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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Have you ever had your palm read? And was the reading right on the money?

just curious to know how accurate a palm reading can be.thank’s.

Answer by Rosie
I once met this Hobo and he freaked me out because he told me he wanted to read my palm, but then he started wiping his face on my hand and was saying how beautiful my life is going to be. I was so scared that I ran away and got my big brother to tell him off but so far my life is pretty nice. I have a family and friends who will take a bullet for me so I guess it is beautiful!

Answer by Sandora
Many times and it was a waste of money.

Answer by BobJr’s Final return
yes and it was so off. They lady said something about love interest was approaching and for next 5 years I havent gotten a date 🙁 I think she jinked me or something

Answer by C.
i have never had my palm read but i have done tarot reading and psychic readings before. They can be lame so go to someone by referral. Make sure you get confirmation that people have had good experiences with a psychic or palm reader before you spend the $ . But find the right person and it an be scary how accurate they are. Whatever is told to you, dont live your life by it, but use it as a guide.

Answer by Stephen
Watch Penn & Teller’s HBO show Bullshit. They have a lot to say about fortune telling and palm reading. Basically, they tell you things that apply to just about anyone and take about a hundred bucks from you. They are highway robbers who dress in shawls and hide behind the “infinite wisdom” of their crystal balls. Fuck ’em.

Answer by Jareth’s Trousers
Yes, and not even close. I went with a friend in college out of pure curiosity. We decided to see how real she was and not just pulling from our appearance so we traded clothes; we were totally different styles. There came a point where my future career came up, and something about what my thoughts were. I tossed out a few careers, some of which I’d hate and never do. The ones she said I’d be were the ones I hated. Twenty bucks down the toilet, but we knew that going in. It was worth my killing my curiosity.

Answer by cruz’smom
they are fake just like phyllis newman

Answer by lala
After reading all the answers ; I think I had been very lucky when a woman in a psychic show read my palm ; yes she had been very accurate from A to Z and I am sure of what i am saying because I had this reading in 1974 . Someone who had studied palm reading ; yes he would be very accurate

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What Are Some Similar Things To Astrology, Palm Reading, Etc.?

I am very interested in Astrology (Zodiac), Palm Reading, Aurora Reading, Tarot Cards, things like this. What are some other things like these?

Thanks :))
Nothing evil like witch craft or communicating with spirits!

Answer by WickedLeo
Voo Doo

Answer by Slackerbitch <3
Handwriting Analysis, Dream Interpretation.

I study both(:

Answer by ChainLightninG⅜
These are all called divination. I call it psychics with props.

Divination is the attempt to foretell the future or discover occult knowledge by interpreting omens or by using paranormal or supernatural powers. The list of items that have been used in divination is extraordinary. Some of these are:

# alphitomancy (dropping barleycakes in water and interpreting the result)
# anthropomancy (divination by interpreting the organs of newly sacrificed humans)
# arithmancy (divination by numbers)
# astragalomancy or astragyromancy (using knucklebones marked with letters of the alphabet)
# astrology
# astromancy (by stars)
# axinomancy (divination by the hatchet: interpreting the quiver when whacked into a table)
# belomancy (divination by arrows)
# botanomancy (divination by herbs)
# dowsing
# extispicy (divination by examining entrails)
# fractomancy (interpreting the structures of fractal geometric patterns)
# gastromancy (by the sound of or marks on the belly)
# geomancy
# gyromancy (divination by walking around a circle of letters until dizzy and one falls down on the letters or in the direction to take)
# haruspicy (inspecting the entrails of slaughtered animals)
# libanomancy or knissomancy (interpreting the smoke of incense)
# lithomancy (divination using precious stones)
# lecanomancy (dropping precious stones into water and listening for whistles)
# logarithmancy
# macharomancy (by knives and swords)
# margaritomancy (divination by the pearl: if it jumps in the pot when a person is named, then he is the thief!)
# tasseography (reading tea leaves)
# tephromancy (by ashes)
# theriomancy (divination by beasts)
# tiromancy (interpreting the holes or mold in cheese)
# tyromancy (by cheese)
# urim v’tumim (reading sacred stones attached to
the breastplate of the high priest in ancient Judaism)
# uromancy (divination by reading bubbles made by urinating in a pot)

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on palm reading

Dr. Sarah Larsen – Palm Reading #6

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