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RT @winsloweliot: RT @robertmaclean I’ve always regarded Europe as more or less of a restaurant …

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RT @ceebee308: RT @robertmaclean It was enough to reopen the debate on whether women have souls.

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The palm reader lady knew how i had pictures of my mom next to my bed and how she sits on the edge of mu crazy is that

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Do Palm Readers–Tarot card Readers etc belong to any one particular Religion?

Please do not take offense: This is ONLY a question.

For instance can you envision a Baptist Palm reader or Catholic Tarot card reader?

Answer by Splash Log
Sure. The religion/art of scamming suckers.

Answer by Desiree
Nah, they believe in “spirits” and other superstitious mumbo jumbo.

Answer by Skyhawk

The Church of Charlatanism.

Answer by kkerseyy777
The group would be called “spiritist”. They may use ‘God’ talk,but it is a lie. There isn’t any speaking to your dead relatives, Just a smoke screen, for demons to imitate their voices and deceive you further. Great question!

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