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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Has Anyone Here Ever Visited Cassadaga Florida? Are You Frightened of The Occult?

Cassadaga is a small community between Orange City, Deltona and daytona Beach, Florida. everyone who lives in the town are spiritualists, palm readers, mediums and psychics. People hardly ever come outside. Part of the movie “Ghost Story” was filmed there. With Halloween coming up it would probably be neat to visit the graveyard there. Has anyone here ever been there?

Answer by Trish JPA and Jewish Pastafarian
Never heard of it before; sorry.

Answer by kntchuj
Damn there’s all kinds of crap in my state. I’m ashamed. Maybe I ought to move.

Answer by Jane
I haven’t even been the US, but it sounds like an interesting place to go none the less. Have you got room on your couch?

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : how to delete prc and pdb files from palm?

how do you delete pdb and prc files from your palm? example, you want to delete a game or palm reader file from your handheld.. and, why won’t some pdb files show anywhere in your palm handheld? i tried installing a pdb file which i think was for palm reader but why didn’t it show up ?

And, for how long can you keep your palm uncharged without your data getting deleted?

Answer by Jason
.prc files are applications that are easy to delete : In your list of Applications (hit Home key), bring up the menu and click on Delete. It will bring up a list of applications that you can delete. Your prc files should be in this list.

.pdb files are databases that are used by other applications. If it is an ebook, I think you can delete it through eReader.

For better control of the files on your Palm, download FileZ. It’s a free application that will let you manage all the files on your handheld and your card(s). You can see what is on there, delete files, move things to/from SD card, etc.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can someone out there help me figure out how the lottery numbers are choosen.?

I want to know how the carolina cash 5 lottery numbers are picked. I just cant get lucky with them.There is got to be a systme they use to pick the numbers. If there are any palm readers etc that know the nubers, please help.

Answer by fah-q
my brethren and I all share in all lottery winnings….we certainly won’t share with you

Answer by LegFuJohnson
Are you familiar with the concept of a RANDOM drawing?

Answer by Jamie C
it is completely random, you can’t predict them unless your psychic or something

Answer by Olivia
It is all random. You get lucky or you don’t. The odds are stacked against you, but hell someone gets lucky don’t they.. I try to rationalise it by saying would the whole country buy a £1 ticket in order to be in a raffle for a teddy bear. I can bet you nobody would buy one, if a million others bought a ticket too, and even then it could be a roll over for poor teddy!

Answer by ravenwillow
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