Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Has anyone tried to read your fortune?

Did they predict or right or failed? I usually find so called fortune tellers at malls.

Answer by Tessa
I went to a fortune teller a couple of times and she was good. She lived way out in the middle of nowhere and her name was Sugar. My grandmother took me to her. She told me, someone close to me was going to die, a father figure. Two months later my very good friend died, he was my father figure. She also told me about my daughter before she was born and the man I would fall in love with before I even met him. My grandmother took me to her because I was going through such a hard time in my life and didn’t care about my future anymore. I would have to say that my grandmother and Sugar saved my life because without that insight into what would be, I may have never been.

Answer by kveldulf_gondlir
Actually I have sort of an odd history with fortune tellers….when trying to do ling term predictions fro me…none of them have ben able to see anything further than late next year. This have happened with several from different locations (even separate cities and states). Those that have had that difficulty, have been fairly accurate about other things though (and again an odd thing, the ones that have NOT been accurate have made predictions about things far past next year.) It really has been sort of hit and miss and I can’t say if more have been right than wrong, I’ve never really sat and tallied it up, but there have been enough that HAVE been accurate to at least merit further investigation.

Answer by ††MeryKheper††
Perhaps it’s the oddness of my style that brings in these money-suckers. I have outrageous hair and tend to wear ancient Egyptian emblems, etc… So these “fortune tellers” always approach me with business cards. I’ve even had a few ask if I would be interested in working for them.

Nevertheless, they all attempt to snatch my palm and “read” it, but I never oblige them. It’s a scam for money and has been so for centuries(literally). I once checked out a book at my local library about palm reading(to see the significance of it) and it more or less confirmed that all palms are “unique” but carry no message.

Using tarot cards is a joke. One woman gave me a free try in a mall. Accompanied by a friend who rooted me on, I sat down and let the woman shuffle them around. She said I was independent(which I already knew, and my style gives that away). The woman tried to scam me into paying her to reveal my biggest fortune. Of course I laughed and walked away.
Tarot cards were originally game cards, like a casino deck. They were never meant for “revealing fortunes” so the mere knowledge of this tells you these people are scam artists.

I met a woman in a bookstore and we started talking about ancient Egyptian mysticism and semiotics. She was astonished with me, but disappointed to learn I was underage. It turns out she owned her own fortune telling parlor and needed an assistant. She gave me a phone number and said, “When you turn 18, give me a call.” ….. I didn’t bother. I’m not a fan of scamming people.

I’ve never wasted my money on one.

~~ ††MeryKheper††

Answer by Kitten Mason
Honestly I’ve never had a “professional” reading, but gave myself a reading with a deck of tarot cards I found. It ended up meaning that I was very lost, and getting closer the the resolve to my problems but that I feared confrontation. It was a little creepy because the next day I had a panic attack in front of my best friend and finally got the mental help I needed. Maybe it’s a coincidence, but from then on I believed in tarot cards at least.

Answer by Uriy
Destiny – it is like a boomerang. Events from your future depend on your actions today.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : 50 free time? New swimmer?

I’m very new at high school swimming. We’ve had about 9 practices so far and our first meet is the 11th and I’m really nervous. But I the second day we were all timed for 50 free. I didn’t get my exact time but it was in the 40’s. that was the 2nd time I had ever swam freestyle. Today we were timed again and I got 38.1. I know it’s still very slow, but is it good improvement?
And what are some ways that I am improve before our swim meet? I know I have problems diving- I’m horrible at that. I know what to do but I just end up flopping a lot 🙁 and I also can’t hold my breathe long at all. I have to breathe on every 3rd stroke in the beginning and then every 2 coming back. My flip turns aren’t the best, but I’m getting better.
So any advice for a brand new swimmer?

Answer by academicjoq
No one on a message board can give you information on your stroke that will help you because neither we on the board or you in the pool can see or tell what you are doing correctly or incorrectly. THAT is why you have a coach. So, I’d highly suggest that you ask your coach, during practice, to watch your stroke and give you some instructions for improvement.

There is one thing I can help you with that you can practice on your own and that is your flip turn.

This is a VERY THOROUGH explanation on how to do a flip turn. Read it, think about and study it. Practice what I tell you in front of a mirror and, when first practicing in the pool, practice the turn out away from the wall so you don’t have to worry about swimming, timing or hitting the wall.

First of all, as you are coming into the wall, keep your head down (chin tucked in) in the water … do NOT look forward at the wall. Looking forward is a very common and terrible mistake. Look at the BOTTOM of the turn target.

You must glide into the wall with your hands at your hips (chin tucked in) however, the shorter the glide the better. So, your glide should only be about 2-6 inches long. A lot will happen at the end of that glide.

You might want to practice the following instructions for doing the somersault aspect of the turn out away from the wall so you don’t have to worry about being too close or too far away.

Do the next few things sequentially, but so close together they almost occur at the same time.

As you get to the wall (or practice away from the wall), with your chin tucked in and at the end of your 2-6 inch glide, when you think your head is going to hit the wall … do a dolphin kick and DUCK! As you dolphin kick and duck (remember, your hands are at your hips) you turn both palms of your hands so that they are facing the bottom of the pool (palms facing the bottom is absolutely CRITICAL — many swimmers will turn one hand, but not both).

As you curl at your waist your head goes to where your feet WERE. As your head comes around press on the water with the palms of your hands (remember, palms are facing the bottom of the pool) – it is almost as if you are pulling the water from the top surface of the pool toward the bottom of the pool. If you do this properly, your head is going to come around to your hands and your hands will end up around your head or your face. It will feel as if your hands are doing very little.

If your hands are not turned as I described, you’ll do your turn improperly and you’ll feel one (or both) of your hands waving or swirling around in the water out away from your body. Still (and always) keep your chin tucked in.

Your feet should end up about 1.5 feet under the surface of the water and you’ll be mostly on your back. The moment before your feet hit the wall, begin your push off. Your toes will be facing upward toward the sky and tilted either left or right. Which ever side your toes face, that is the side you’ll twist onto AFTER your feet leave the wall. That means as you push off the wall, you’ll be on your side and then twist onto your stomach after you push off. Still (and always) keep your chin tucked in.

All of this time, you MUST keep your head down (chin tucked in) – with hope, that aspect of the turn is very clear! If you keep your chin tucked in, with the exception of your hands being stacked and your arms squeezing your head behind your ears, you will already be in streamline position. All you’ll have to do is stretch your arms out and you’re gone! You already know how to push off the wall.

Answer by Marshmallow
Well, you want to eat more to get more body muscles. Maybe jog in place or something. Do sit-ups push-up. If you can get your arms and legs to be strong you can kick harder and do stronger arm pulls.
Are you just doing a 50 free at the swim meet?
All the time when you can swim what your doing at the meet.
If your just doing 50 free. You might want to work n your pull(200) and kick(200) then (Do a 300 free)

I hoped I help!

Answer by livelovelemons
First of all practice practice practice! I can’t see what your doing but here are some tips.
Then make sure you have good technique as that is crucial to shaving time and becoming a good swimmer there are many drills for that. Secondly work on your dives and make sure they are streamlined and powerful. Also you want to work on having a fast powerful dolphin kick as soon as you hit the water and as soon as you push off of the wall. For your flipturns just practice those over and over, fast into the wall, a fast flip and a fast push off. That will come with practice and time. Also work on your breathing, try to breathe every three, and to get your arms moving at a good speed, so you can breath as needed. Practice Practice Practice is key! Lastly Have fun! so what if your last, as long as your working hard and trying your best thats what counts.

Answer by matt
Definitely hold ur breath off every wall, maintain steady and straight streamline. One tip is KEEP KICKING. Always keep kicking no matter what. Do about 5 or 6 butterfly kicks after u push off the wall, take 2 strokes then breath. NEVER breathe the first stroke u take off the wall. Try not to breath from the flags to the wall, it helps you get a faster turn and/or faster finish. Hope this helped! Good luck at the meet!

Answer by Fathead Jordannnnnnnnnn
Honestly? Just keep practicing and listen to what your coaches are telling you. The more you practice the better you will get.

It you want some extra instruction, go to youtube and look for instructional videos. there is a guy there who does some great teaching videos.

Here are a few:

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What does my blood pressure reading mean (118/91)?

I am 23 if that has anything to do with it.

Answer by Permanent
118=systolic (when the heart (ventricles) contract)
91= diastolic (when the ventricles are relaxed)

91 diastolic is high.

Answer by gangadharan nair
Take blood pressure reading on two or more occasions. You have got stage 1 hypertension.
Control your hypertension by diet and exercise.
Adopt DASH diet (Mediterranean diet). Eat a low-cholesterol, low-fat diet, which includes cottage cheese, fat-free milk, fish, vegetables, poultry, and egg whites. Use monounsaturated oils such as olive, peanut, and canola oils or polyunsaturated oils such as corn, safflower, soy, sunflower, cottonseed, and soybean oils. Avoid foods with excess fat in them such as meat (especially liver and fatty meat), egg yolks, whole milk, cream, butter, shortening, pastries, cakes, cookies, gravy, peanut butter, chocolate, olives, potato chips, coconut, cheese (other than cottage cheese), coconut oil, palm oil, and fried foods.

Answer by Dr. VIKAS BHAGAT
Answered same question 3 times. read this –


Blood pressure is the amount of pressure exerted by blood on walls of your blood vessels(we measure in arteries)

Skip to below dashed line if not interested in details

See cardiovascular system is composed of a heart to act like pump to circulate blood in a closed circuit of blood vessels. these blood vessels are nothing but roads to get blood to every organ of your body. The function of cardiovascular system is to
1) oxygen from lungs to all organs
2) carbon dioxide from all organs to lungs for exhalation
3) nutreints from GI tract (belly) to all organs for use
4) waste products from all organs to kidneys to eliminate thes in urine.
5) regulate body temperature and
6) few more

all these things are carried by blood in a closed circuit of blood vessels and the blood is driven in one circular direction by pump THE HEART.

now to blood pressure—
transport and exchange of materials ( nutrients, waste products) all require a certain pressure to remain there in blood vessels.
just like a working pump system will exert pressure in pipes a working heart will exert pressure in vessels when it pumps.This is SYSTOLIC PRESSURE written above line in BP reading (140 in 140/90)
also the blood vessels are a bit tight due to muscles in them. this presses blood in them to maintain a pressure even when heart is relaxing (heart rhythmically contracts and relaxes with each beat). this pressure is DIASTOLIC BP and written below line in BP reading (90 in 140/90).

Though this pressure is necessary but in normal range. Systolic-100 to 140. Diastolic-60 to 90.
Increase (hypertension) as well as decrease in BP (hypotension) are considered disease

BP is kept in this range by complex phenomena difficult to understand for everyone

Increase in BP (>140/90)

factors that can lead to increase in BP

1) factors that cause heart to pump more strongly
a) Exercise- Absolutely normal thing. not included in hypertension (infact regular exercise decrease BP due to complex reasons)
b) Anxiety and chronic stress– can lead to hypertension
c) Certain medication like theophylline for breathlessness patients,
d) excessive cafeinated drinks (colas, tea,coffee)
e) hormonal disease like hyperthyroidism

2) factors that cause blood vessels to tighten more than normal or make vessels unelastic
a) Again Anxiety and chronic stress
b) stiffening of artererial wall (it’s like rusting of blood vessels). this is further caused by increased blood fat(cholesterol) from high calory food, diabetes, smoking, ageing
c) excessive intake of salt in diet

3) factors that increase overall circulating blood volume. this is decided by KIDNEY
a) high intake of salt in diet
b) occlusion of blood vessel of kidney(renovascular hypertension)
c) chronic renal failure with decreased urine output
d) some hormonal disease like cushings disease

In 90% cases there is no specific cause and the Hypertension is known as ESSENTIAL HYPERTYENSION.
In 10% there is some specific cause or other organ is diseased to result in increased BP like kidney and thyroid or drugs. Now its known as SECENDORY HYPERTENSION.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – — – – – –
Symptoms of hypertension early- non specific, NOT troublesome most of the time. headache (usually occipetal), heaviness in head face or neck, pain in eyes, sleeplessness, sometimes excessive sleepiness, anxiety, sometimes with sweating
lately symptoms of complications occur
pain in eyes
what are effects of hypertension-

Hypertension (and diabetes) are known as silent killers as they don’t cause VERRY troublesome symptoms and lead on to any organ damge to cause death
UNCONTROLLED hypertension for long can effect (I am giving extreme results)—
1. heart—heart attack and death(coronary artery disease), heart failure
2. Brain—stroke and death (bleeding or clotting in brain arteries)
3. Kidney—Chronic renal failure(one has to get repeated dialyses till he or she dies of complications)
4. Limbs—Gangrene (rotting) of lower limbs
5. Eyes—Blindness(hypertensive retinopathy)
6. I can’t remember all……


Diagnosed newly of hypertension, do following

1. strictly take your medications prescribed by doctor. follow all his instructions. get all tests done
2. decrease your salt and fat intake(non veg to be avoided or decresed)
3. take regular exercise daily (atleast 45 mins brisk walk before dinner)
4. leave smoking, decrease if not leave drinking
5. do stress management if chronically stressed or anxious
6. Have antioxidants from lots of fruits, juices(really helpful). eat as much fruit as you can
7. Decrease weight if obese or overweight.
8. treat diabetes with medicine if present

your diastolic is slightly high

take repeated readings at different time of the day at different places at least two times more.

still diastolic>90. get medical consultation It’s grade 1 hypertension as Mr Nair said above

kindly rate this

good luck

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