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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : do you think its actually possible to predict the future?

like palm reading and astrology, superstitions, etc, do you think its possible or just a big hoax?

Answer by Conceited Bastard..misunderstood
tomorrow will be another day, if it ever comes

in that sense yes 😛

Answer by George Washington let it snow
Only God knows the future!

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : what do u think purity of spirit means?

Me and my family once were prophesied over it’s not anything like palm reading just to let you know. The man said I would have purity of spirit. What DO YOU THINK that means? I’m not asking u what you know. I’m asking you what you THINK it means.

Answer by HereticZero
I think it means Christians are using pagan religion and giving the activities cute little Christian names in place of the pagan ones.

Answer by Rev 21:3,4 ♥Šĭšŧěř♥
If you’re into spirit’s then you’re messing with Satan.

Answer by Dave
alcohol without impurities.

Answer by Joshua C
It means not pointing your crotch at random people and saying “Do you want a piece?”

Answer by Benjiman
He’s hoping that you would no longer be double-minded.

Answer by SPL Texas
The Holy Spirit in you is who makes you pure.

Read John 14:17

Love- your bro who met Jesus!

Answer by Jon M dn ǝpıs sıɥʇ
I think it means an extraordinary drive to love God and other people, and to keep your motives free from selfishness.

I hope the man’s prophesy is true for you.

Answer by Hobo
Twice distilled.

Answer by Tina
To be prayed over and to hear that in prayer, is one thing. To have that told to you, would appear to me, that is a desire for you to have a pure spirit of faith in Jesus and to live your life so that you can remain pure for HIS sake. That takes faith to do that as in living through life, one has many tests in their life of faith. So walk as to be an example to men, and women that they may give God the praise. That will help you to be pure in your walk of faith. That is how I would interpret /think it means.

Answer by miri
purity of spirit= pure spirit lol
probably no nasty evil thoughts, goodness of heart

Answer by MeSs17
Purity of the Spirit,

You know this is a rare thing nowadays I think, to be “pure in/of spirit” I think is without and/or resistance of corruption. Alot of peple around me, and in the world are very corrupted and fail to see or fail to WISH to see the truth, and this number is increasing very drastically. The reason may be because, being pure is to hard or being nasty and evil is more satisfying and easier. Its like they have all given up and let go of their bearings on a cliff (life) and let themsleves drown in the dark, while others (the almost-pure) are still hanging on,

To be Pure in the Spirit would mean an individual has not “let go” and not just that, but is helping the others keep holding on

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : how can i learn palm reading fast, and easy?

i went to my grandma’s house and found out that my great great grandma was psychic, read palms and tarot cards, and used a ouija board (SCARY!!!) and i got curious and read a book on palm reading and found it really interesting and would like to go further with my studies, but I’m having problems memorizing the stars, exes, and plus sines and stuff on certain places. Help?

Answer by Cultural Theorist
Because you described it as “SCARY” and are having trouble memorizing the necessary information to perform the duties, it seems that you do not have the gift, only the curiosity.

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on palm reading

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