Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Creepy thing happened last night. What do you think it was?

It was very late last night and I was up watching music videos and hubby fell asleep on the couch. He woke up, went to the bathroom, and went to bed. He left the door open and I was sitting in the living room close to our room. Over the loud music I was listening to I heard a loud noise. I asked him what happened and he said something went flying past his head, hit the wall, and slid down to the floor. No bouncing at all. It even made a whistling noise as it went flying across the room and missed his head by a couple of inches. He said it sounded like a small piece of metal, like a key. I told him I didn’t move from the chair I was in. It scared me to death! We can’t look for the object because we have a water bed and can’t fit our hand between the bed and the wall. Now it’s getting close to bedtime and I’m afraid to go to bed. Any idea what could have happened?
I’m not 15. I’ve been married to this man for 19 years. We have lived in this house for 8yrs and no we aren’t witches or evil, just two average people. The key was just his guess because I have never thrown one key at him. I may have tossed the car keys to him several thousand times, but they jingle. I was scared out of my wits and was just wondering what you guy’s think it was.

Answer by Sheed
how does your husband know what a flying key sounds like?

Answer by Printninja AM VA Vilest Atheist!
Doo doo, doo doo (Twilight Zone music)

There are these things called insects…………

Answer by Bobby K
a butt probe from outer space waiting for you to fall asleep.

Answer by chieko
hopefully it wasn’t a bullet…

Answer by Old Man from Scene 24
My money is on a bird in the house.

Answer by world

Answer by scyther_maverick
15 year olds shouldn’t live together

Answer by sun will shine again
the noise from the music
made something fall
and it scared you
forget it


Answer by musicblue99
maybe it was the neighbors wife jumping back out the window. He just told you that.

Answer by hilary
Sounds…interesting i guess, but just pray that your house isnt haunted

Answer by kickindevilbutt
Well one needs to find the SOURCE.

These questions aren’t meant to condemn but to help you find the SOURCE.

1. Have you or your hubby played with the ouija board, tarot cards, palm reading, psychics, Harry Potter, magic, and other things of the occult?

2. Are you and your hubby part of Satanism or Wiccan or other forms of witchcraft? (Remember I am NOT saying you are or are not. These are NOT meant to condemn but to find the SOURCE.)

3. Has anyone who has been in your house or lived their previously done the above?

4. Is your house on top of an old graveyard like an indian burial ground?

5. Did it use to be a morgue or a funeral home?

6. Has anyone ever died in your house of suicide or some horrible tradegy?

7. Did you buy this house for a ridiculously too-good-to-be-true price?

8. Did the real estate agent enter the house with you or stay outside, refusing to go in, and making excuses?

9. Does the room change temperature? That is, is it freezing cold while the rest of the room is warm?

10. Do you or your hubby feel unsettled, frightened, worried, eerie, and other bad feelings and vibes in that room?

11. Do you or your hubby know of anyone that may have placed a curse over you or have you ever been threatened with one?

Now the response depends.

If you are a Christian or he is or both, you have authority over this evil spirit. As so long as you have no sin left unconfessed and have repented of sin.

Be warned it isn’t a task for those who doubt and for those who are afraid. You must have 100% faith that God CAN and WILL cast the evil spirit out.

Now, if you are not a Christian or he isn’t. Then you have no authority to get rid of the evil spirit yourselves. Sorry, but it is the truth. To tell you that you can would be to put you and him into danger. So if that describes you both, then my suggestion is to seek out a priest or minister who can cast the demonic spirit out.

For now, cry out to Jesus (yes, even IF you don’t believe just give it a shot.)

Remove all things occult (if any) in your house: ouija board, tarot cards, candles, incense, Harry Potter, etc.

Anoint your house with oil. Use olive oil or well regular vegetable oil is fine too. Anoint all your windows and doors and pray throughout the house.

If you are a Christian, pray about the idea of you, yes you, and your husband casting out the evil spirit.

If you are NOT a Christian, seek help from someone who can help you because nonChristians don’t have authority over evil spirits.

Pray for God to send His warrior angels to protect you and your hubby.

I hope this helps.

Answer by Schnurrbart
Chinese new year was last night. Could’ve been a stray bullet from some unethical celebrant. Or random gang or other criminal activity.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can i become a demon?

Can i become a demon like Dante or Vergil from devil may cry!?!?

Answer by Dargenae
ummm well i really have no answer but i guess you could be very mean and cold hearted i guess

Answer by G4m3r MaTT
*face palm* Well video games are rated Mature for a reason, just saying…

But the real answer is yes, it’s possible. If you believe in God, then you’ll know that the “bad people” go to Hell. The real nasty people I believe are demons, which are just fallen angels.

So if you wanted to be a demon, you’d have to be really bad and cold and just disgusting. But why would you want to do that? Demons and people are tormented in Hell forever. A neverending pain. It’s not all cool to be a demon like you may see in video games, it would be something you would never ever want to be.

If you wanted to be one I highly suggest you just keep it in a video game, and rather do good in the world and be a loving person in real life. But we are free to do whatever we want in life so it’s your choice.

But lastly, just because you’re a terrible person does not mean you’ll be a demon. I don’t even know if anyone living on earth can become a demon. Maybe demons are all from the old days and there can’t be new demons, but I have no idea. I’ll have to read the Bible more because I’m interested now… 🙂

Answer by Rosie
Yeah two REALISTIC ways
– someone makes you do bad things
– or your a really bad person
Or in the myth way too no one can prove theyre real or they aren’t you could pretend to be a demon! But otherwise movies aren’t real this is real life but anything is possible… What I’m tryna say is… no one thinks they’re real they could be I KINDA believe but no you can’t your a human your always a human, your a demon your always a demon

Answer by Ashley
Eat some mushrooms from the woods. o.o

Answer by Real Physic
No, but you can get pregnant by a demon and have his baby. That baby will be half demon.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Fun,useful story ideas?

Ok so I want to be an author when I’m older but I have a really hard time coming up with ideas! Any ideas you have I could use and change to make my own OR any tips on coming up with ideas would be appreciated too 🙂

Answer by ƪiɭyWɧiʈε ♥caught a mouse!♥
Writing another person’s story is never as fun as your own.

You have to understand the elements of a good plots–brushing up is never a bad idea. After that, find out what inspires you. Music, nature, silence, company, even video games can inspire an excellent story idea.

Answer by e.l
Ideas I will not give.

– Practice writing by doing fanfiction and rewriting old ideas until you get an idea
– Some people find listening to music or going on a walk helps

But honestly, sorry for being blunt but if you have a hard time coming up with ideas you should probably not aspire to be an author. Maybe look into ghostwriting?

Answer by *Rachel*
*face palm* if you want to be an author and can’t come up with an idea yourself, your going to have a REALLY hard time becoming an author. Making up the story plot is the easy part, if you can’t do that, look for another profession.

If your looking for inspiration, listen to songs, look at paintings, look around your actual life, heck, watch tv, play video games, read a book, something that could inspire you! Just don’t ask people for one.

Answer by LITTLEmissMONSTAcookie
To me, the most important thing is passion and interest. I would think deeply and build on any ideas you have. chances are, you’ll get into the idea and end up writing a novel! good luck! <3

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