Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can you convince me I made wrong choice?

I used to be a functioning evangelical christian. I fell away from church over 14 years ago and am extremely interested now in spiritual matters and all things occult like astrology, tarot palm reading runes etc. I became very sad at how I nor anyone else measured up to Gods will for our lives and simply gave up. Convince me I made the wrong choice? What can you say to bring me back to GOD?

Answer by No more GOP or Democrats
I wouldn’t even try. You made a choice which was right for you.

Besides, the only way anyone could prove to you that your choice was wrong would be to prove to you that only their viewpoint is the correct one. No one can prove that. The best they can do is show you scripture written by mortal, fallible humans who make the self-serving claim of divine inspiration. They cannot, however, back that up with objective facts.

Answer by Josh3
Well, no one can make the choice but you. You made the wrong choice of course, but it would take more than here to convince you.

Answer by Shelby__
God’s will isn’t that you are pefect and never make mistakes, it is that you wake up and say you are going to try and do better. I cannot convince you, but think about why you were a Christian in the first place. God bless you, and I’ll keep you in my prayers.

Answer by Justin L.
Nothing that man can say to you will bring you back to God. Perhaps you never full understood him. It really sounds like you are truly seeking Him, but maybe you just don’t know how to do it. Try praying Him. It will be strange at first, but he is really listening, trust me! Try finding a Church near you that you feel comfortable in and get plugged in. Talk to people that are Christians around you and ask them for prayers. As humans, we are absolutely nothing compared to God. But that doesn’t mean give up. Jesus (God) loved us so incredibly much, that He died for us a most awful painful death in order to relinquish the hold sin had on us. He wanted us to live with Him. God knows but isn’t interested in the fact that we aren’t anything compared to Him. We are going to make mistakes in life, but that doesn’t mean God doesn’t love us, look at His sacrifice!

If you ever want to talk to me, don’t hesitate to email me!
John 14:6 I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

Answer by Giggity
It’s not about whether I or someone else thinks you made the right choice. It’s about the amount of thought you put into that choice, whatever it is. If you are comfortable with your choice then it shouldn’t matter what anyone else says.

Answer by Precious Clum
I can’t say any thing that will bring you back to God. God is the one who convicts peoples hearts. If you ask him to bring you back to Him-to really work on your heart,,, He will. Its not man that convinces a person that there choice was wrong——-it’s God. God works through man. We are simply His tool that He uses to accomplish His will.

Answer by AutumnLilly
“I became very sad at how I nor anyone else measured up to Gods will for our lives”

Okay, I used to feel this way too until I had the realization that EVERYTHING – every moment, every minute detail IS God’s will for our lives. There’s no “living UP TO God’s will” because you are living it at this very moment. What is happening to you right now, good or bad, IS God’s will for you.

Sin isn’t about “being good” or “being bad.” Sin is doing something that hurts our Father in heaven who loves us. Just like any father would be hurt if his child did something wrong, so our heavenly Father gets hurt when we do something wrong.

When we focus on “not doing the wrong,” suddenly, it gets very hard and seems overwhelming. But when we look FIRST to Christ, and look deeply into His face and see how much love and compassion He has for us, we no longer want to do wrong. That’s the difference – where we look.

If a child knows her mother or father love her, she will not want to hurt them. She will want to love them back. All Christ wants us to do is let Him love us, and the natural “consequence” is to love Him back.

Answer by Jacobi
in my opinion you did not make the wrong choice. I can tell by the question that you still have somewhat of believ in god or just curiosity. thats because you want to feel complete and sure of yourself when you have religion. thats how religion works. without you feel confused and lost and thats usually what happens when you give up your religion. its like losing a parent. youre fine.

Answer by Orla
It is quite simple Raeman:

―Are you truly happy?
―Does tarot, runes, the Astrology, and the world of Occult fill your heart with profound joy?
―Do you feel fulfilled?

Because if you said no to just one of this question, then something or Someone is missing in your picture. I may have trials and I may have some bad stuff happening to me, but deep down I am truly happy, I feel fulfilled and one with the Holy Spirit and the universe.

Answer by username_hidden
I notice that you don’t say you have lost your faith – it sounds more like it is the other virtues, hope and love, which are lacking. If you had a firm hope in God, then your weakness would not be such a stumbling block. And if you had a love for God, then that love would draw you to keep seeking him despite your inadequacy.

If you are in need of inspiration, and role models to restore your hope and love, then I would suggest that you cast your net wider than just evangelical Christianity. Look to Christian history in its wider sense, and study the lives of the great saints. You could, for instance, read the “Confessions” of St Augustine. He is brutally honest about his early life of philosophical confusion and casual sin, and yet shows how he was lead into faith, ultimately becoming a bishop and a great teacher. Or else try reading some of the writings of the mystical saints, such as St Theresa of Avilla, who entered deeply into prayer and came to a profound understanding of divine love. Just go to a library, or look on-line, cast around and see what you find. There are two thousand years of Christian example, spirituality and inspiration out there, just waiting to be explored.

Answer by ManoGod
There is nothing to say. The very fact that you asked this question means you are not fully convinced of your decision. If you were you wouldn’t be trying to get others to convince you you were wrong. The truth is, you need to make up your own mind.

But I will tell you this. The idea that we need to measure up to God’s will for our lives is erroneous. It is a man made idea based on mans rules where we need to earn God’s love. God’s love is not something we can earn, it is given freely and without reservation or condition. We don’t earn it we just have it. It’s the same for God’s mercy. It is by Grace (God’s divine unmerited favour) that true Christians walk not by earning God’s love.

So, can anyone convince you you made the wrong choice? No. Should they? No.

You have already decided that yourself. It’s why your trying to get others to justify your changing your mind and going back to God right now.

If you want to measure up to God’s will then do this. Walk as though he loves you always no matter what. Manifest the love he has for you to others. Don’t be guilt laden when you make a mistake but accept that you did, apologise and get up and move on.

Live every day as though you are righteous before God because God considers you to be already. And let the past go.

Answer by ROUZBEH
Do the right things, believe there is someone out there who has and will help you out, help the poor and know that everything you see or feel is God’s will, God is doing everything.

Answer by tree top
Jesus said they went out amoung us but were never a part of us. if a person has come to God through faith in Jesus they have been raised together with Christ alive spiritualy and will be together with Jesus forever, you can be one of these but not both only you and God knows.

Answer by Hypnotoad
Stop writing fake questions like this.

You’re not fooling anyone. You haven’t converted anyone. You haven’t made anyone question their beliefs. In fact, all you’ve done is waste peoples times with this garbage.

You failed.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : My hands have so many lines and wrinkles but I’m only 16?

I really noticed this when one of my friends was palm reading. Everyone else had out their hands and then we all noticed how wrinkly mine are. And that I have waaay more lines on my hands then everyone else. How can I fix this?

Answer by Britton
trust me i have learned this tip from the best:
squeeze a little lemon on the back of your hands everyday.let it dry on your hands. it will sting but i swear it works!

** well theres nothing really to elaborate on about this. all you do it squeeze lemon juice on the back if your hands, spread it around, and leave it on there to dry. (even though it will sting) it works! i swear i learned this from the best! hope that helps

xx Britton

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Which websites can I go to have my palms read?

I am looking for websites or forums where I can scan pictures of my palms to have them read.

Answer by Dan
I think you’re better off doing something like that in person.

Answer by Lisa W
Palm reading should be done in person as it is also a reading of you energy.
But if you really want to…

That website lets you scan a picture of you hand and have it read for $ 10 US

Answer by Bodo C

Answer by Parselmouth
I agree with Lisa- They need to read and feel your energy as well, which is almost more important than your hands. They have those weird little shops all over, look in your phonebook.

Answer by The Snake
Thinks like getting your Palms read, Tarot cards, Runes are always best if done face to face NOT over the internet.

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on palm reading

Mark Salling Palm Reading

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