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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : do cancers and scorpios have a chance at love?

Im a scorpio and i want to know if there is a chance

Answer by v
Yes they do!!! A really good chance!!!
I’m a scorpio female in love with a cancer male.

Both are emotional signs. It’s an amazing combination. Of course the rest of a person’s chart should be looked into for further readings.

I wish you complete happiness with your cancer friend!

Answer by Heidi T
Yes Cancer and Scorpio do have a chance to love because they are compatible for each other.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : I finished all of Wally Lambs books– suggestions for similar readings…?

I have only fell in love with one author; Wally Lamb. i read his books way too quickly and now i have no idea what to read next. If you have read Lamb, then you understand. Is there an author/book out there with a similar style that you think i might enjoy?? thank you

Answer by Christin K
Try John Crowley. He has similiar writing styles, and can get into that dense sort of characterization that Lamb does. But I found his books a lot more absorbing than Lamb’s (though I enjoy them both very much.)

He wrote several short books, early in his career: Engine Summer, The Deep, Beasts; but then he wrote what is considered his masterpiece: Little, Big. After that one he wrote a 4-book cycle called the Aegypt cycle: the books are (in order) Aegypt, Love and Sleep, Daemonomania and Endless Things. He also wrote The Translator, and Lord Byron’s Tale, as well as a collection of stories called “Otherwise”.

His prose is dense, but he has a fierce intelligence and a way of using description that just makes me cry with envy. You might want to start with Little,Big and go from there.

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