Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Do Catholic wedding ceremonies use the words “Love, Honor, and OBEY?”?

Some people say that the woman is supposed to say she will love, honor and OBEY her husband, while the husband does not make such a promise. Some people say this was done at one time, but no longer the case. Some people say its still done, or does it depend on the church? Can someone clear this up for me?

Answer by mysteryperson
For our Catholic wedding we both used “love, honor and cherish”. It might depend on the church but you always get to speak to priest weeks before your wedding. During this time you discuss what you would like or wouldn’t like. Hope that helps.

Answer by iloveweddings
Hi. No, this is not used. It has been replaced wtih “love, honor and CHERISH.” Speak with your priest, but I don’t remember hearing “obey.” I was married in the Catholic Church 30 years ago, and I KNOW that I did not say “obey!!”

Answer by JESSICA T
its love, honor and cherish i dont think any religion says obey on it after all ur spouce is not ur slave or ur property

Answer by shutters
in general it is not done due to it offends most women. It was done long ago when women couldn’t vote. If it is still being used in the catholic church your getting married in chances are they will offer to take it out. Or if you desire to have it taken out they will do it.

Answer by sparki777
I’ve been to a few Catholic weddings and have not ever heard the word “obey.” Personally, I think it must be protestant thing, because in a Catholic marriage, the couple are equals and equally responsible for helping each other become saints.

Answer by stinky4sam
I have not heard it in any of the Catholic weddings I’ve been too.

Answer by Rainia W
I think you are given a choice. I know I want to say Love, Honor, and Obey. I have been to Catholic weddings where they didn’t say that but something along those lines.

Obeying isn’t about being below your husband by the way, it has a much deeper meaning that that. Basically the idea comes from scripture, where women “obey” or are “submissive” to their husbands and their husbands treat them like Jesus treats the church…. so basically better than anything else possible. That isn’t to say your husband comes before God… the most important commandment is too love God with all of yourself. And if your husband treats you like Jesus treats the church, he isn’t going to ask sometime of you that you shouldn’t obey lol. I guess that is why i want to include obey in my vows, although I have heard it is more protestant than catholic to do so.

Answer by Reba
When getting married in a Catholic Church the parish should give you a booklet in which you pick the readings, prayer of the faithful, vows and exchange of rings.

So you can choose the vows you want and it does not need to include the word obey. Since brides and grooms choose their own vows we probably do not hear the word obey as much anymore. At one time the priest would choose teh vows and that is probably when it was used more often.

Answer by reginachick22
I asked about this and was told that my priest has cut out this whole line completely. It depends on the parish, but I assume this is hardly ever used anymore. Make sure to ask BEFORE the wedding.

Answer by CmBv
they give you a book called “together for life” and it lets you pick your own vows.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Help with tarot readings?

I just got a deck a week ago (basic rider waite deck) I love it…even though its basic I feel very connected to the deck all ready. before trying readings i read all the different cards meanings and studied the actual cards. I tried to do a reading for practice for husband and feelings and emotions of all cards matched perfectly with time periods of his life, but i’m having trouble actually doing a reading, ie. telling him events. all i could determine was for instance recent past he felt disconnected and unemotional and recently he had a surge of emotion

anyone have any good tips or ideas
please do not tell me about how bad they are, I appriciate any concern but its my own choice ( I say this because I know ill still get posts about their evils)

Answer by Riegan
it just takes lots of practice to be able to interpret the cards properly. good luck and keep reading!

Answer by Kallan
Sometimes it can be difficult to read for someone close to you.. especially if you overthink it.

Here’s a great site to help you with learning to read tarot:

and it’s free.

Answer by stiggo629
Well, the thing to remember about tarot cards is that they’re not bad, they’re just not real, either. You can study all you want, do as many readings as you want, and you’ll never be able to accurately predict a single thing, except where statistics say the odds are something you say will happen will eventually happen.

Answer by Innocence Lost
Well all i can tell you is what i have read. I understand that your feelings about the cards matched the cards themselves but sometimes the cards aren’t what the book says, you have to trust what you heart and soul is telling you about what each card means. But as for events, don’t sweat the small stuff, reading can take time to master, over time you may be able to predict future events without even looking at the cards. And just remember the cards are not what is set in stone, destiny changes every day.

Answer by Corona Babe
You may want to cast a circle first and meditate for a while with the cards in your lap after a reading.

You need a violet candle, some silver glitter and jasmine incense. Hold the candle in your hand and say:

” I set to fire the inner light so that I may see with second sight. So mote it be!”

Then light the candle and put it down. hold the glitter in your hand and say…:

“I empower you to shine the way, the future i will see today”

Then sprinkle some glitter around the base of your candle.

Put down the glitter and hold the incense in your hand and say:
“spirits of the air, come to me,
bring me psychic energy”

Light the incense. Sit quietly and gaze into the flame. After a while visions may come into your mind.

Write them down.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Any suggestions on readings?

I am getting married in June and will be having two readings. I got a book with all suggested stuff from the priest, but I was hoping for something slightly different. Though I love the “Love is…” it seems it is read at every wedding. I am leaning towards the “Water to wine” for my other reading because it suits my life (my parents own and live on a vineyard). But that is another standard reading.

Does anyone have any suggestions? It is a Catholic church/ceremony so it has to either be out of the bible (which they prefer) or approved by the church (which is not impossible, but would take time).


Answer by corina_clara
OK, your idea with wine it’s good …remember to the priest that at the wedding in Can Galileo even Jesus made wine from water…maybe he can will help you or if not you can find that in Bible …but why don’t you using poetry?about wine & love?

Answer by Adoptive Father
Are you having a Mass? If so, there will be one Old Testament reading, one New Testament reading and a Gospel reading. Sorry, not familiar with Catholic weddings without a Mass.

You say you have the suggested readings, the reason you hear the same ones over and over is because people like them. The most common OT reading is from Genesis when God creates man and woman (sorry I cannot cite chapter and verse). The most common NT reading is from Corinthians “Love is patient, love is kind.” When my wife and I got married, our Gospel reading was from John “Love one another as I love you”.

Look through the suggestions for something that appeals to both of you or else ask your priest this same question.

Hope this helps and congratulations.

Answer by nanny
Don’t have a Bible handy, but there are some really romantic (and lots that are racy) passages in the Song of Solomon. Don’t choose the ones about the beautiful breasts, though.
See whether they would allow passages from the writings of Kahlil Gibran – they are amazing, and so beautiful!

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