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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Has anybody ever went online for psyhic readings?

I want to talk to a psyhic online not over the phone

Answer by MADMIKE
Well why dont you just open your window and throw money down on the street. Damn, at least your nieghbors will think you re cool.

( a fool and his money will soon be parted )

Answer by Michelle
well i went on a site and got a free palm reading, if that helps.

Answer by KennyB
Even free readings are not worth the money. Online psychics have no more ability than the phone psychics. Remember that the Psychic Friends Network went bankrupt and not one of their “professionals” saw it coming.

Answer by Zaden W
I’ve always been wary of online readings. It’s been my experience that having the person there for the reading helps a lot. From the reader’s side you get a much better feel for their energy when they are in person. and it’s much easier to establish that necessary connection. From the receiver’s side you get a better feel for the reader and it’s much easier to tell if they know what they are doing ^_^. There are a lot of whack jobs out there. All in all be careful of who you get to do your reading (weather in person or online, there are fakes out there who just want your money. Hope that helps!!!

Blessed Be
Kayla )o(

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What does it mean when a Gemini man wants you to join him on a journey?

I just met this guy and already he’s making me aware that he’s looking for “the one” to marry and asking me to take this step (or journey) with him if I’m willing. He’s been staring at my photo online for weeks (online dating) before he got enough courage to contact me. We’ve been emailing everyday for 10 days and he seems really sweet. He’s even sending me love songs to listen to. But this is all too fast. Havent met in person yet. I’m a Cancer. I’ve done a partner chart and we seem really compatible.
Of course I don’t think he’s asking me to marry him but he seems to be asking me to date him exclusively. What do you guys think? Are Geminis always so intense?
Well he’s not that young, he’s 37.

Answer by young_pain19
Yes, Geminis are that intense when they want someone/something. What he probably means, is that since Geminis are always on the go, and love adventure and fun, that he’s looking for the right woman that can keep up with him and travel with him.

Answer by lsmccray
I’m a Gemini. LOL!!! This is so funny. Ok we fall in love fast….but beware we fall out just as quick as we fall in. So yes we are that intense at first. A Gemini will also tell you what he’s telling you just to get in your pants. We will screw you to death in the beginning…..until we get bored with you then it’s on to the next one. Especially Gemini men. Gemini men are also VERY UNFAITHFUL. Not as much as Libra’s but they are until they get about 40 and wore out. Be strong.

Answer by bahjij6
Sounds exactly like this gemini male I met. Almost the same age and everything, except I met him in person. Moving too quickly was always a red flag for me, so I immediately kept my distance as a result. I still don’t trust him and I’ve known him on and off for a year. Be wary, they’re charmers. Discerning what they really want can be the challenge. I don’t believe they even know. I wonder what state this man lives in. Tread very slowly… Here’s some good advice before going anywhere with any man from the internet. Get their full name and where they reside–the county. Ck the County Clerk’s Office, to put your mind at ease. Get their full name–first middle and last. Hope it’s helpful and be safe.

Answer by nomo
Gemini’s LOVE the chase, use the “catch” and then get bored and move onto the next conquest, sorry its in our stars to be this way, Gemini woman are just like the male Gemini’s we fall fast and leave just as fast ­čÖü

Answer by wtf
Gemini men are always intense in the beginning, they’re Casanovas, you can’t tie them down. I don’t mean to be rude or startle you in any way, but my hunch (and yes I’ve dated some Gemini men) is that he he hasn’t really been ‘staring at your online photo for weeks before he got enough courage to contact you’. That’s just a line he used to real you in, every gemini man I have been with so far has used a similar line…’I’ve watched you from afar’ etc. It’s just a line that ‘players’ like to use.
The reason they are so intense in the beginning is because they are trying to move quickly to trap you in to their game. Then they will have you in the palm of their hand and BOOM everything will change! Trust me on this, I wouldn’t deal with this man at all if I was you, BUT of course the descion is all yours. Just be cautious when dealing with the Gemini man, they aren’t known as the “cheaters of the zodiac” for nothing. Good Luck if you need anymore advice or would like a reading or anything feel free to contact me.

*BTW- I’m a gemini…lol

Answer by jillian m
Geminis are good at talking people into things. They are great communicators. My guess is that he is skilled at telling women what they like to hear…

It doesn’t mean he isn’t a good time! He probably is. But I wouldn’t take him very seriously, especially not at this early stage.

Answer by snack_daddy10
Gemini’s have two faces for a reason. Becareful

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Question regarding about Palm Beach State College?

I have a math class that has online in class hybrid. Does that mean I have to take it online? Or can I be in class? Also, how can I apply for a work study at PBSC? I want to work at the admission office or something that’s similar. I’m attending the one in Boca Raton

Answer by pj
Hybrid classes involve being in class as well as participating online. The online material might be for reading, there may be an online discussion board or chat room, and/or some quizzes or tests may be administered online. The amount of work done online will depend on the course and the instructor.

Find out more about eLearning or Distance Ed by taking a free workshop offered here (under the workshop shedule box)

Facts about E-Learning

To qualify for workstudy you need to fill out the FAFSA forms:

There are often other jobs on campus that don’t require workstudy funds. I would ask questions at the student career center and the individual offices that interest you.

The library offers a 24/7 chat service
You may reach local librarians or you may reach other academic librarians elsewhere in the U.S. The local librarians may be able to direct you and offer information about your local campus situation, otherwise the non-local librarians will forward your question(s) to the local librarians for an email followup response. Library jobs are a great way to work your way through college!

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