Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can you please read my poem?

Hope you like it guys. Thanks for reading, hit me up if you want to collab, God bless-Daniel Mapp


By Daniel Mapp


I plucked a keen shaft,

Seeing a smiling scarlet face,

During my mirthful bygone spring,

Thinking I beheld Venus’s child,

Stride near its scented brethren;

My palm emitted warm drops,

From carelessly extending it forward,

Towards my fare famine counterparts,

Till Gaia grew closer to Helios.


Now my stride slightly bent,

Awaiting to reach the void,

Where I can finally cast,

Away this hideous little herb,

Which horned Tantalus once planted.
it should be horned eos. (I love greek references!)

Answer by Jerad
i am erect. thank you

Answer by Rawr. It means `I love you`
I really don’t know whats going on, but I’ve always sucked at poetry. Despite that, it has a nice flow. I love a lot of your word choices, but there is a lot of punctuation. You don’t need to punctuate every line, just do it as if they were sentences.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Would you read this Sci-Fi book?

Attention all Sci-Fi book worms. Would you read this book? And do you think an agent would take this on?

A God creates, an angel protects, a demon destroys and man is the essence that binds them all together.

Haven is a non-commercialized colony on a scorching planet outside of the jurisdiction of the Galactic Community. When the leader of the colony, Michael “The Messiah” Taxiarch, discovers that his beloved outposts had dropped out of contact, there was only one man that he could trust in order to discover the truth behind these outposts. The most lethal outlaw throughout the entire galaxy. One of the last remaining descendents of the great Iron Father Empire. Galactic Community’s most wanted. Jacob Sexton. However, the disappearing outposts are the least of The Messiah’s problems. Because, the truth of these disappearances far exceeds his darkest horror. While Jacob Sexton’s legacy and humanity are put to the test.

Meanwhile, Leslie Franco is trying to find his place inside the universe. Being haunted by his past, he resigned from the Galactic Community. Finding some kind of solace in aiding a young soldier by the name of Joseph Stazz. The two of them had taken Jacob Sexton’s most prized possession in order for the Messiah to blackmail the outlaw into aiding Haven’s purpose into finding out the source of these disappearances. What Leslie Franco quickly figures out is how similar this young soldier is to his own image at his age. The bike that they stole is the only thing that’s keeping them alive from the clutches of the Glactic Community and Jacob Sexton.

The embodiments in physical form are all represented in the Veteran, the Messiah, the Outlaw, the Assassin, and the Daughter. All of which are put through a series of death-defying moments stationed on a rouge planet outside of society. Stringing along in a universe twisting and forming to the manipulations of humankind that molded into gunfire and violence throughout this arid world.

The test of humankind lies within their palms. While they discover their own personal vendettas, vengeance, and love; they all try to survive a government/corporate coup to liberate this arid world.

Angel of Arid: Fall of the Grace is a 142,000 word science-fiction thriller that digs deep beyond the solar system, beyond the universe, beyond the outer walls of whatever kind of existence that we inhabited and reach into the hearts and minds of human nature.

Thank you for your time.

Answer by David
No, it sounds pretty convoluted with more focus on flash than characters and plot.
Now what will you do if no-one reads this? Will you still keep writing for the thrill of writing? Or will you quit because strangers on the internet won’t read your idea?

Answer by redunicorn
Before you send it to an agent, have some beta readers go through it and help you fix some things like “rouge planet”

You can go to science fiction conventions with writing tracks and meet published authors, editors, agents and publishers.

Answer by Arabella
I think you have some interesting ideas, and I probably would consider reading it. However, I wouldn’t send it to an agent as it is.

You repeat ‘arid world’ twice within a couple of sentences, and ‘…lies within their palms’ just looks awkward. I think the blurb is a bit too long. The last two paragraphs of your blurb seem unnecessary to me.

I hate to say it, but you will be extremely hard pushed to find an agent that will take on an 142,000 word novel from a first-time author. The publishing is very reluctant to take on debut novels that are longer than roughly the 110,000 mark. The longer the book, the more expensive it is to produce. No one knows yet whether or not your novel will successfully sell and a publisher would be wary about investing more money in an untried author.

Answer by Help
I think it sounds interesting. However, you have to try and concentrate on your characters a bit more and make sure they weave nicely into the plot. Make sure you spend some time chiseling things down and making it all flow properly. Writing a book is hard, but it’s not impossible!

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Are palm tx’s worth the money?

Answer by Rumtscho
Definetely. I adore my t|5, but I would have liked a TX even more, the difference being that the TX has wireless LAN connection built in.
Forget about a Microsoft PDA. Did you ever see a bear in a pillbox? no? Well, it looks like a Windows in a PDA. It was adapted for PDAs, and the Palm OS was _created_ for them. There are some Sharp models with a Linux version, but I don’t think you will need that, it’s for freaks.
The Palms are great. They are easy to use, and are reliable, you’ll only have to reboot it once every few months. Learn to read from it, and you will have your favourite book everywhere, in the bus, out in the park, in a boring school lesson, and when you read in bed, you won’t have to light a nightlamp, so your partner will be able to sleep undisturbed. Travel somewhere far away by train, and you’ll have something to do in those 5 hours. For reading, you need the TX or T5, the E series have a much smaller display.
And even when you aren’t reading, the palm will make you happier by playing music. I have tried an iPod, but the Palm can do just the same. It doesn’t have a hard drive, but today you can find inexpensive SD cards. Buy a 4GB one, and you have 48 hours of MP3 in your back pocket. Playing a video? Yes, and the display is much much bigger.
Another thing: there are Wikipedias to download for mobile clients. Isn’t it lovely, when you are having a philosphical dispute with somebody after your fifth beer, that you pull an encyclopedia out of your pocket and prove that you are right?
Another thing are the organizer functions. You can synchronise the thing with your Outlook and always have all your contacts and appointments with you. Do you know the situation where you need a piece of paper for some important information, write it on the first available napkin, and lose it afterwards? With the palm, this won’t happen. You can write small notes on it and always have them with you.
And with having Excel, it becoms the best pocket calculator on the world. Of course, it has a normal calculator function. But I remember once when during a lecture somebody found an error in one slide, and everybody started trying to calculate the right numbers. I was the only one who achieved it, because I had Excel in my pocket, the others gave up after five minutes of confused scribbling on paper.
And if you can afford the money for wireless web access, you will have one reason more for using it (remember, if you can’t today, maybe you will be able to do so later, because communication prices are declining). Walking through the streets, hearing good music and knowing that you have the whole Internet in your pocket, what do you want more? It isn’t that Wap access which was so hard to use on the tiny display of a Nokia 6230, it is seeing web pages the way they are! Well, some get ugly at this resolution, but that’s why all the big sites like Google and EBay make their PDA versions.
Mobility is the future, buy the thing and you will love it! If you only start using it, it changes your life quality for good.

Written by RockPsychic


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I had also seen a fantastic amount of water, coming in shortly thereafter. I therefore notified the appropriate government authorities to warn them.
17 Hours after the quake, Hurricane Irene made landfall less than 300 miles from the epicenter of the Earthquake.
Damage estimates from this hurricane, throughout the United States were near $19.6 billion dollars, which made it the 5th costliness hurricane in United States history
The coastlines were evacuated and lives were saved because of this prediction and appropriate warnings.