as a package.
Desktops are supposed to be upgradable, but you make that hard with a slimline.

You are below the graphics of proper measuring and sure determination of what will run.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Getting Videos onto a Ipod Nano, not from itunes?

I just got a new 8gb ipod nano and i want to know how to get Videos on it from DVD or elsewhere without paying…is this possible? if so how. And how many movies can you fit on a 8Gb if you have 500songs? I want
*Burn After Reading
*Across the Universe and
*Oceans 11
I need to make sure that there is no viruses!

Answer by KiKi S
I recommend you a free software which can help you convert Rip DVD and Convert to your iPod.

It called “Next DVD Ripper”. It is easy to use, you only need select “iPod Move” Profile, Next DVD Ripper will convert the movie to suitable format that can be played by iPod.

Next DVD Ripper is a free DVD ripper and video converter with easy-to-use graphical interface, fast converting speed, and excellent video quality. It can rip DVD movies and convert almost all video formats including DVIX, Xv iD, MOVE, RM, RM VB, MP EG, VB, DVD, MV, and AVI to MP EG-4 movie format for iPod, PSP, PS3, iPhone, XBox360, Zune, Apple TV, Archos, iRiver PMP, Epson Player, Creative Zen, Rubi Blue, Sony Walkman, Commodore PMX, Palm TX, Game Boy, SmartDisk, Windows Mobile Smart phone, Nokia, BlackBerry, Ketti, LG, Sony-Ericssonon, Samsung mobile phone, etc.

Pay more attention at here:

Answer by Matt
You may take a look at this step by step guide, it’s about how to rip copyright DVD and convert video to iPod, it works for iPod touch, iPod Nano and iPod classic, my friends sent it to me, it’s easy to understand and works pretty well for me.
Hope it helps. Contact me if you have any other question or use to search more answers.

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on palm reading video

Suzanne Wyman: Palm Reading: The Headline/ Lifeline Disconnect: Part 1

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