Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can palmistry really tell you about your love life?

I got my palm read for the heck of it and the reader said I’m gonna marry a wonderful person and we’re gonna have a strong marriage. IF there is any truth to palmistry, how can they tell if you’re gonna get married. And how can they tell if your spouse will be a good person through your hand?

Answer by ○●Deviant Muse●○
These particular instances can be foretold through the lines and details of your palm, but by no means are they written in stone. Remember, regardless of what you’re told now or another prophecy for your future, all things change. That is truly the one thing you can count on 100%. You may find a good mate and marriage in the future, but by tomorrow everything may change and that potential future may never come to pass. Then of course there is always the chance that it may happen. The best thing to do in this circumstance would be to live life, expect the unexpected and be willing to accept change gracefully. Life happens like it or not, might as well go with the flow and make it easier on yourself.

Answer by Mike
to some extent it is true however its not as perfect as it predicts in all cases so one has to believe on it when it really happens palmistry itself is a vast knowledge and it largely depends on the expertise of the palmist being asked for any problem or any idea.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : fortune telling/ palm reading, advice?

i had my right hand palm read in Gambia by a witch doctor. He said il fufill oppertunities, have a bright future, im a good person, and i have to give sweets to children (which i did).
Its not what he said though, its what he didnt say. Most of my friends got told about getting married, i got nothing told to do with love life.
Ive never had a boyfriend or anything, and ive always felt in my heart il never meet anyone, and hes almost comfirmed it for me.

Ive had aniexity in the past, and this has made it come back. Im abousltey losing it, i cant eat or sleep, its on my mind 24/7, and im always crying. I think im going to die before i get chance to get married or anything because he didnt say il get married or anything signifucant about the future.

I understand where bright future comes from because im going to uni in september, (people have been re-esuring me that ‘bright future’ means happy, poisitive, full of promise etc. But i doesnt ,i take bright future as successful.)

I feel like im gonna feel this anexity for the rest of my life, i cant even enjoy myself anymore becuase i just feel like its going to end soon and i wont ever get married like my friends. Also im finding it hard to do my college work, i feel like just giving up, whats the point in slaving away doing all this work if i wont get the one thing i want in life, to get married.
Im even considering having a proper reading to find out for sure.

Does anyone have any advice, or had a experience with fortune telling?


Answer by Deb S (SFECU) pray4revival
God knows your future and has a blessed plan for your life. Stay away from fortune telling and palm reading. It’s not of the Lord.

Answer by KitKat
Palm reading are almost never right. Just because you don’t get told about something, doesn’t mean it won’t happen. I can understand why you are worried, but in time you will find someone. Being told about marriage, children and success are all just typical things to talk about when people read palms and ‘see the future’. Your future changes with every decision you make. You never truely know what will happen. Just keep calm, and be yourself. You will find someone. Theres someone out there for everyone. Just you wait and see.

Answer by Neo
Lucky one,
I being an astrologer myself can tell you that astrologers don’t tell you anything specific unless and until asked about it. you want to know about your marriage. I can tell you that but for that I need to make your astrological chart. please send your birth details i.e. date, time and place of birth to my ID

Answer by Lil Mermaid
okay i got my palm read by a man ..who freaked me out….he told me everything personal about me, stuff that only I knew…..anyhow…the stuff he said he said to me about my future did not come true….

he told me I will not have a good education…..umm…and I got Admitted into a masters program last year……which was a following semester i got my palm read

these things are Bull Sh*t, even though u might be amazed by some of the accurate stuff…..the future is in the hands of God…and he can change destiny in a snap….so dont rely so heavily on this rubbish.

its not true…..

Answer by peggie a
Your hands change throughout your life. What one person at one point in time tells you (or doesn’t) has nothing to do with what may/may not be present the next day/week/year/decade.

Calm down.

Breathe Deep.

Trust in your ability to control your future. You have free will. If you are a person worthy of love and devotion and trust, so you will be.

I’ve been reading hands professionally for 5 years, and there is no way, no how that I can ever tell one person EVERYTHING present in their hands in one hour – much less a day. As a teacher, my role is to ensure you are receiving information that you most need at that moment….

Rarely are my clients inclined to focus on love life — so it doesn’t come up often. However, if someone has questions about love and marriage –we always go back to talking about what it means to them — how are they situated in loving themselves? We must first be our own “best catch.”

Good luck.

Answer by Michael
What if a “proper” reading confirms your suspicions? Then what? Do you really want to place your soul in the hands of witch doctors and spiritists? I sure as heck wouldn’t!

Seek the Lord God with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. Sorcery is of the devil and all Satan wants is to take you down.

I know how you feel. I have been fighting anxiety for several months now and have had the same bottoming out that you explain. I remember first feeling this way–back in high school. I’ve had some powerful rejection in my life lately and it really drains one of energy and passion for life.

However, as Deb stated, God has a plan for your life and until you decide to seek Him, you will not experience true, lasting joy and peace in your life. I’m still letting Him work on me.

I wish you ALL THE BEST!

Please read the passages below.

(Oh yeah, and when you talk to God {pray}, you’ll want to tell Him you repent of the seeking of spiritists.)

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