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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Does anyone here place any stock in the accuracy of tarot readings?

I’m an atheist, first off, but am fascinated about religion and spirituality in all forms and love to learn about it. I recently began to think of tarot cards and their purpose. Do any of you have any experience with tarot cards? Do you actually believe in them or are they just a novelty? Can having your tarot read be a serious, meaningful event or is it always performed with some sense of brevity, some silent acknowledgment of the falseness of the game?
Keep in mind, this is for “educational” purposes. I like to experience new things, sample religions, learn how other people live and believe. This is, more or less, a bullet point on a quest for never ending experience.

Answer by Ed
Only little girls place stock in Tarot card readings. They also like telling their futures with those little paper things they fold up with numbers in them and they love Ouija boards, too.

Answer by Second Coming of BrokenEye
They’re no less accurate than the cards I normally play poker with, plus some tarot decks have naked superstitious chicks on them.

Answer by Autumn
Yes. and I’ve had some ‘decent’ readings (from friends) over the years, but one from 12 years ago sticks out because it came true 100%. If you’d like details, you can message me.

edit: I love how I get thumbs down for a personal experience.

Answer by Brother Trucker
No, card readers are dead serious about their belief. I have had my cards read a few times. To date not one prediction has come true. Those are pretty poor odds.

Answer by cricketlady
Not me. I can think of better places to put my trust.

Answer by Uncle Joe
You’re sure God doesn’t exist, but Tarot cards seem sort of likely?
Tarot cards are taken very seriously by some people – like the charlatans who make money telling fortunes, and the victims – mostly fools, who pay such charlatans.

Answer by pygonza
The belief is that nothing is random. There are no coincidences, so a randomly shuffled deck laid out in front of a person can reveal much about them. I used to be interested in Tarot. The cards are so ambiguous that they can mean a multitude of things, and it supposedly takes years of practice to accurately interpret their meaning. I don’t put any stock in them at all.

Answer by Jamie D
I see them, not as fortune telling devices, but a device to help you work out things for yourself, see patterns that you didn’t think of before, and thus have new viewpoints on your situation. You make the connections, I just hand the symbolism that gives you a framework. And y’know what? 8 years of reading, 2, count that, 2 dissatisfied people.

Answer by Teawitch
They are a tool and guide. Nothing more nothing less. Now, If you get a reading, it can change by you changing your decisions. You are better off using them for self discovery rather than for the future.

Answer by optionnumber8
I believe in the spirits. I am not religous and not into the bs of god or dog. I have had my cards read after I walkin into a room of phyic’s and walk past them all to the last one. I used my powers to feel the room to whom I needed to go see. Guess wut I was right and on the day he told me I did find money not much but he knew that too and said so. other things were true too. I don’t believe he had control over what he felt or saw but it was true what he told me. go in with an open mind and feel the room if it is not right leave. If you go in with the attitude that whatever happens happens then you will enjoy the moment and leave you with the wonder if it will come true. then time will tell. I have seen strange things happen and you know what it is fun and good at times. enjoy it while you can. Just remeber you are in charge of where you go in life they just sometimes help you along

Answer by Travis
Nope. Tarot cards are complete BS. They were originally used as playing cards for games like French Tarot and Italian Tarrochini. The answers you get are the most ambiguous things ever, so there is a really good chance that events that match the cards will happen. For one, traditional fortune telling would actually tell you what would happen if you followed a particular path, and even that was likely to change. Fortune telling used basic probability. It’s also very useful in picking up girls.

Answer by Helen
I am a student of Tarot, the scientist in me became fascinated by it after a few readings by some really good Tarot readers (there are all sorts!). Predicting the future is not the best way of using Tarot and there are MANY other uses for it. It is therapeutic and helps you to understand the bigger picture of life, empowers you to make better decisions and understand what kind of future you are creating by your present attitude (if you want to change the future, you have to change the present as they are related).

Personally, I believe that many uneducated people use it in inappropriate ways and give it a bad name which is very sad as it is a wonderful spiritual tool.

Most of the “Christian” people that love to get on their soapbox in these questions haven’t the foggiest notion what it is and have a very narrow outlook on life.

Answer by Matt
As a reader, I use the Tarot as a personal introspection tool and as a way to express and flesh out my intuition. The images on the cards mean different things to each reader and although there are general ideas related to each cards each reader will use different parts of that card to tell you what they see. Tarot, as I see it, is not so much fortune telling as it is guidance and insight. Some readers can predict things with alarming accuracy. This is mainly due to the reader’s intuitive insight on the cards. Psychic intuition is very real and the cards help provide a vehicle for what they see and sense. Your reading is what you make of it. If you see it as a farce, it will be. If you see it as a possible pathway and it gets you thinking more about your situation, then it has done it’s job.

Answer by vid
Tarot is very accurate, and I say this because I’ve been a reader for over 15 years. If you go to a reader the accuracy depends on the reader as there are some frauds out there or some novices that charge and they shouldn’t if they don’t have much experience.

That Tarot will tell you what you need to know–not what you want to know. However, as with all forms of divination the future is not set in stone. The Tarot shows you how your life is going and how it will be if you continue with the road that you are currently on. You can always change your future, and that is one of the most beautiful things about Tarot–it gives you choices.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can the Stars be Wrong about Love?

I did a compatibility matchup thing online and according to it my boyfriend (who I love to death and things seem to be working out great) are destined for failure.

Are there some planets that weigh more highly than others when it comes to a relationship?

I’m a Pisces, he’s a Cancer. Here’s what I got…

Sun – Positive
Venus – Negative
Mars – Negative
Pluto – Positive
Mercury – Positive
Jupiter – Negative
And how can some of the readings be so contradictory? IE/ Sun reading says we get along amazingly and there is much love and we truly enjoy each other’s company, but Neptune says we should be manipulative and frustrating and at each other’s throats all the time?

Answer by Indie Cyndie
YEs the stars can be wrong. Astrology isnt everything. If you 2 are happy together, then GREAT

Dont worry please =D

Answer by Michelle
Let Life Give You What Its Got Not Even The Stars Can Tell You That For Sure! Don’t Worry!! Life Is A Roller Coaster Things Can Change In The Future So There For You Can’t Predict Well 🙂

Please Its Ok Dont Worry

Answer by MR nobody
If you and your BF are doing great then don’t pay any attention to what the stars say. Remember that Charmed episode where Piper was into astrology and all sorts of divination to find love and the guy she was interested in was very interested in her but when he found out she was basing her decisions on the stars and such he dumped her.?

Answer by Beginner
its not that the stars are wrong, its that the interpretation of them could be

but yes there are different weights to the planets and certain things are said to have more weight than others under specific conditions

but also: astrology is not meant to be read literally or as a black-and-white fortune cookie. just because one aspect says stuff is all bad does not mean it can all be bad – astrology describes energy and potential and urges and inclinations, and as such everything bad can be turned around into something good.

as for the readings being complimentary.. the thing is when you are reading any computerized interpretation you are reading the interpretation for THAT ASPECT ONLY or that thing only.. like when it interprets the neptune stuff it is not meaning “YOUR RELATIONSHIP !WILL! BE THIS WAY” but rather “the aspect of [neptune stuff] produces [this or that] in a relationship”, etc. get it? so what youre doing when you read computerized reports is reading many different interpretations for a singular aspect, not an interpretation of your actual relationship

sorry for how horrible this sounds i havent slept tonight my brain shut off hours ago

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Does anyone have any good horoscope or readings?Tired of the sites Ive been on.?

Answer by Mafia Agent 4207
Googling “nonsense” will give you same results as what the best horoscope site you find can offer.

Answer by ekduin
why look to the stars for answers yet you can look to God who made the stars?

Answer by D S
The reports at are really good and accurate.

Answer by milly_1963
Cartomancy Readings

Love & Blessings

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