Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Do you feel a guy who STEALS COPYRIGHTED MOVIES and posts them online should get more jail time than a rapist?

Recently I read a report about a guy who was recently arrested for copyright violations and he apparently was receiving more jail time than some people get for committing violent crimes…

What do people think about this?>

I sort of feel he should have the money he made from copyright violations(if any) taken away and fined on top of that and then community service, however i do not see the reason for heavy jail time in a case like this when the system is already burdened with not enough jail space for violent offenders(who they release prematurely in many cases)…

Answer by ornery and mean
No, even if that’s all the “work” he does to support himself … the rape should result in a much longer sentence.

The sentence for rape might be 5 years … appropriate for a movie pirate, too low for a rapist. The sentencing guideline for rape should be no less than 10 years with no maximum sentence. Aggravating factors (severe injury to victim, used a gun to intimidate victim, etc) should add significantly to the sentence.

So the movie pirate’s sentence is about right in length, but he should NOT serve more time than a rapist. The typical sentence for rape is too low!

Answer by Prussian BlueΔ™
It’s bυllshit; w\ all the crap that hollywood cranks out, it’s no wonder people don’t want to pay for it.

While there is no violence nor threat to society w\ this type of activity, there is the MPAA which has billions of $ ‘s to grease political palms that back outlandish sentences for these practices.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Convince parents to go to Dubai alone?

I’m 16 and want to go to Dubai for 2 weeks. My friend is going to go with me but I need to convince my parent’s we’re safe there. It really is a safe town. I’d be staying with a young local family on the Palm Jumeirah (a very safe and affluent part of Dubai, then again, which part isn’t?) But I’m afraid my parent’s will think that the unrest in the Middle East will spread to Dubai (no chance at all of this happening) and make me feel scared or homesick.

I have a feeling my father will approve of the trip but my mother may not. How can I convince them i’ll be entirely safe while traveling there?

Answer by fari447
There is no unrest in this part of the middle east and you can let your parents search it by them selves there is no safety and security problem in Dubai or any other part of the UAE.
Let your parents read gulfnews online and they will realize there is no problem.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : I met up with a guy from online in real life and he was weird and gay. What do I do?

I met up with one of my best friends for 3 years who I talk to almost everyday on this one website and he was weird and gay. He was my best friend and the only one who seemed to understand me and we would talk for hours every day about weird stuff and conspiracy theories and such. I live in Pennsylvania and he lives in Michigan and I recently went over his house for the first time. We are both 19.

When I met him he was fat and he had long straight really frizzy blonde hair, like it was damaged. He had a blonde mustache and also wore tight tan spandex pants and had a big butt. He smelled like sausages and his back stunk. His house was really dirty and there was trash everywhere and there was brown stuff on the walls in the bathroom.

He kept saying, “I believe that we are one” and he kept rubbing on my hand. He kept trying to read my palm or something and asked me about my astrology sign and stuff. He was really weird and didn’t respond well to conversations and when I’d say something, he’d just nod. He seemed disconnected from the conversation. Like he had some sort of mental condition. He was nothing like he is online. He was quiet the whole time and just sat there rubbing on my hand and he tried to kiss me once when we were sitting on the couch. I think he had a social skill problem.

He told me that he believed that we were soul mates and that he wanted to do some weird ritual wedding ceremony with me. I’m not even gay. Now he keeps emailing me talking about how we are going to get married and he keeps asking me when I’m coming over so we can do the ceremony. He won’t even talk about what we used to talk about and he’s only interested in the wedding. He keeps bothering me and sends about 20 emails an hour.

I don’t want to marry him. I don’t even want to associate with him anymore. And I’m not gay. What do I do? How do I tell him I don’t want to marry him and get him to leave me alone!? Should I just stop talking to him completely?

Answer by MIzzSweety
wow if this isnt a joke im sorry but thats really funny…anyway i would just stop talking to him if you tried telling him you arent into him like that and just want to be his friend like before….but yeah he sounds a little crazy so watch out.

Answer by FJacobs
meet people in real life people behind computers are creeps
stop talking to this creep

Answer by puppysyndrome
What you should do is stop thinking you can build a relationship online with someone you’ve never met! You were captivated with a fantasy, an illusion. There’s no way you can truly get to know someone online. They are only how they present themself to you and you’ve learned first hand now that it’s not how it really is.

Answer by Flouride
dude what made you stay there so long? why didn’t you walk out of there the minute you saw how messed up he was? why didn’t you pull your hand away when he tried rubbing it? why didn’t you punch his lights out when he tried kissing you? why didn’t you get out of there fast when it was clear he was coming on to you? and why are you telling us all this instead of him?

Answer by Mia
The trouble with internet chatting is that you can build a person up in your mind, and then its a HUGE shock when you actually meet.

Chatting for 3 years is alot of build up. Its always better to meet in a public place.

If he is weirding you out, you should end it the way you started it ………delete delete delete…….you owe him nothing.

PS ……..what did you expect the house to look like if he spends all day on the interent……??

Answer by MomentarySparkles
Tell him: I am not gay. I do not want to marry you.

I think you definitely need to cut off this friendship, it will not end well.

Unfortunately, your luck was bad and someone you met online turned out to be a weirdo. Not everyone online is a weirdo – but this guy sure sounds like one. You need to distance yourself from this unstable person for your own safety.

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