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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Help me to find points about readings?

I’m doing two presentation on my English subject and my language subject. Coincidentally, both topic we got is about the importance of readings. Our points must contain:
1. benefits,
2. ways to built reading habits
3. The factor that makes reading a must in life
4. some facts regarding readings
5. some example of successful person who love to read
6. and anything related to readings…

I’ve found some but it won’t enough for the whole 5 members in my group and for both presentation which sees reading as two different aspects… I hope someone could help me in them

Answer by Shane Morin
just go *** ***** ***** *** ******** *** ****** ** *****

Answer by Hm..
Maybe you could talk about how the society would be without anybody reading.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How do you interpret Tarot readings for questions not directly related to myself?

I asked a question – ‘How does he feel about me’ and the online reading gave alot of cards relating to me and how I feel. Should I take these cards to be how HE feels or how I feel when the question was about him?

e.g the card might say feeling of betrayal, injustice, – but is that me feeling that or him?

Answer by BIrdy
Just make it up like they do.

Answer by Pangel ((((((HUGS))))))
the cards wont tell you how someone else feels
when you use cards for yourself , you are really just tapping into your subconscious , they would really only tell you things that you already know ( although may not realise you do )

when you read for someone else , you are tapping into their aura and using the cards as a focus/tool ….. so unless something is in someones aura to begin with , the cards wont tell you much more than that

in this case … what you are getting from the cards , is what you already know or feel yourself about the situation

Answer by Susanne
Personally when I use tarot cards I use them as indications on how to think about or view the subject at hand, it’s not a definitive thing, like being told you will stub your toe next week after being hit on the head with a wet spaghetti noodle.

I don’t understand how an online tarot reading could be accurate at all since the computer cannot pick up on auras/spiritual energies. I very rarely use my tarot because it’s not something I do lightly, essentially I think about it as petitioning the gods directly for an answer for something I simply do not now but need a specific direction on. Sometimes simply how the cards fall can make a big difference, something a programmed and scripted application would never do. Reading is also a very intuitive thing to me, there are so many tiny factors that can change how the ‘answer’ is read.

With that in mind it’s one of the reason I don’t do readings for other people, especially when the person is not involved nor even in the room. Personal perceptions and feelings for a person can skew the results. My husband wanted me to do a reading for him one day, and even though we have been together 13 years (married 8) I wouldn’t do it for those same reasons. I was happy to show him how to use them for himself, but I believe my energies would have muddied the waters.

I am more inclined in using runes on a more occasional/casual basis than I do my tarot, but part of that may be that the answers aren’t as set in cement allowing me to interpret as I feel according to my intuition.

Just because I’m curious, could you post the link to where you did the tarrot reading?

Answer by Magician
Maybe a better crafted question helps here. What is the current (or near future) state of our relationship together?

Do the reading yourself with a simple one or three card spread and use a simplified guide to basic card meanings (key words, concepts). That way you intuit the relevant possibility from the general understanding.

Answer by Pam R

Remember that online sites are for fun only, you can download them from my site, they are not to be taken seriously.

If you were laying tarot, then the cards laid would refer to your question – they would show how he feels about you. Or show an overriding aspect of his personality.


Answer by Mezmera
Ew, computer drawn cards, ick. Not worth thinking about them in my opinion. Unless the online reading was with a real person, in which case, the reader should have explained.

If you want to know how he feels about you, then you need to ask him. I drew a card asking how he feels about you but I have to say that I’m not great at third party readings. I drew the Eight of Swords and my initial impression was that you are suffocating him. But, then, looking at the card I think it must be for you. Are you so caught up in how he feels about you that you are imprisoned? Are you paralyzed thinking about him and his feelings about you?

I encourage you to stop worrying about what he’s thinking and just live your life, be who you are, and if he is attracted to that and wants to be around you, then great! So much better to be who you are and to be appreciated that way than to try and be who you think someone wants you to be and live a life acting like you think he wants you to. If there is history between you two, the same suggestion applies. Be who you are. I imagine you’ve already said everything you could say, and either he is interested or he isn’t and if he isn’t, then who cares what he thinks? You’ve got a life to live and you can’t wait around indefinitely imprisoned by your hopes.

Live. Breathe. Laugh. And Love will come as a result of your happy life.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : question of intellectual LOVE?

IF U FALL IN LOVE..what shud u do…the case is tht u like a person whom u dont even know fully but ur intellectual level matches with him ….u like everything of his…and u also know tht this relation can never tranform into marriage…major reason 4 never meeting is tht he does not belong to your country…and horoscope readings say something else…shud u just try to not think abt him and pray and surrender or sacrifice ur feelings coz of destiny….huh another online relation….plz dont make fun and try answering in not 2 or three words….but i was thinking tht how wud u settle for someoneelse ( the person u r destined to marry -he may or may not b like him)..i mean how can u even think abt settling for a person lesser than his level…when u find something in life and its up to a great level u dont feel like settling 4 a lesser thing…make note the love has not been confessed as yet but u know tht u cant get a better person than him.hes more intellectual than u( me)

Answer by belistvor
is it realy that dificult for you two to meat? that sounds a bit strange!

Answer by Tayy Nicole.. only here to help
i know EXACTLY how you feel, but it doesn’t take two whole paragraphs to explain it. You have to let things run there course, dont be afraid of what might happen, JUMP into it, and pray you land on your feet. No one will ever be able to fill his shoes, its impossible to think so, and if you dont put forth your all to help the situation you’ll waste your whole life trying to find someone that can fill the spot. Screw horoscopes, theres always a glich somewhere in the stars.


Oh yeah and have u tried talking to HIM about this, trust me if he’s that intellectual, together you will fing your way.

TRUST and COMMUNICATION.. the two keys to any relationship

Answer by walrus carpenter
Matching intellectual levels don’t mean that you’re in love. Heck, it doesn’t even mean you’re in a relationship. Double heck, it doesn’t mean you’re destined for each other. It just means you found someone who thinks like you.

And that you are one heck of a desperate, lonely person, to think that the two of you are soul mates.

By the way, love is about emotions, and intellect is about rational thinking. “intellectual LOVE” just doesn’t make any sense. You’re better off saying “I’d like my steak rare well-done,” or “The one in Iraq is a peaceful war,” or something stupid like that. No offense.

Answer by ks_anand_77
First, U get what you deserve. If you do not have the courage to go after what you want, in this case, tell him of your love, you will never have it. You alone are then responsible for not getting what you wanted.

Second, There is always the chance, that he may not entertain the same feelings. In that case, you only do not get the guy, but you would still have got Love – ur love for him, tht’s something even he cannot take away from you.

So go ahead, make your feelings known. DO not have the regret of not trying. If destined, He will be yours. Even if not, He is destined to be loved by you.

Answer by bitto luv
I fell for my hubby because of his intellect so I can see where you’re coming from. Anyone else just feels dull, boring and dumb to be honest. You can’t settle for anyone else.

As far as horoscope readings…I really wouldn’t read them anymore. If you want this to work you have to be able to believe that you make your own destiny. Things don’t happen unless you take the steps to MAKE them happen.

Even though this very intellectual man may be from another country it does NOT mean you can’t meet. You can travel, he can travel, you can meet somewhere in the middle. I don’t see a problem there. I also do not see a problem with an online relationship, long as you have a common understanding that at some point you’ll attempt to meet.

Profess your love, why not? All the guy can say is no and then maybe he can say he loves you too. You’ve nothing to lose and much to gain here, don’t you?

I don’t settle, I don’t believe in settling. If you settle…that’s when later in life you’ll experience regrets and anguish. Go for it!

Answer by Thomas C
This would be a lot easier to read if you did not use the email abreviations in such a long question.

Secondly, dump that stupid astrology bit. The horoscope is a scam. Anyone who believes in a horoscope is being scammed. They are letting their lives be directed by some nut who claims to have some special knowledge of the stars and planets zillions of miles out in space. What a crock.

Now, about your question. I am not sure EXACTLY what you are asking. Are you asking IS there such a thing as intellectual love? If you are attracted to someone on the Internet, that isn’t exactly INTELLECTUAL love.

No one here can tell you what to do. Your life is your own and 99.9% of the people on the Internet do not KNOW you nor your life, so they will give you what THEY think you should do, but–they may be as unreliable as a horoscope.

Only YOU can make the decision about what to do. I would suggest talking to a man of the cloth (preist, rabbi, cleric…whatever) and ask for guidance.

Thirdly, if this person is someone you have never met, be aware that very often when people meet, they find the actual in-the-flesh person is not the same person that was conceived in the brain. Love is more than an intellectual attraction. That should be an obvious observation.

Your problem is not an easy one to answer, and a decision cannot be made hastily. Seek advice from those wiser than yourself and older. Because someone is older than you, they have seen and experienced much that you have not–yet. Give them respect and some credit for their advice.

I could go on, but–it would be a very long answer.

Answer by yukasdog
Intellectual level and love.
It doesnt seem you re really in love and what you say about settling confirms it.You know a person who is only half of it,
if this intrigues you it doesnt mean that meeting him up is
gonna be heaven, after 3 weeks have passed.
And you can share intellectual stuffs whit ppl that you barely
know, but you cant live with one who doesnt match other needs,
more unconscious than else. Or you ll break up.
best whishes

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Psychic William….. Likes to keep it simple and jargon free! Rather than me say how good I am, why not ask those in my room who have had a reading… Anyone can talk a good story.. You decide if I am what you’re looking for :oD

I don’t use any tools although I can use cards if you wish me too. My connection is always given in context and I present evidence all the time. It may be random but it makes sense….