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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Free Palm Reading Please?

*No rude comments PLEASE I would like to know about career, future,money,fame?, familyandanything else. I am 22 single no career and lost.

Also I have a lot of X’s on the upper area of my palm and in between my heart and life line. And I don’t have faith line 🙁 Born February 17, 1989

Thank you for your help means a lot!






More Pictures on Flickr! *I have tried reading it myself, but it just confuses me @.@

Answer by Cletus
You’re lost? Obviously. If you think this nonsense is going to help you out you really are lost indeed. And you’re almost 23…. don’t you think it’s time to put Santa and the Easter Bunny out to pasture?

Answer by Kermit
Wow I didn’t know they did this on here. (non-sarcastically)

Answer by Srimathi
If you want free palm reading I can help you by giving the site,you can visit and check.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Where can I find free palm reading lessons on the internet?

Answer by Jules
google search it.

Answer by ccandg3
Don’t know on the internet, but was at Borders Book Store last night and saw a beginners handbook for palm reading. Flipped thru it and was very interested.Not to expesive either, good luck.

Answer by just plain logic
try this:

Answer by india.magica
Free Palmistry Class online?

You may want to try these web sites:

1) Analysis/Palmistry Newsletter Index, free Palmistry …Free palmistry newsletters, free spirit contact predictions newsletters and information about palmistry lessons written by Angela M. Mattey.

2) Lessons and tutorials Free lessons and tutorials on a variety of subjects- learn about spiritual symbols, … Palmistry tutorial A complete tutorial in the art of palmistry. …

3) Palmistry Courses A Free Introductory Course in Palmistry Hand Analysis Techniques. Click here to begin your Free Palmistry Lessons, Professional Palmistry Courses …

4) Learn Palmistry – Analysis Techniques Learn how to read hands with Palmistry International with this free, short course in hand … Free Palmistry Lessons – Introduction to Palmistry – A Free, …

Keep in mind that there are differences in meaning of certain characteristics of the palm. These could be dissolved, when palmistry is placed on a solid scientific basis, for I found that there is much truth to it! Doing readings for others it would not be good to insist on a meaning or scare the other. Palmistry is there to avoid pitfalls and to help heal!

Happy palm reading!
Cordially, India.Magica

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Anyone know of a free palm reading that I can do myself?? What the site name??

Thanks in advance.

Answer by sethantez
Try this:

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on free palm reading

Palm Reading Booth free app review

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