Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can someone do a palm reading PLEASE!!?

Here are some pics of my mom’s palm since she wants to know what her palms reveal.Can someone give her a reading?

Please no rude comments.Thank you.

Answer by Viri
I wish I could help, although her palm seems to be that of a person with great charisma.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Psychic palm reading! True or fake?

Im christian, and I went to a psychic today for a palm reading. She was dead on with things goin on in my life and sexual orientation or whatever but what threw me off was that she told me I wouldnt have kids. I always wanted kids dwn the road but to find out there are non in my future is a little unsettling. And fairly upsetting. Mind you I gave her no information on me but she read my Palm and knew. Feedback please!!

Answer by highroller96
its fake they are trained to spot that shit. trust me its fake

Answer by Furious Unicorn
Fake, they use a trick called cold reading.

Answer by Ron
Complete fake, FU is completely correct with cold reading, whether looking at your palm, dealing tarot cards or reading an astrological chart, it’s how you react to her general questions and simple observation of your reactions that enable her to come up with so called ‘predictions’ which quite often seem ‘dead on’, this is how they learn their crooked living and are very clever at doing it.

This is funny but very true –

Or more seriously Derren Brown and Richard Dawkins –

Answer by Me
This so called “cold reading” or as i wrote in another question.”She could possibly be a medium and using her abilities in a weird way. If she is a medium, two things could have happened. (1) Your friend was thinking so much about those things so they “leaked” out of his mind and she snapped it up like a radio. (2) She had spirits telling her the things she had to know to answer these questions.”

Answer by Art
So prove her wrong and go out and have kids.If you’re going to have kids your palm shouldn’t come into it.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Who knows how to read the palm?

Maybe somebody knows how to tell the faith from palm?
Which hand is the right for that?
Maybe there is the specific site online?

Answer by Fisher
Open up your hand. Stare at it. Then say, “Nope, I’m not getting anything.”

Answer by Ben-Oni
take a critical thinking course you’ll learn all about psychics and palm reading its all educated guessing!

Answer by (I AM) ! ! ! H.E.AVENly EYEs AM
Since this is the R and S Section of Yahoo Answers; I would like to point out that the Bible strongly condemns palm reading.

The Bible mostly strongly condemns palm reading in the Old Testament books of Exodus, numbers, and Deuteronomy !

Also I would like to point out that trying to read somebody’s palm is totally a waste of time simply because there is no scientific book on how to do it !

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on palm reading

Henry Cavill Palm Reading

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