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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Has anyone met their partner or found love through a book club?

Hi I’m a researcher looking for anyone who may have met and found love through a book club. We want to find a couple to head up our a press/promotion for a book club DVD release. London based but interested in hearing from anyone. Many thanks K

Answer by dirk
My men’s group has 2 book clubs, and they are very popular. Each meets once a month, one discusses a GLBT book each month, the other discusses a work of fiction each month, sometimes with gay authors.
Rumor has it that more than one coupling has resulted from the sparks that fly at these meetings.
Now you know what readers do in between readings.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Where can I get a 12 month Love tarot for free?

for something like this email I got. But you have to pay for it
Dear nicole,

That old saying is true: you can’t hurry love. You also can’t pressure someone into being your romantic fantasy – but who’s to say that your lover is not!? With the Moon quincunx Mercury, you have the tendency to let your mind and heart fight it out inside you, resulting in emotional confusion and overreactions, especially in love. Why not consult your 12-Month Love Tarot to get some peace of mind?

You may just need to sit back, relax, and let your partner love you the way they want to naturally…you may find it’s more than you ever hoped for!

Your 12-Month Love Tarot reading lays out one card for each of the next 12 months, offering in-depth insight and predictions for what you can expect out of love. Like the weather, you can’t control your romantic destiny, but you can take a lot of the worrisome guesswork out of your heart and mind when you have a forecast for the future!

I AM 23
BIRTHDAY FEBRUARY 2, 1986 approx 7:04am
brooklyn Kings county NY 11229

Answer by I make it rain

Ask and you shall recieve. This is an awesome webpage and does all sorts of free tarot spreads!

Answer by manny:)
This is so weird. Small world. I live in Bklyn Kings County too! Ok that was off topic. Anyway, one website I love and it is absolutly free is They have everything: from personalized horoscopes to daily tarot card readings. The website is really accurate because you have to type in all of your information. You can have them send you emails too if you don’t want to go on the website everyday. I think its exactly what your looking for. Good luck.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How can I learn to love myself again?

Lately, well maybe for a year or so I’ve been really upset…not always but | can never reach a place of comfort, love and peace…Like I’m scrapping this cold hard earth for a piece of myself for peace in myself…I feel so worthless like im nothing…you know how people sometimes say your internal is a reflection of your external…well my internal self is HI-DEOUS honestly….I don’t like myself and this skin im in…I don’t even know why im hear on this earth…I just want it to end…I don’t know what direction im going in…like im in the dark with nothing to hold onto..I don’t know what I believe in..Ill never be at peace will I How can I learn to love myself again?
think I have this in the wrong category…whatever

Answer by S
I know just how you feel. I am going through this myself. I think that you should try to be yourself, do what you used to that made you happy. Elliminate your problems. Up your karma. Be around people who make you feel good about yourself.

Answer by shaylen02
I know is exactly what your going through. I feel the same way. Pray. Go see a therapist that’s what I’m going to do on the 5th. It sounds like you may have depression, try to get medicated for it. I’m so sorry I feel your pain. My heart aches, I feel for you you must feel the same way. Talk to somebody about it.

Answer by xurbaby5x
I kind of had the same problem. What helped me was talking this out with a friend, she helped me see what good qualities I have in myself. It sounds like uhh. but it really did help me because once I was starting to accept that I was able to see exactly what she was talking about.
Also, I know you may feel like you are nothing and such but I think you should sit down with yourself, think about all the good things you have done, write a list about what you like about yourself. It is possible to find something about yourself that you like, so I would give it a try.

I hope you learn to love yourself.

Answer by Michael
I want you to sit down indian style or close to it and think about nothing. Than after about five minutes ask yourself what your body wants from you. Does it was a cold shower. Does it want a fresh fruit. Does it want to go for a short walk. Stop telling your body what to do and try listening to it. Whenever you feel yourself getting overwhelmed try to find a few minutes, sit down clear your head and listen to your body. Only once you start listening to your body will your body listen to you. You need to develop harmony and it not an easy process but it is well worth it. One last thing people who are often unhappy are neglecting there bodies nutritionally. Look into raw foods. Switch your diet and it may just help you to find yourself. Good luck clear your head, harmonize your being and you can become whole and happy.

Answer by happy passby
go jog around the neighborhood.

Answer by grey
ok dust yourself off and flip that coin over…
look at the other side of you and then within a mirror
you will be looking at someone very special
between that reflection and the one you see
you will find your peace/purpose/beauty
you are okay!

Answer by SShariq
If you stop looking in the mirror and start looking outward at other peope and things, you wil not have his problem. Nobody is perfect. You need to become creative. You need to invent something or build something, which can be anything from a business to a work of art. People who don’t build anything start destroying themself from inside.

Answer by askyourmind
First things first! Girl you need to do something right away to pick yourself up out of this funk that you are in! LOL. Buy yourself a box of your favorite ice cream or chocolates. Go see or rent a funny movie and microwave yourself some pop corn. Buy yourself a nice dress or some really cute shoes. Go for a run or go to the gym and work out! Just do whatever it takes to immediately give you a pick up.

Once you get your head cleared then you can start looking at some long term solutions. If you are seriously depressed, ultimately, you may have to seek professional help. However, I would try some things on my own to see if they help first.

You could start by asking yourself why you feel like you don’t like yourself. Is it something that you have done in your past? Or is it something that you are doing in the present? Is it your present situation, your job, your friends, or your family? If all of those things are okay then is it just how you see yourself?

Once you have done some soul searching you will be able to identify the source of your unhappiness. When you can change the things you are able and accept the things you can not change you will find peace.

In my spare time I do a lot of volunteer work. I teach young children how to read or help adults with basic life skills like balancing their check book. There are little things like that which you and I take for granted that you can share with others and make their live so much better. You will find that making other peoples lives better can also make your life better in ways that you never imagined. 🙂

Answer by YD
I feel some fundamentals are missing in your case … as is the case with many many of us .

The Body Mind complex is very tricky. Many people do not like their physical body and feel low in self esteem. They feel they are not like able , lovable and acceptable to the others .

Some get caught in the mind`s restlessness. The thoughts are killing and beyond control . Yours seems to be in this category. Once you have diagnosed this it is easy where to put the efforts … control the thoughts . My earnest request is that you should read some related thoughts by some teachers . More than ‘self help’ books these readings will help. it has helped me get clarity .
Please see the following websites and read only what is relevant to you.




Good luck. Do not worry . You can get over it .

Answer by Kkalyan K
you are very much i suggest you to go to a psychologist or psychiatrist (if you want medication).then such useless questions wont arise in your mind.

Answer by loveyouhun
I’ve been seeing a therapist on and off for gosh 15 years. I never thought about it until a few years ago. Now I’m not seeing a therapist until Jan (switching health insurance) and will start again then.
I wrote down what I want to work on in therapy and one is to love myself among others. This wont’ be easy for me because I often time beat myself up and I have a negative mother. Now I tell my Mom to stop and if she doesn’t then tell her I have to go or just hang up.


Source : YoutubeWatch this video on love readings

Love angel tarot reading for Taurus with partner

Written by RockPsychic


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