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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Do some foods/packages actually have kcals?

I have this package of black sesame powder at home right now and the whole package has 627 kcals. 627 kcals is 627,000 calories. Six hundred twenty seven thousand calories! This package isn’t even that big; it weighs probably 1 pound. Is that even possible?! How can people buy this if it contains so many calories? How come I’ve never heard of food containing so many calories? Why are people worried about 600 calorie Big Macs when some food contain thousands and thousands of calories? I also have this really small swiss roll at home that has ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY FOUR KCALS per 100 grams. This cake can fit in the palm of your hand; that’s how small it is! so did the company make a mistake or something? I’ve never heard of kcals until recently and I’m freaked out to know that I’ve consumed thousands of calories without even eating that much!

Answer by Dune
How to Calculate Kcals

Look at the Nutrition Facts label on the food product. If this information is not listed, you can find the information online by following the link at the end of this article.

Write down the number of fat per serving. Take this number and multiply it by nine to get the total number of fat kcals. For example: 10g fat x 9 = 90 Kcals.

Write down the number of carbohydrates per serving. Multiply this number by four to get the kcals of carbohydrates.

Write down the amount of protein per serving. Multiply this number by four to get the kcals of protein.

Add the numbers up to get the total number of kcals.

Divide the number of a particular kcal substance from the total kcal number to find what percentage that substance makes up. Take this new number and multiply by 100 to get the final percentage. For example, if the total kcal count is 250 and the fat kcal is 150, you need to divide 150 from 250 which equals 0.60. Multiply 0.60 by 100 to get 60. This means fat makes up 60 percent of the kcals.

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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How long do pill withdraws last? PLEASE HELP and read my details.?

I have been taking opiates for roughly 5 years now. Anything from Vicodin, Percocet, Oxycotin ( OP’s as wel as regular OC’s 5’s, 10’s, 15’s 30’s & 80’s) etc..
Needless to say I have an addiction and have made several attempts in quitting. Honestly, the maximum days I have been clean has been 8 days total, but it seemed to never get any easier, even on the 8th day and I decided to say screw it, and get back to doing them. Obviously it was a terrible choice, but I just couldn’t deal with the symptoms. I have used Suboxone as well as Subutex when I have tied getting off of them, using 2 MG strips or equivalent in the pill form, which definitely helped the symptoms, but once I stopped taking them, the symptoms came right back. In a way, I feel that the Suboxone just delayed the symptoms, which sucks 🙁 I am honestly scared to death of having to go through the process of getting clean again, because I feel so dependent on them. I wake up, take the pills, and take them all day until the time I have to go to sleep. It seriously has consumed me. As lame as it sounds, I feel that I need the pills to be proactive in my day, and I need to take them to work as well, because of the massive lack of energy it leaves me with when I am without pills.

The withdraw symptoms have included: SEVERE lack in energy, no motivation what so ever, ANXIETY, cold sweats, irritability, SEVERE depression.. that terrible feeling where I could just break down and cry for absolutely no reason, clammy hands/palms/feet, insomnia ( I once went 2 full nights without sleep. The insomnia is often triggered by the anxiety ( I have tried using Xanax, which only made me groggy and all around just an uneasy, weird feeling). In a nutshell, it makes my body feel weighed fown by a ton of bricks, and a consistent feeling of having to stretch my body out, like my muscles are tight, and sore, but in all reality they are not, it’s just the withdraw symptoms.

AS you call tell, this is a major issue for me. I am 21 years old and have never ever have had such an intense addiction to a drug before in my entire life, up until 5 years ago. It really sucks because I want to be a normal fucking person. Wake up and go about my day without having to take something to motivate me. I would kill to just get rid of this issue, without having to go to a rehab facility. One, I do not have funds to go to rehab, nor can I afford to miss work for the amount of time that they require to “detox”. Pills honestly just started out as a recreational “fun” usage, but obviously have evolved into a deep addiction that I would kill to get rid of without feeling like I could die.

I have done my research online, have used “Kratom” – which is just a subsititue for getting high, I have used Suboxone-Subutex, Xanax, but nothing seems to ease the withdraws. I have also read forums where other addicts have only had symptoms for 4-5 days, but like I stated earlier, the longest time I have went was 8 days, and it DID NOT GET ANY EASIER OR BETTER.

I’m desperate for some advice or help, tips, insight, past experieces, Anything that will ease this fucking disaster of an addiction.

Thank you for reading this, and I am patiently waiting next to my laptop to hear your answers.
Oh, also, thank you for reading my book of issues, I do very much appreciate it.

Thank you.

Answer by MeAgain
You’re going to need to tamper off of the opiates slowly and it’s going to take about a year.

If I were you, I would still take something in the morning to get you going. I would then wait as long as possible during the day before taking another and then I would try taking a half a pill and wait at least an hour to see if you can function with that dose if not, take the other half. Continue this throughout the day. Do this everyday, you will find yourself taking less over time.

A lot of people with depression and anxiety feel happy and functional while taking opiates. It’s a form of self medicating.

There are free resources to help you.

Try calling 211 this is a national referral helpline. This is their website
There is someone there 24/7. Tell the operator what type of help you are looking for and that it needs to be free or low cost.

Food for thought, a lot of people with depression and or anxiety self medicate with opiates. You might want to keep an open mind about needing an antidepressant to stabilize the dopamine levels in your brain. This should help with the anxiety and depression you feel.

It took five years to get where you are now, it’s going to take a lot more than a few days or weeks to get this right in your life again.

You’re 21 and that’s not old in anyone’s book, your mind and body can recover from this. You can do this and you will succeed. It won’t be to long until all of this is in your past.

Answer by Susan Yarrawonga
Anxiety, depression, worry or stress can cause over 100 symptoms or health problems as as in;_ylt=A0oGkmYCx0ZQ5CUA.T4L5gt.?p=%22over+100+anxiety+symptoms%22&fr2=sb-top&fr=ush-ans&type_param=&rd=r1

Prescription medication for anxiety, stress, depression and worry can give you bad side effects so natural remedies are often much better.

Natural remedies for anxiety, stress, worry and depression include Yoga, Melatonin, St John’s Wort, 5-HTP, Valerian Root, other herbs, vitamin B complex and other remedies as in

Answer by Jim M
Everyone is different on this. The longer U have been on them the longer it will take to detox off them. Same thing 4 the dosage. 1st look up a taper schedule and use it. Ultram is a good replacement drug it stops a lot of the DTs. But it just prolongs the detox. However it could take U several months to get off opiates and it will never be completely painless. Dont think U can just make up your own taper schedule it will not work.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Does TRIA home laser hair removal work?

Ive asked this question but didnt et any good answers.. Im looking for people that have used this pleaee share your expriences and if you know anyone who has used it please share those experiences. Dont just say yes or no give me as much details as possible plz and thank you.

Answer by nomnom
I got treatments from a professional hair removal place way before they had the home units but my sister got the Tria about a year ago. The differences between or experiences come down to how long it takes and ease. She definitely had a bit of a hassle as the unit’s laser window is small and it takes her forever to get an area whereas I got both my lower legs and underarms in 30-45 mins per treatment. Don’t be discouraged, though, the Tria did work for her. But it takes longer treatment times and more sessions than I took. It does also depend on the person, but as we’re siblings and have similar hair and skin tone, I figured it was a pretty good comparison.

Make sure you do enough research on the Tria before you buy, though (or laser hair removal if you decide on that). The Tria is only good for a certain amount of zaps. I forget how much and it’s a lot, but just in case you were planning to do your entire body, it might not be enough.

The Tria does have a few advantages to getting it done w/a professional. I really didn’t want to pay to laser my fingers as I randomly get a few hair on my fingers between the knuckle and 1st joint of each digit. It’s ridiculous looking and annoys me but I didn’t want to get overcharged for such a small area. So I borrowed my sis’ Tria and used it a few times. Granted, it’s not all gone, but that’s because I’ve only used it 3 times and it’s damn hard to zap such a small area and there’s less hair than before.

Just make sure you read up on Tria’s faq, they should have one on their site if I remember correctly. Also, the Tria needs to be unlocked every time you use it but using a little skin tone tester. You have to put the tester up against your skin and it’ll give a green light if you’re w/in the laser’s skin tone range. If you’re skin tone is too dark, it will give you a red light and you will be unable to unlock the Tria. You can trick it by putting the tester on a really light area of your skin (palm, foot sole) or even someone else’s skin as once the Tria’s unlocked, it has no way to detect your skin tone. Doing this puts you at risk of messing w/your skin pigment. So if you’re darker skin and out of their laser’s range, just don’t buy it or risk it. It’s just not worth it. Just so you know, so you don’t buy a product you can’t use.

If you are darker skin, or your hair color’s too light (both of which make laser treatments difficult, maybe even ineligible for this option) there’s always electrolysis. Your skin and hair color make no difference to it and it’s the only actual permanent removal of hair. Even laser isn’t, you can get more info on the differences online or at a free consultation.

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Hand reading exercise

Written by LoveDrNikki

I was born with my innate gifts of clairvoyance (see things), clairaudient (hear things), clairsentient (know things). By the time I was 3 I knew there were things that I knew that I could not tell anyone about because they got really weird if I did. At 13 I got my first deck of tarot cards (Ryder – Waite) and started doing readings professionally.

At 16 I had my first near death experience when I was in a pick-up truck that hit a semi-tractor trailer truck. My dad had died several years earlier – and he had been a semi-truck driver. I was fortunate enough to receive my Father as a Spirit Guide that day, My second NDE was when I was 18 – I was in a Piper Cub 2 seater aircraft that did a hard landing into the side of a mountain. I have spent my entire life studying and working with the wyrd and wonderful in all its guises. While not required by any means I enjoy using the Tarot or any of the other divination tools I have at hand you may want to use for your reading.

I have Doctorate Degrees in Divinity (D.Div) and Theology (Th.D.) from Northern Lights Seminary and continue to study. Among some of my other titles are Psychic Minister, Esoteric Minister, High Priestess, Shaman, Spiritual Coach, Psychic Coach, Psychic Healer, Life Coach, Relationship Coach, Small Business Consultant, Paralegal, Executive Director and College student. I am honored to be a “reader’s reader,” meaning that many of the people do readings for are readers or spiritual workers themselves.