Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can someone read my hand?

I don’t know just curious I want to see what people can tell me XD

My palm


Umm, why do I feel like this isn’t going to work….UMM, I’m not sure if the pic will come out, I hope so XD

If it does please read my hand xD

I got more lines that any person I know, I mean really I got a LOT of lines in my hands and I was wondering if it meant something XD
loosen up? Umm, I’m so doing Yoga this week XD


Anyone else?
Umm, that was good and true! I get sick like once a year XD

I was a whole year without getting sick, I guess my immune system rocks XD

O_O That was creepy. Most things are accurate!

You are awesome! You should try and work in this hand reading thingy, really 😀

Answer by I am the next l3v31
growing old, dry skin, getting softer, and more stress in your life. LOSEN UP! :))

Answer by Sweeney Sweety
wow kinda hard but i see long living, and well your hearts pretty beatful. Nuthing has faded in my sight of it. Yep, Id say ur pretty healthy!

But dont let my answer do anythign for you unless im not the only one whos said it, i can barely read hands.

Answer by yellow_lilies86
I’m not very good at this because I haven’t done it very much but this can give me some practice! I have a book that tells me about palmistry!

I’m assuming you’re right handed since that’s your right hand. You prefer practical, logical reasoning, and tend to be analytical and pragmatic. you always think things through carefully and examin your personal motives before acting. You prefer to play life by the rules and avoid using tactics that would be embarrassing if made public. Be careful: you may be tempted to relax your ethics when pursuing important personal goals.

Your palm looks more rectangular than square so you enjoy brainstorming and talking. You have an agile mind. You’re bright, quick, and curious and your moods change readily. Full of mental and emotional energy, you want to know everything about everybody. You value rationality above all else. When confronted with an emotional crisis, you try to reason things out and make the most logical choice. You tend to push aside instinctive gut reactions in favor of logical constructs, through your instincts are often right on target.

Your fingers look thick and fleshy, which reveals a sensual, erotic and mostly passive nature. You yearn to touch, see, smell, hear and taste all that life has to offer. You enjoy good food and luxury, and you may be a bit of a couch potato. But you do want to be productive and transfer your interests into physical form – you may not always be satisfied with admiring the creations of others.

Based on your thumb, I’m assuming you have rounded fingertips. that indicates that you enjoy people, are receptive and react readily to outside stimuli. Rounded fingertip types rarely like living alone. The constant presence of someone who cares for you makes your world safe and desirable. When you commit yourself in love, you do so totally and permanently. You are never pushy or forceful, but once you decide you want something you’ll exert gentle but continuous effort to obtain it. You should consider careers that require helping others solve their problems: medicine, law, social work, management or teaching.

Now the part you were probably waiting for!

Your life line (line below your index finger running to your wrist) is deeply etched and free of a lot of breaks assures that you will have a robust and fruitful life. You are a high energy person who embraces challenge and opportunity. Affectionate and physically demonstrative, you enjoy life and people. You are known for your courage, energy and desire to win.

Your head line (line in the middle of your palm, above your life line that has the “fork” at the end) has a tasselled ending in a fork. This is called a “writer’s fork”. It shows that you are versatile, curious and inventive. The wider the fork, the more adaptable and resourceful you are with an ability to bring a breath of fresh air into stale, stagnant situations.

Your heart line (line below your pinky going towards your middle/index fingers) is deeply etched but broken. So you see yourself as a peacemaker. Even if you have no particular talent for the arts, you enjoy most arts. You place great emphasis on homne and family. Because you take everything personally and want everyone to get along, you are likely to interpret differing opinions as attacks or criticisms of you. Still, you’re basically optimistic. People often turn to you for guidance because you show that you’re sensitive to their needs. Many of your relationships are more like romantic or casual friendships than deep emotional unions. While it is admirable to help those who deserve it, be on guard against people who would abuse the privilege and use you as a doormat.

Hope it was right for ya, lol.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : how do i stop sweaty palms?

my palms are sweaty alot and its really annoyin when im holding someones hand and my hands get sweaty, now im afraid to hold hands with anyone at all.

My hands are sweating right now… not as bad but its really moist

i want to know how to make my hands stop sweating
i know you sweat so your body would cool down from the heat

Answer by Brandon H
Clap cornstarch or talcum powder between your palms to soak up the moisture. Or apply a ‘palm antiperspirant’ on your hand. Additional info on the link below.

Answer by Michelle
You have hyperhidrosis. I have it too. My hands and feet sweat even when I’m not nervous or warm. My mom has it too. It’s because of an overactive sweat gland. You can try electrolysis where you put a small electrical current through your hands. I tried it but I didn’t like it very much and didn’t notice a huge difference. There’s also a surgery you can have done where they clamp a nerve in your chest that will permanently stop the sweating. I plan on having this done someday. I don’t know a whole lot about it but you can search online for hyperhidrosis and it will come up. Don’t worry too much about it. I always hated it during dates but my boyfriends never were bothered by it once I told them about it. I just rinse my hands a lot, it’s all I can do.

Answer by
Sounds like you may have palmar hyperhidrosis (the medical term for excessive sweating of the hands). It is a genetic disorder–so you can thank your parents for this one. About 176 million people have HH, so don’t feel all alone. The good news is that there are safe and effective options. Here’s what you need to know:

According to the International Hyperhidrosis Society (the world’s gurus of sweat at you can treat palmar HH by:

1.) *Proper* use of strong anti-perspirants (deodorants just make sweat smell pretty, they don’t stop it). Here’s how to make APs work their best for you: apply at night before bed; apply to a totally dry skin; use a SOFT SOLID–no matter what brand you like, this form is the most effective. You can apply in the morning again if you want an extra boost.)

2.) Botox (lasts at least 6 months and insurance often pays!)

3.) Iontophoresis (once your doc coaches you, you can do it at home with your own device. Very cool.)

Lots of us use these treatments in combination. It’s so important to get with a dermatologist that knows all about these options and you can craft the best treatment plan. The IHHS has a really good physician database that you can use to find a derm near you. Plus while you are there you can read all about the treatment options so you can become a guru too!

OH, if you’re a teen, you should totally get the FREE book Teen Sweat 101 from the IHHS. Just send an email to and they will send the book out right away. This is a great way to learn about the all things sweat.

And while you are at, make sure you subscribe to their newsletter. They tell you about new developments in HH so you can be the first in line to get the best in class treatment–sometimes free! Check out their recent article about Secret Clinical Strength, for example.

Good luck!

PS: Don’t ever consider ETS surgery because it often causes “comensatory sweating” which is profuse sweating on large areas of the body. In addition, surgery is not reversible–no matter what the doc tells you. Lots of people are upset about their surgery and in some countries it’s actually outlawed.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Where can i have my future read for free.?

Answer by Xx X
There is no way unless you find a solution to Einsteins propositions about time, and find it is different and you can go forward and backward in time. No palm reader or other occult type person can do it, and if they could they would be a god, which they are not. Better to stay away from quacks.


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