Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Does palm reading predict the future?

I know the lines of the palm keep changing as you grow older so can this predict the future or not? What does palm reading really predict or say then?

Answer by musicfan2009
No, not usually. But occasionally there are rarities of someone reading someone’s palm just for fun or fortune tellers being right but that is an abnormality statistically.

Answer by Quietmike89
Im not really sure but once a psychic read my palm and everything that she said was so far off and basically wrong except for stuff about my personality but then months later those things she mentioned started to happen and i realized that when she was telling me those things they were already unfolding without me even knowing it…

Answer by aspicco
You, and only you, create your own future.

All a psychic or palm reader does is tell you what you have planned for yourself.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : I’m wondering if someone could tell me what my Palm reading dream means?

Two nights ago I dreamt that I was in my favorite class (art) and that I was troubled.. So I went to my teacher for help. He drew four zeros on my palm and told me to hold it behind the door so I couldn’t see my hand. I carried on with my day and when I finally remembered to check my palm.. I saw there was some information on there and the zeros were gone. Each finger told me for example
“The important friends you have…” Followed by a list And “the not so important people..” Followed by a list of people I didn’t recognize. There was also places I had been. Lastly there was a code of numbers on it.. I used that code to open something later in my dream. But, the info was fading.. And I didn’t want it to.

Last night, I dreamt that I went to my palm reader.. And she was surprised and taken back by what she read. She didn’t/couldn’t tell me what she saw.. But she told me to hold a piece of paper on my head and just start drawing and that my picture will show me what I need to know. Then I woke up!
Found it pretty strange so I thought I’d ask for any interpretations.

Answer by YiKyo
Palm reading and dream interpretations are quite different. The one thing they have in common; both are said to tell us the things we do not know – be it the future or something else. Sometimes our conscience tries to tell us things we don’t even realize we know. I mean you could try actually holding paper to your head and drawing. No harm in it right. Just totally let go, and free hand draw. There really isn’t anything to lose. I should study more on palm reading though. I’ve always been for dream interpreting but palm reading in a dream? This indeed is a bit of a new one. Sorry I can’t provide much help ~

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Skeptic explanation of palm reading.. if any.. more details inside…?

Okay now I’m a bit freaked out. I’ve never truely believed in the supernatureal and today was a weird experience… My friend went to a local palm reader today, and I went along… I thought these things were vague, but hers wasn’t!

Somehow the psychic was able to tell my friend the initials of her ex b/f, the exact date they broke up.. The girl whom he left her for’s first name and last initial, and this was a shocker, that the girl he left her for was a witch (which I thought was BS anyway)… Very very confusing to someone like me, and also slightly offensive.. I hate predeterminism.. it implies a lack of free will….

Don’t tell me this was cold reading… it was to specific… But I owe my sincerist most heartfelt thanks to anyone who can give me a rational explanation…
Okay, I forgot to mention that the visit was completely random, we stopped by the psychic’s place of work with no prior appointment..

Answer by victim_of_fun00
I know you don’t want to hear cold reading but, please go to this link and read.

Answer by tydietyler
did she schedule it ahead of time because if so the palm reader could have looked for information to tell your friend ¿Google?

Answer by Mac Momma
Two ways to do it: cold reading (with leading questions: I bet the initials were NOT the first letters the reader mentioned and I’ll bet ya the reader did NOT say that they were the “initial of the last name” more like, “I’m seeing the letter T, is there a person in your life with the first or last name beginning with T?”

The second way was when yer friend made the appointment, the reader got on google and found their blog or facebook page. The internet has done wonders for the charlatans…..

Answer by antiquator
One thing that should settle you is this was not predetermination… the palm reader was talking about events in the past. All “readers” have tricks to pick up on certain “tells” from the subject , holding someones hand can give them strong hints when they are on the right track. A twitch, a little sweating, a hand tensing up. I’m not saying I believe or don’t…. it’s up to you to decide… but even a psychic will tell you Nothing is predetermined… Free will is our Blessing… and sometimes our curse. You can’t blame “fate” for your actions.

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