Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Do people still read books anymore?

No offense to anybody who does read books. I love to read. I read all the time. I read all the time as a child. I homeschool myself with literature I find at the library. But now, we’re going through the internet fad. If I want to study biology, psychology, or history, I could read all of it on the internet.

I could find books online..I just read The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe on the internet last night while it was raining..It may not be the same as reading a book, but it was beautiful.

And now we have Ebooks, or books you can download straight to your smartphone. I won’t lie to you people. I’m 18 years old, and I LOVE technology. I’m getting a degree in technology because that’s what I’m best at.

But then, I miss reading books. Just plain stories. But I am so used to being on the computer, I’ve never touched a book until this week, when I reread Hamlet.

What do you think? I love technology, but its sad to see this internet fad take over books, and reading. Not many people go to the library.

My mother is a librarian. Has been for years. But now she’s switching jobs to work on the website, a website that has Ebooks, or downloadable books.

It’s just weird to see things change. Five years ago, I had my head buried in books all the time. I loved to read. Always went to the library.

But now, I spend well more then 10 hours a day on the internet, reading.

I don’t like change…

What of your opinions?

Answer by ஐKatniss Autumn Skyஐ
eBook are still books. I couldn’t care less what I read on, so as long as I’m reading a great story.

Answer by Elaine M
The library is still full of people. So are the bookstores.

Answer by Tony
books and internet… both of the are just media

i also like reading, on both media.

the things is, if you like reading you should not concern with the media, because you are reading anyway. but if you want my opinion which media the best…

book is interesting to read (and actually faster than internet, almost zero loading time, try to load 300+ book with internet full color)
internet is convenience to read (free and we can ALMOST search any material)

your call…

me? i read both

Answer by liz365
I love reading books still! Maybe its just me but i find it so much harder to concentrate when I’m reading books off a screen; be it a phone, tablet or monitor. I also love buying books that i can scribble notes down the sides and also just the feel of a well read book is really good!

I hope they don’t start to completely phase out physical books…i am a complete and utter book fan 🙂

Answer by sheila v
it depends

i read books IF I HAD THE BOOK

if i don’t have (usually, if its unavailable in my area or language) then i just resort to the internet

i also feel your sadness as well that the books are just being dust collectors in the shelves but with the recession, sometimes, reading for FREE appeals more… or perhaps, reading at home is more convenient than going to a library

Answer by Nathan Grieve
i prefer an actual book

Answer by ichi biru
The feel and aroma of a new book as the binding creaks a little as you open it and the words, like a delightfully cascading waterfall pour out and splash into you eyes!

Yes, some of us read between one to three books each week and we do not seem well able to part with them once read.


Answer by Magic Cat Makes It Your Problem
Well not me, I always say to myself when I see a good book “I’m gonna read that book” but I never do. Ive only read the Harry Potter series and the Chronicles of Narnia.

Answer by Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore™
I myself love reading books, reading books of the computer just seems like an abberation. It’s just not the same somehow.

Answer by Timi
E-books are cool, nice and more convenient, yes, but, I prefer real books just because it’s more personal. I don’t know if it’s just me but there’s an unexplainable feeling when you open a new book and being able to snuggle with it and the like. And, usually, when I read books on the internet, I take more time reading it, which I don’t really like.

Answer by JF96
I don’t like it either; I still like physical books, and a lot of other people still do too. But I’m not really concerned about the conversion to eBooks, as long as people still read.

Answer by Rohit
I love using both mediums, ebooks and books. I read ebooks because of the convenience factor. Easier to take around on a kindle and such. But then there are times (lol, usually at the end of the day) when I just love to curl up with a good solid book in my hand. While tapping a screen is convenient, it still doesn’t quite feel as nice as turning a real page 🙂

Answer by Finn
Personally, I love my little library. I love reading and when I find a good book or series…I collect them to add to my collection of good books. I refuse to get any ebooks!!

Answer by Kelley
Technology is wonderful. However, technology has its drawbacks. If there is a power failure you’re lost. My community was without power for a little over a week this past spring due to tornadoes damaging the main power lines into my area. There was no way to power or charge what devices we had and the gas to run the generators sold out in a matter of hours. Had it not been for a stack of “old” board games and shelves full of books, my family would have killed each other for lack of anything to do.

Read One Second After by William Forstchen. It’s a very real threat. If something like that ever did happen, I’d still have all my paper books to read.

My local library has adapted quite well to our technology. They offer a wide selection of audio books and downloadable digital media. There are about 30 internet ready computers available for patrons. There are free courses offered on the new technologies. When the library opens in the morning, there are people waiting to be let in and people who have to be ushered out when the doors lock at night. It is _never_ empty.

I read on the internet. I read on my Ipad. I think being able to carry your entire library in the palm of your hand is incredible. However, I get crushing headaches if I read in that manner for more than about 20 minutes. I can sit and read a paper book for hours. Change isn’t fun, but I’m never going to have to deal with paper books being made obsolete in my lifetime.

Answer by Tony R
First off, the internet isn’t a fad, lol. You and I both know that it’s going to grow MUCH bigger until it’s our absolute primary information hub for everything. Ahh, I love technology.

But I also agree with you that normal books are nice too. There’s a certain something you can’t get from technology that’s in a book. You know, the smell of fresh or musty old pages, the feel of a heavy, thick, deep story in your hands or in your backpack, just waiting to be read. There’s something unique about it, just like there’s something unique about playing a guitar on an oldschool tube amplifier, or recording music tracks on tape rather than through computers. I don’t think things like that will ever die completely, because people understand the importance of that stuff when it comes to art.

But in the end, I’m okay with the way things are going, because computers give easier access to art from all over the world. Not to mention, I read manga (Japanese style comics) as well, which are growing exponentially in popularity around the world. They aren’t dying off soon, lol.

Answer by Laheira2
Well, ebooks are not a fad, they are here to stay. More tablet devices are coming out from different companies, as well as ebook reading devices. People do need to get used to them, because of the way technology is going. That being said, print books are not bound to disappear for a number of reasons. However, print books will likely be print on demand, or a smaller number of each will be printed out. Additionally, the trend seems to indicate that what is going to disapear are the mass market paperbacks, with the big publishers favoring hard cover and trade paperbacks. The sales of mass market paperbacks continue to decrease. Sadly, change is always necessary for growth, if there is no growth, things become stagnant and eventually die away. And think of it this way, if books are made more widely available electronically via library electronic collections, that means that those who don’t have the beneift of a library nearby, but do have access to a pc or tablet connected to the internet, will have access to more books to read. I do love print books and still buy them, but I have also been an early adopter of ebooks. I started reading books in electronic formats in February of 2003, and frankly, I do enjoy having both options available.

Answer by Narpas Sword
How many times has this question been asked?

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : how do i read this tab (provided) answer and get free cookies?

|———————————–| |———————-|
|———————————–| |———————-|
|———————————–| X6 |————————-|
|-0h2–0h2h3p2–0h2–2h3p2—–| |-5-5-0-0——————-|
|-0h2–0h2h3p2–0h2–2h3p2—–| |-5-5-0-0——————-|
|-0h2–0h2h3p2–0h2–2h3p2—–| |-5-5-0-0——————-|

please help me, i just started tabliture reading and i have no idea what those h’s and p’s mean. thank you for any help

Answer by Dawanna C.

Answer by ♥♥ Mizz Morgan™
uhmm,. do i get a cookie fer my effort on this?

Answer by brikush
The h’s are hammering.
The p’s are palm muted…i believe.

Strum open let ring, while ringing hammer onto 2.

Answer by Q Man
The “h” is a hammer-on, meaning you dont pick up your finger from the fret you slide it down. The “p” is a pull-off meaning you slide your finger up the frets instead of down as in a hammer-on.

Answer by Alex Harris
the lowest string is (E) is the bottom line and the the top string (e) is the highest line.each line represents a string, and it goes low to high, bottom to top (respectively. the 0 means strum your guitar open and the 2, 3, and 5 mean put your finger on the strings at that fret. the X6 means repeat the first part 6 times. the h means hammer on (place finger down without strumming again) and the p means pulloff (same thing as a hammer on, but in reverse). hope i could help 🙂

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How to hide your phone number with a Palm Centro?

I got my phone yesterday and read throught the manual but couldn’t find anything about hiding the phone number.

Answer by ostralek
Actually, for such a good phone like this, you can find the extra features in the Feature portion of the user manual, but I guess most people don’t make an effort to read the manual in depth, and hence lose out in terms of not knowing some of these features.

If you lost your manual, then go try and download the manual free from


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Psychic William….. Likes to keep it simple and jargon free! Rather than me say how good I am, why not ask those in my room who have had a reading… Anyone can talk a good story.. You decide if I am what you’re looking for :oD

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