Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : does working out and jumping higher help you make more lay ups (read more questions)?

-does bench press help u cross over better and does jumping higher help you make more layups and how do u get better in basketball ball handlng wise and making more lay ups and tricks for how to dunk cause i can jump but cant dunk cause i cant palm the ball how do i learn how to palm the ball

Answer by Kemba
dun kwith two hands if you cant palm. you can palm by exerciseing your finertip muscles. Bench press somewhat helps you improve your crossover but very little. if you weant to have a good crossover, just practise it everyday 1 hr and make your ball handling drills hard so when it comes to game time your corssover can be easy. No doubt that working out and jumping higher help you make layups but agian thats only a little aspect of it. you have to go out and make layups and pratice on it everyday.

Answer by Ben
Making lay-ups is less about jumping hight, and more about protecting the ball. You use your body and they rim to create a protected path for the lay-up. Jumping high is important, but if you don’t protect the ball the D will alter your lay-up before you even jump.

I don’t know about bench press and cross over. I think clapping push-ups might help more with the cross over. Those are fast bursts, and bench press is more like a slow controlled lift.

ball handling, lay-ups and tricks come from practicing. And maybe you can find a good defender to practice against. Also from observation, if you watch more guys doing it, and and1 videos and stuff you will absorb something.

To dunk, you just jump high enough to get your wrists to the rim and then flick the ball down. If your hand is too small to palm the ball you have to 2hand dunk. To 1 hand dunk you got to figure out how to keep your hand on the ball, probably by taking the ball to your right shoulder with both hands and then finishing with the right hand. Just get your wrist to the rim and flick the ball down.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Should I buy a 3DS or Wii U?

I’ve decided I want to purchase a new gaming system, I really enjoy nintendo’s great franchises like the mario games ie: Mario kart, smash bros, super mario bros and many others like animal crossing. I’m thinking of getting either the 3ds or a Wii U, but i’m not sure which one to buy. The Wii U and 3ds both have similair games like mario kart and they both have smash bros games releasing soon, but the 3ds’s price is alot less and the games are cheaper. I think the selling factor would be which one would have better online multiplayer for these games. If you guys have a reccomendation for either system that’d be great.

Answer by Mya
3ds cuz the upcoming zelda game wont be wii u, and nintendo 3ds much better deals now

Answer by Chanett
wii u

Answer by Nandinmaster
I’d let you decide. Read these brothers!

Why do you want a Nintendo 3DS?
Because it currently has a great catalog of titles. Also, you can add a little depth to the virtual world, improving you’re platforming, aiming, etc. Also, it is full of out of the box features, including StreetPass, 3D Photos and Videos, backwards compatibility, don’t forget a little media. This device, easy to take out of the pockets, but hard to put it back in!

Why do you want a Wii U?
Because, it currently has good games, a simple and fresh OS, great for your Cable/Satellite Box, and the best spot to interact with family! Backwards compatibility featured in that box, home media inside, and even the ability to play Mario in the palm of your hands…literally! Note: Mario Kart on this system may look so beautiful, that it might burn those eyes!!!

Now, I would recommend you to get the 3DS, but if you have ALOT OF patience, I highly recommend you to get the Wii U!!! Heck, maybe even a price drop could be waiting.

Answer by Barack Obama
They both have their pros and cons.

For 3DS, it is cheaper and has many great titles. Huge list of really good games (mario, mario kart, SSB, KH, Zelda, and more), and there will be good games coming for it soon. Also the 3D effect works great. And if you are a fan of pokemon get this for sure, everyone is hyped for pokemon X & Y. But it’s graphics aren’t as good as the Wii U and it has a pretty short battery life.
The Wii U currently has nothing, only good game on it currently is Monster Hunter, the rest are just okay. But in the future it will be getting some very good games, the mario kart on it looks great, so does the new 3D mario, and SSB will probably be better on it. If you want to wait for good games then get a Wii U, Mario Kart and SSB probably won’t be for at least another year, and they won’t release a new zelda game till possibly 2015. And the gamepad has terrible battery life.

If you are patient, get a Wii U, it will probably be a better choice by next year. But if you want something to play in the meantime, get 3DS, also it has pokemon.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is the Nintendo DS browser worth buying?

I was thinking of getting it, but I would like some opinions before I do so.

Answer by an_gel_on
I just bought it this week and I am impressed with it. Now the DS is no laptop, mind you, and it does run a lot slower so don’t expect lightning speed…it’s just a DS trying to do computer stuff. But I was impressed that I was able to sit in a MacDonald’s hot spot and check my bank account online with nothing more than an itsy bitsy DS! That’s pretty cool in my book. And while I sat there with it I was able to e-mail my wife and ask if she wanted me to bring her home a cheeseburger, fries, and a milkshake. The e-mails were quickly sent and recieved…NICE!

The DS is a very cool hi-tech gadget and to be able to add internet capability for $ 30 is just another thing that makes it an even cooler gadget. My wife rolled her eyes when I bought the browser for it, but I think she secretly thinks it’s kinda cool. I mean, what’s cooler than to be able to sit in a MacDonalds and communicate via e-mail with anyone in the whole world right in the palm of your hand for free???!!!!

There are a few limitations to be aware of before you buy it though: You cannot view videos or listen to music on the internet and it does not support flash memory which means some web pages cannot be viewed. This they don’t tell you about until you get it home and read the manual which I think is a bit sneaky of them. But I still didn’t find these limitations to be a problem with the web sites I visited.

Good luck with your decision.

Answer by Miss Lovely
I have one it’s the pink one and my little bro has the blue 1.It is worth buying it keeps you kinda busy and it’s fun especially those little puppie i think you should buy it.

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