Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Christians are people born being gays or it’s a lust?

Answer by Anri
Homosexuality has been scientifically proven to be genetic. It has been confirmed in over two thousand species. Many Christians will claim otherwise, however

Answer by Homeric
Even gays argue with each other about whether or not it’s a choice or determined…most say “I didn’t choose it, so I can’t be held responsible! No one would choose to be oppressed!”

Lil o both … genetic dispositions matched with environment makes carpet munchers and pickle smokers …

Answer by neil s
Nobody is born with any sort of sexual desire at all. Sexual orientation emerges with prepubescent hormonal changes.

Answer by No Chance Without Jesus
there is no proof anyone is born gay

we all want sex…that’s physical…HOW we want it is mental…a choice

Answer by E
People ARE NOT Born homosexual

People ARE Born Males or Females……

and people CHOOSE Who they decide to lay with….NO ONE Forces them to lay with anyone…IT IS A CHOICE.

and yes LUST is what drives it and according to the Bible it all begins with the denial of God.

Answer by Twilight Sparkle
According to the latest and largest twin study, homosexuality can be influence by both nature and nurture.

Answer by Quest
Why does it matter? People are not born praying to Jesus, or saying Hail Mary’s. No that is pounded into their heads through a thousand days of indoctrination…Yet Christians demand religious rights and protections…Even if gay men and women simply choose to be gay on a whim, they are not hurting anyone and deserve equal treatment under the law.

Though to answer your question…I do tend to believe that most are born oriented toward the same gender, just as heterosexuals are born oriented towards the opposite gender.

Answer by Peaches
Everyone is a snowflake.

Answer by Ceisiwr
I came across this article by Anjana Ahuja, The Times, July 12, 2005:

In Born Gay, Dr Glenn Wilson, reader in personality at the Institute of Psychiatry in London, and Dr Qazi Rahman, a psychobiologist at the University of East London, declare that “the accumulation of evidence from independent laboratories across the world has shown that the biological differences between gay and straight people cannot be ignored . . . our sexual preference is a fundamental and immutable component of our human nature”. Wilson and Rahman’s account goes beyond whether there is a gay gene — there is no single gay gene but genes do contribute — and considers the effect of sex hormones to which foetuses are exposed in the womb.

The boldly titled book says the research leaves absolutely no room for parental or societal influence on this intimate trait. Children cannot be seduced or otherwise led into homosexuality — which makes a nonsense of Clause 28, the law banning the promotion of homosexuality — and, however overbearing the mother or absent the father, no amount of poor parenting can waylay a child born to walk the path of heterosexuality. (Note: Clause 28 was brought in by the Thatcher government. It outlawed the promotion of homosexuality. It was repealed under the Blair government.)

No serious, evidence-based scientist, they charge, would deny that sexual orientation is fixed at birth.

The authors also speculate that we face an evolutionary future in which homosexuals become more prevalent. The genes that are implicated in gayness do not just influence sexual orientation — in low doses, they might confer personality advantages to heterosexual men (such as making them loyal, empathic and considerate), turning them into attractive mates and thus propagating those genes further.

Answer by loufedalis
There is so very much argument today that people are born gay. I disagree. I believe that people are born with the tendency to be gay, and this comes from the original sin. At the point of Adam and Eve, the world was perfect, people were perfect, and it has been a steady “downhill plunge” since then.

When a person gives in to their urge to perform a gay act, it is by choice. I know a fine Christian man, who claims he was born with the tendance to be gay, but he never gave into it. He died single, Christian, and happy in the Lord. God Bless

Answer by Rick
Gay people’s brain patterns have been shown to look more like those of the opposite sex in the part of the brain that controls emotion in some gay people. Obviously, all people claiming to be gay have not been tested. Only a few have. In other words, when some gay men experience a loving feeling, the same part of their brain becomes active as that in a heterosexual woman’s brain. So we do have important evidence that those gay men are “wired” like women in that way. It’s unlikely but not impossible that could have developed after birth but it’s far more likely that they were born that way. It is also possible, but not proven yet that there is a genetic reason or it could be that hormones or something in the uterus were released differently during the development of gay people.

To put it more simply, it’s nearly certain that some or most or all gay people are born that way.

Answer by Daniel Dominick Hoff
Homosexuality is how u born now,how u like or want to be

Answer by WitnessofJesus
the fact is, homosexual propaganda lies from every statement they make. its not natural, its not love, and it is lust, to confirm what i say, ask yourself if anyone is born sexually active,? or do all children wait for puberty before they become sexually active. its always a choice. and the real choice is whether there is a God and then whether to obey all of Gods commandments. !

Answer by Jacione
Let me start by putting some stereotypes in your head: I am a Mormon. One of my best friends in the whole world is bisexual.

That said, yes, people are naturally gay. It’s a fact, anyone who denies that is fooling themselves. That said, there are also people who are straight, but have a naturally overactive libido. Does that mean that they should be given free reign and not have to temper that at all? No. Everyone is given a different set of trials in this life. I don’t envy those who are born with a predisposition to homosexuality, but I also don’t pity them too much. I was born with high-functioning autism, and it hasn’t been easy, but I try my darndest not to use that as an excuse for anything. I do what I can, and I expect nothing more or less from anyone else. My place isn’t to judge them, my place is to love them.

Answer by Brown Sugar
There was a young boy-around 5 years old- who was filled with lust. He touched girls in appropriately and even adults. His mother was very frustrated and concerned. She asked for prayer and the pastor being in the spirit was to ask her how the child was conceived? She broke down and cried. Then she confessed that the night he was conceived she was at a club and slept with multiple men that night. She did not even know who the boys father was. The pastor then revealed that-this was the reason her son is struggling with lust. She opened a door through her actions that allowed a demonic spirit to torment the little boy in this manner. The pastor met with her a few times and prayed and now the boy is like any normal kid. Running around doing kiddy stuff.

So likewise, Homosexuality can result from parents and even grand parents who were themselves involved in homosexuality, or incest, or anything demonic like palm reading, magic, etc

Homosexuality can also happen if a man was abused sexually when he was younger. Just as if a young boy get a liking for girls from finding a porn magazine etc..

I have even seem women who loved men go over to girls because they got there heart broken really bad. It started as a way to make man pay.

Also A young boy or children have to be directed when they are very young because they do not know better. If you tell them to say FUK U they will repeat it-just watch youtube and see.

One mother video taped herself encouring her young son to bend over and do a boody shake.
Another mother makes her son wear his sisters clothes etc these actions also open spiritual doors.

How can a child possibly know better without a parent directing them? If you tell them santa is real, they will believe you.

So when these kids grow older those things become apart of them and they think that’s who they are.

people can be born that way, but they weren’t made that way. Born that way like the example above. Even things our forfather’s did can affect their children.

Chris brown went on live TV and said he never will be like his father because he hit his mom and guess what? you know the rest..

There is always a root.

If someone is an alcoholic, even though they could have started it-dont just look down on them-that spirit of alcoholism could have come from his father or even grandfather etc..

God’s word does not lie.

Answer by hillbilly
It is lust. We are all born with the propensity to develop lust as we mature, but we can control it, so yes, it is both…. born to be able to turn gay, or turn promiscuous with the opposite sex. Or, to get married and make a family. Your CHOICE.

Answer by Nous
HOMOPHOBIA: irrational fear of, aversion to, or discrimination against homosexuality or homosexuals. – – – – – – – – Please note this is a psychiatric definition!

Primitive religion has always lagged behind the improvement in moral attitudes and that is what these people are doing to Christianity – making it primitive!

There were people who opposed the abolition of slavery, emancipation for women, the banning of discrimination of women, the attempts to eradicate racism and now the need to eradicate homophobia!

Taking one sin to indulge in intolerance, hatred, bigotry, homophobia and persecution will never be acceptable in the eyes of God!

England’s Archbishop of Canterbury has said that Christianity is now known for it’s hatreds and not about god!

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : TCPMP resets my Treo 650?

I had TCPMP on my old Treo, and rarely it would reset my Treo when i exited the application(I noticed that it only happened when i was watching a video for a long time and i didn’t stop the movie before exiting)….well now i got a new Treo 650 because the old one got messed up….and on the new one whenever i click on the application it resets the phone without opening up. I have tried installing it on my memory card and opening up from there, and also tried installing on the phone’s memory and opening from there, but no luck….I have tried reinstalling and everything….and i cant remeber what i did to get it working on my old Treo?????

Answer by asdf098
Do you have the latest software on your treo. The original software with which Treo 650 shipped has problems with memory management, which may lead to such issues.

I have read elsewhere that updating the firmware to latest version fixes these issues. The updates are freely available on Palm website.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Favorite Wii game?

We just got a Wii and I am not a big video game player but LOVE the sport one that came with it. What is another game that is similar that we should get?

Answer by ansur84
My favorite is Trauma Center Second Opinion. It’s actually has a good storyline, good graphics and awesome gameplay and music. But if you want a game like the sports one:

Wario ware Smooth Moves and Wii play.

Answer by whaleyspencer
Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess

Answer by a_vergales
You would probrably like a game called Tony Hawks down hill jam becuase you also have to use the remote alot.

Answer by marksman11011
The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess and Excite Truck are great Wii games. But if you are looking for something similar to Wii sports, than you need to look at the following: Wii Play, Wario Ware Smooth Moves, and Rayman Raving Rabbids.

Have fun, and don’t forget to wear the wrist strap!

Answer by Grayson F
I’d also reccomend Excite truck as it has great graphics and an innovative style of holding the remote. Wii play, however, is more similar to Wii sports. It also comes with a controller, which are hard to find these days. It also lets you use your miis as characters, so I’d reccomend it to you.

Answer by gum1993
monkey ball seems like a girls game a little but i have never played it.

Answer by Okami
Im not a Wii owner but Im highly aware of all the lastest game news and reviews and spend many hours reading up on reviews so I think I can help here with your question.

Zelda Twilight Princess is an Excellent game that Ive played (The GC version) But the Wii version from what I hear is outstanding. This game is more for the Real “Gamer” but please do let that refrain you from picking up this masterpiece. This could be the game that hooks you to games. I wont go on any further because you really have to experience this game to believe how great it is.


Super Smash Bros Brawl is not coming out till this Fall but you would be insane to not get this game when it does. This game defines fun and addiction. It defines how a fun game should be made. Its an excellent formula that when combined into the recipe becomes EXCELLENT. All your Favorite Nintendo characters, Plus Snake From MGS making his presence. Best part for you is You dont need to be a skilled player to play this game Its very easy to pick up and play and get into the game (I know this from playing the previous title in the series) Games and Non Gamers will love this game. Seriously everyone I know that has played the previous game admits is Very Fun. To Me its not only Fun but addicting. This series has always proven to be great so the latest in the series will be no acception.


Wii Play is what the game is called and Its supposed to have a whole bunch of minigames similiar to Wii sports. If you loved Wii sports well then buying this is a no-brainer. Seriously its very similiar to Wii sports only with new different kinds of Minigames.

Also considering your looking for simple games Look for Warioware which is in stores now. Very simple gameplay like that of Wii sports.

Dont forget to check out the Wii channels (The Main menu) When connected to a broadband connection you can experience what Nintendo has to offer through the palm of your hand! World News, Weather Forcasts, Take part in the Daily Vote Did I mention this is all Free! Also you can download classic games such as Super mario bros and the sort for a low price.

Answer by God of War 2

Answer by The G man
My favorite game is red steel. It’s just like an arcade game, but you can play with four people and it’s in your house.

Answer by Hawk Girl
My favorite game right now is Twilight Princess. I’m the biggest Legend of Zelda fan. I hope there will be a sequal to Twilight Princess. It would be nice if Midna is in the next Zelda game. Midna was my second favorite character, Link is my favorite of course. I made a Link Mii, but I wish I could make a Midna Mii too :)) Wario Ware is really fun too.

Answer by rudy m
here’s a link on ebay where you can read reviews of them by ebay members

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