Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can you store books on the Palm Treo 750?

Answer by Daniel C
Absolutely. The best way would be to get an SD card for additional memory and store the books there You can get a ton of free downloads on line at the Guttenberg Project web site, and they can be read with the Palm reader. I have a 2GB card in my Plam and always have at least a half dozen books with me.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Installing Elan for my Palm Pilot Z22 with Windows Vista?

I have spent at least 10 hours trying to figure out how to download and install the Elan program from (paid for and have product key code) to my computer. I have Windows Vista and a Palm Pilot Z22. Apparently the old version of the Palm desktop was not compatible with the program for Vista with Elan so I was able to download the newest version of the desktop software but I cannot figure out how on earth to get this darn program installed. I have read the user manuals that came along with the program and it talks about simply running the program and it should be fine. However, there is then an error message that there needs to be a conduit install extension loaded first. This program has a .dll end and I can’t run that program.
What can I do to get this resolved? The company is not helping me one bit.
PLEASE help me with this. I would be so incredibly grateful.

Answer by fsclaol
There is a free trial version to see if it would work on your Z22 prior to purchasing it.

I downloaded the trail version to see if I could help you. After downloading the program, did you extract the zip file?

If so, double click on the Elan User Manual. I suggest you contact Dennis Sanders, author to see if it is compatible on the Z 22 which has Palm OS Ver 5. The trial version is compatible up to 4.1. Also you are running MS Vista so you can ask if he has upgraded the conduits to be Vista compatible.

You may want to try and double click on the .prc file. It may automatically go into the Palm installer program and may transfer into the Z 22 at the next Hotsync.

If it does install into the Z 22, you will find the Elan Icon in the applications window, tap and it may run for you.

Best bet is to contact the author and find out if it will work on your Z 22 with Vista PC and try to get a refund if it doesn’t.

Good luck….

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