Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can you help me decide what my second career choice should be?

I’m 46, retired from military, have opportunity for free college but not sure what I want to study that will hold my interest. I already possess a bachelor’s degree. I love reading, am very organized, inventive, great facilitator, good public speaker, creative. I don’t want to set behind a desk pounding on the computer, but would like something more “artsy, creative’ but able to make a living. Any ideas?

Answer by Net Answers
Try teaching. It’s a great career choice.

Answer by Erica
you could try a librarian but i know it can be boring at times =] maybe do something with kids? like an art camp or something

Answer by greeter7
After much thought I have decided this is a real poser. The thing that strikes me is teaching although I am sure you know the public schools are NO challenge at all for one is NOT allowed to HELP. I would say a sales Managers job might be to your liking wherfore you will be able to meet more people. let me know I will try to come up with something better!!

Answer by elbows
Most office type jobs today require sitting at a computer…and if you want to go into a field with a good chance of employment, you may consider this type of work. Take the skills and knowledge you have learned in the military and college and do some job searches to see what types of positions turn up.

Check out – it’s a job board for your mobile phone. As long as you have your phone, you can search for jobs anytime…anywhere

Answer by Famous S&S : Captain save a ho..
What about a Motivational speaker for high school students. i bet you would Motivate them to Join the military or go to college

Answer by Michelle A
As a coach, the first thing that comes to my mind based on what you have indicated is that something like a project manager would be a good fit. There are many different areas in which project managers are used so it would allow you to do many different things in a multitude of different industries. It also seems to be the type of job that would allow you to utilize your good organizational and writing skills while allowing you to be creative in how things get done.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How do I set up a small personal library in my home?

I love books and I love reading. How do I go about setting up a small personal library? I reside in a far away remote village in Africa.

Answer by melark
Get audio books or use an MP3 storing all your books on the computer.

Answer by Hopeithelps
Start at your bed room, on book shelf.

Answer by cowdude102
Well basically you get a shelf, allright? Do you follow?

You buy, trade, or get books. And then you take those books and put them on the shelf!

Arrange them in alphabetical order if you are bored!


Answer by
First, bookcases or shelving. I have some by subject, e.g.; decorating books, books on miniatures, quilting, religious. The others are divided fiction or non-fiction then in alphabetical order.
Do whatever works for you so that you can find a book quickly. I also carry with me a list of all my quilting books since I have so many. I want to avoid buying the same book again as I once did & they wouldn’t take it back. I hope this is helpful to you.

Answer by Kirashumo
Buy alot of books.

Answer by Kevin
Free eBooks

Here you are, the library is complete without it costing you a penny, ENJOY.

There are 19,000 free ebooks in the Project Gutenberg Online Book Catalog.

The Celebration of Women Writers.

A Vast Collection of Works.

The Celebration of Women Writers recognizes the contributions of women writers throughout history. Women have written almost every imaginable type of work: novels, poems, letters, biographies, travel books, religious commentaries, histories, economic and scientific works. Our goal is to promote awareness of the breadth and variety of women’s writing.

Below you will find a list of free books.

Good luck.

Kevin, Liverpool, England.

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