Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can someone tell me how to sync songs and videos to the palm treo 650 memory card?

I dont have the manual, Can you tell me where to download it from?

Answer by granmastern

you can do the (mp3 trick) to hotsync your music in it, you need
1. an sd memory card (you already have)
2. Filez on your treo (its an application)

this is what you do,

say your music is in mp3, it will have an extension like e.g Sample.mp3
what you have to do is rename it as Sample.prc (or Sample.pdb) and synchronise this on your sd card using Palm quick install (choosing the directory as /Audio)

thn when its on your pc, use Filez, go to the Audio directory and rename the file back to Sample.mp3

Or a quicker way is to buy a Sd Card Reader (much much faster)

so you can read your sd cards directely from your pc, like a flash drive, and drag and drop your music.

enjoy 🙂

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What is the best digital camera?

My dad wants to know what a good digital camera is for taking pictures. He is a vascular surgeon and wants a great camera with HD/HQ quality that will not cost an arm and a leg. He has looked at all the fancy medical OEM cameras and has decided he really only needs a hand held i was reading about that was good was the TL110 by cannon. Please leave some suggestions. Thanks.

Answer by shadowfan
casio exilim

Answer by reb1den
i say go with either a fuji or nikon i have both and they take awesome pics!

Answer by Andrew
TL110 is by Samsung, TL110 is a good one camera in basic to medium range with price under $ 200.

Samsung TL110 : 14.2-megapixel, 5X optical zoom, 2.7″ LCD screen, Optical and digital image stabilization, HD movies in the palm of your hand

Pro’s and Con’s of Samsung TL110
– excellent image quality
– fast
– decent flash
– awesome video’s
– dual IS is great for low light without flash
– 5x optical zoom
– zooming all the way out gives a good wide angle shot

– battery drain with dual IS because of post processing
– takes a bit getting used to switching between modes

Other best Samsung cameras : Samsung TL220 (ST500), Samsung TL225 (ST550), Samsung HZ35W (SAMSUNG WB650 ).

Samsung TL220 (ST500) : 12.2MP, 4.6X Opt, Front and Back LCD Screens, 3 In LCD, 1.5″ front LCD screen, Rear LCD Touch Screen, 27mm WIDE Angle lens, Advanced Dual Image Stabilization (IS). (Dual view)

For a Canon cameras, in the present model that popular is a Canon PowerShot SD1400IS, Canon PowerShot SD3500IS, Canon PowerShot SD4000IS, Canon PowerShot SX210IS.

Canon PowerShot SX210IS : 14.1MP, 14x Wide Angle Optical Image Stabilized Zoom, 3.0-Inch LCD, HD shooting capability at 720p with stereo sound, DIGIC 4 Image Processor with evolved Face Detection Technology

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How can I make at least 5 dollars a day online?

I’m just looking for some extra change, so how can I make 5+ dollars a day online without having to invest or sell anything?

Please don’t sugesst Treasure Trooper or Surveysavvy as I’ve already tried these and they both failed.

Answer by Ballistic
Try this opportunity:
You should be able to make more than that/day

Answer by Peapod
You can take surveys, though I would be careful for what you sign up for. THere are a lot of scams out there.

Answer by J J
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