Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Have you ever gone to a palm reader?

If so, what did they tell you? Did it come true?

Answer by misterious person
no and i never want to its nothing but bull## they say to you.

Answer by Link
no but i don’t believe in that sort of stuff

Answer by da_no0dley_no0dle
I’ve never gone to one. I’m curious myself. I read the cards on myself…I got kinda got lost trying to see what each card meant 😐 .

Answer by Taliesin Penn Beirdd
Once, but I can’t remember most of what was said. I have researched it a little since and know a bit about how it works and would have to say there is certainly something to it, I mean our physical selves are intrinsically linked to our higher selves therefore (considering our higher-selves exist outside of time, as we know it) all information regarding our destiny must be accessible at some level.

Answer by mithrandir_lathspell
Yes, I did once. I was told that I had been dating the same person for a long time, which was true, and also that I would soon break up with them and begin dating someone I already know but hadn’t considered like that, which…didn’t happen. I think the first one was just a lucky guess, really.

Answer by Mel
I have and my mother did, a very long time ago.

My mother went to one at a nearby park, some travelling gypsies, back in the 70’s. The old lady told her that she saw dark clouds over my mother. There was a man, playing funeral music on scottish bagpipes. She asked my mom if she knew anything about this. My mom amazed, told her yes. Her grandfather had just passed away, and being of Scottish decent, they had played the bagpipes at his funeral. The lady went on to tell my mom that she was going to meet an incredible man, the love of her life, and his name would be James. My mom did not know a James, and kind of pushed that aside.

She had been hanging out with this guy, named Randy. They were falling in love, and that’s when he finally revealed to her that Randall was his middle name, James was his first name. They have been happily married for over thirty years, and had my sister and me.

I went to a palm reading, with a few friends, at a psychic’s shop. We had our readings separate. She told me the lines on my hands, and what they mean. She could easily tell my personality, by watching my interaction with my friends, so she nailed that. Most of what she said, was ordinary, but she two things that came as a shock. First, she said that I would be going to a place near water, a lot of water. She asked if I had any trips planned…but at the time, my family was broke, so we did not. This all happened in Ohio, no where near any water. She then said that I was going to get something exciting in the mail. It would be a paper, something about a job. She also told me my love line was extremely low, and I needed a candle. Yes, indeed, my love life sucked, but I skipped out on the 20 dollar candle.Her final statement was not to reveal any information she told me, or it would not come true.

In the car, my friends and I, there were three of us, decided the revealing thing must be because she told us the same thing. We revealed the whole how many times you’ll marry/kids thing, my friends matched up. They went on to reveal more, but I kept my mouth shut, and totally forgot about the psychic adventure. A few days later, I got an acceptance letter in the mail on an internship. That worked out great, but it wasn’t until a night, about a month later when my dad announced the other thing. He had made enough money for us to take a vacation to North Carolina, on an island. I’d be able to spend all day on the beach and swimming in the Atlantic Ocean.

I’ll be honest, my love life continued to suck until about two years ago when I met the man of my dreams. I was determined, a few years back, to go back to this palm reader on Halloween, since I read somewhere that the readings are more effective, and accurate then, but for some reason she was never open. I’m not sure how accurate those things are, and I’ve lost touch with the friends that went with me that time to see if any of their readings came true. However, I’ve decided to let it all go, and believe in myself. Hope my experience has helped you. Good luck!

Answer by Mike G
Yes I have, it was interesting.

However her interpretation wasn’t personal, it was very analytical in that when she saw one specific kind of line or pattern she referred to it the same way each time.

But it was overall accurate.

Answer by milly_1963
I did about 9 months a go and he told me to go to the Doctor and have myself checked out and I didn’t listen about 2 weeks later I got very ill and ended up having urgent surgery.

I also found it to confirm the connection between Astrology and Numerology with Palmistry they are all like little pieces of a puzzle put together gives you a peace of mind : )

Love & Blessings

Answer by california_ck
nope all were fake , i tried many , i also try’d a mirror reading which was accurate a little, there are real psychics out there but its so hard to find them , here in california , the real ones cost alot of money and they do not advertise

Answer by prriiiincess
I once had a lady do the card reading for me..shes said some things that hasnt come true yet..for example that I’m going to move and all ..and this was a couple of months ago and I honestly don’t think its gonna happen but well c. although i know someone who is trying to get pregnant but for reason its not happening and she decided to go to a psychic and the lady told her that shes been tryin to have a baby but she isn’t going to have one 🙁 oh and she knew nothing about her at all! Sometimes it’s freaky when u think about it

Answer by Sugar
I had a strange experience. Sitting on the beach, a gypsie insisted on reading my palm – she wanted no money, nothing.. which was strange. She told me I’d marry a blond man, and then begged me not to because she saw the “right” man was supposedly tall and dark and NOT the type of person my parents would initially approve of, but the only one I’d be happy with. Strangely enough, only after the marriage, the divorce and meeting this tall dark man did I remember her words; and to be honest I’m sorry I didn’t listen.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Please read this and tell me what you think?

I’ve never known another man to weep in front of me and all I did to set him off was mention this girl we had once known when we were young. I’ve talked about them a thousand times, brought up their lives and demises and we have known that a million of our schoolmates have died and never has he more than blinked and muttered, “That’s a shame.”

So when we strolled through that park and I was fussing with myself over the prospect of holding his hand in public, I wanted to bide the time between awkward palm-flexes by making small talk. It hadn’t occurred to me that this death, whatever it was, was more profound than everyone else’s.

“You remember Dahlia? From school?” Then he nodded. “Yeah, well, I read she died the other day. Battle with cancer…”

But he didn’t say, “That’s a shame.”, he let go of my hand and forced it away from him like it was covered in some kind of filthy substance. I felt a little hurt, like he’d just pinched me or something.

“You alright?”

Dahlia was really loud girl and the kind of student that was always in the school plays. I always thought she was sort of obnoxious, but I mean, I liked her. No more than anyone else, but I did like her. “Hey…what is it?”

That’s when he started crying and he didn’t even try to cover it up. He pressed his hands to his face really hard and wept out these strangled, terrible moans, these strings of sobs that sounded never ending. They did end, eventually, and I took him home to his wife later on. His eyes were rimmed with redness and he kept his head down in shame, I guess. I kissed his cracked, dry lips and told him to call me if he needed anything at all. He got out of the car and walked the block to his house where you couldn’t see me dropping him off. It was all very inconspicuous of us, I thought.

I’m thinking about what happened earlier in the park when my phone rings. “Hey?” I answer, because I know it’s him. He is hushed talks quickly…he normally wouldn’t call if his family was home.

“I’m sorry I flipped out today…it’s nothing, really. But I need to talk to you.”

“Yeah, we’re talking…what is it?” There is a long pause before he answers.

“Dahlia…from school. Did you know we were friends when we were young?” I didn’t…I hadn’t known him very well back then either. This fact was something I obsessed over every night. Our odd relationship that was so secretive, so random. It had been the first time I had seen him in fifteen years, at our high school reunion. I remembered that he was a soccer player back at school, but that was about it. It was sort of an odd thing…ending up with his phone number in my pocket and having called him more than once throughout this year, that was even odder. This man I never knew…before he got married, how many times I could have had him…that was a shame. I’m pretty sure now that I love him.

“I didn’t know you knew her…”

“I did…we were neighbours. When I was…when she was fifteen, she tried to off herself, you know.”

“I…wow…you knew that?”

“I remember the ambulance being there and everything. You know why she did it?” I don’t answer him because I’m a little afraid to hear it. “Her mom was fucking around on her dad…it was really messy.”

I know a bomb’s been dropped here and it opens up my mind to an understanding level where I don’t even need him to say what he called to say. So I tell him it’s been really great and that he can still call me if he feels like it. I tell him that earlier, when he cried, his face looked very beautiful in a sad way.

The End
Hm…I’m not sure people quite understand the style of writing this story is…it’s flash fiction, meant to be limited and left to the imagination of the reader.
Also, the character sounds like this for a specific reason. This is the way she thinks, talks ect.

Answer by Andrea
I liked it but thats it you leave so many questions do you intend to answer them please right more

Answer by Crayons
Wow, I really love this. I would say that you are off to an amazing start, and I’m glad for you. 🙂

There’s a grammar mistake that I saw. I’m not much up on grammar, but I believe “never-ending” is hyphenated. You wrote it here as “never ending.”

After that, there are only two weak paragraphs that you should tighten up. You have some pretty good literary technique going. But the paragraphs that begin and end with, “Dahlia…from school…I’m pretty sure now that I love him,” and “Dahlia was a really loud girl…’Hey what is it?'” could use some work. In general, they veer off of the topic and discuss things that we don’t need to know quite yet. I loved that you wrote, “How many times I could have had him…that was a shame.” I thought that the repetition was masterful, but cut out some of the unrelated details and stick to showing us the past, not telling us.

Or, if you’re going to tell us what happened, which is easier because of the first-person that you chose to use, do so organically. It feels a smidge out of place here.

My last comment: watch your narrator’s voice. Sometimes, she utters phrases that remind me of a teenager. When you say, “Like he’d just pinched me or something.” Now, adults end their comments with “or something” from time to time, but watch very specifically for phrases that don’t fit your character’s age, personality, or whatever. What out for those little details.

On the plus side, I like the cleanliness of your prose. It’s easy to navigate, but still has a perfect hint of lyricism. That’s excellent. Then, you mentioned so casually that she is not his wife but his mistress, and not your typical mistress at that- she’s talking about people that they went to school with together; she’s not twenty, she’s his age. It’s a new approach. Be sure to develop the narrator’s original, unique voice, and you’ll do just fine.

Good luck and happy writing! 🙂

Answer by Pecos Bill
It’s difficult to follow because of things like the first sentence: “I’ve never known another man to weep in front of me…” This sentence is saying that the narrator is a man, because there are only two people in this scene and the implication is that they are both men.

You jump around a lot in the time line. Try to tell your story in order and reveal things from the past in the conversation, not with little side-bar sentences that explain something.

Remember to Show not Tell, and you do quite a bit of Telling. Reveal information through the conversation and you allow your readers to learn things along with the character, not be informed of it.

You’re doing fine, just making rookie mistakes.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What does my palm say about love,relationships and marriage?(PICS)!!!!!?

I am right handed btw

Answer by Exotic wonder
i can’t really tell by your palm since i don’t have my palm reading book.
but why not get your own palm reading book or do tarot card readings to find out for sure.
don’t go to psychics, most are rip offs. do your own intuitive thought processing through books on astrology, numerology, i ching, new age spirituality beliefs, eastern religions, and tarot cards.

Answer by Pandora
You give your heart to easily, wearing your heart on your sleeve is endearing, but opens you to pain. That is your nature, some things we can’t change.

You’re a romantic person, but still think about and desire a physical relationship. The thought of sex doesn’t consume your thoughts, but the thought is still there.

Your are good at controlling your emotions, but at times you do give away how you feel, but only when the emotion is very, very strong. The simple emotions that come throughout the day are kept in check by your strength of will.

You are a logical thinker who pays full attention to what is in front of you. Distractions are a rare thing for you. You take the time to think out what you’re going to do before you do it.

Your life line appears to be rather short, indicating a short life. (it could just be the lighting in the pictures as well)

The depth of the line indicates a healthy life

I don’t see any breaks or shifts in the line, so I don’t see any divorce or sudden change that may have happened to you (again, the lighting could be hiding these facts)

Palm reading doesn’t predict the future, it tells a story of the past. And based off of your past you can make and educated and logical assumption as to what your future will be like.

Hope this helps,

If you have any questions feel free to ask!

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