Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : HEY YOU!! yes, you! THE ONE Who like to play online GAMES, ReAD this !?

hello.. sorry for the caps. I have to make sure that i catch your attentions. The more answers i get, the better for me.
You say you like playing RPG online, right?
I am listening to you guys the RPGonline game fans.
If you have the power to make executives to listen to your fresh idea, what kind of RPGgame online that you would like to play?

The best idea will get 10 pts from me.
and, PERHAPS, the chance to see your idea made into reality.
(not a guarantee though, because i won’t know whether your idea will work or not, yet..)

here is a link of others who have tried.;_ylt=AoiIJ9XYsQLi.me4YQ80KHrzy6IX?qid=1006042302109

PS: please don’t bother giving me ideas for CONSOLE GAME, unless if it work well online (like FFXI).

try your best 🙂

Answer by MyCowsCanFly©
A hunting game with Vice President Cheney.

Answer by GunnerCDM
Well they’ve yet to give us one with an actual combat system, where you dodge, block, hit, in real time not just watch your charcter do it and click skills. This can take place in any time, but no more elves and wizards, theres to many. Try medievil, it’s not a fresh setting, but the gameplay itself will be undeniably fun.

Answer by Someone_somewhere_091312131
a FPS where you level and grow and stuff like that, upgrade guns and armor stuff like that

Answer by Pale Rider Redux
I would like to see an rpg game based around the DeathLands Saga on Gold Eagle Press with a post nuke holocaust theme of 7 survivalists that takes place 100 years after the apocalypse of ww3 and make 1 of them a 1 eyed grizzled battle scarred survivalist and they go around what is left of the USA and the world killing human/animal mutants and ending the lives of cruel sadisitic rulers of small villages/outposts in the new nightmarish world but If yer gonna make a DeathLands rpg though you need to leave DOC TANNER IN!!!!!

Answer by lvuer
What I really want? The MMORPG that really have story, events, and ending (like Greed Island in Hunter X Hunter OVA). There’s no job, since you could practically learn all skills avaiable (but for warrior to learn magic is very hard, but magician can easily learn magic, and vice versa).

There’s ending, yes, the story progress as chapter. So if you play in chapter 1 and stop playing for may be 6-8 months, when you play again, it’s already chapter 2 or 3.

I really hate that hack-and-slash system. Create something more active and creative, like may be combo system (like SEAL, but it’s still not enough).

To attack, you can assign four different attacks into four buttons and bash them in correct order and timing to score combo (magic could also be combo’ed but it’s really, really hard to do). You could also assign two special attacks that could be pulled off when certain conditions met. Add somthing like limit break or desperate moves and it’s perfect. Oh, and skills or magic still can be assigned to number 1-9 (like usual MMORPG), but in this way, it can’t be combo’ed.

For equipment, you could set a piece of equipment to every body parts (head, neck, chest, limb, feet, finger, hand, arm, palm, etc) and you could forge your own equipments and further costumize them (you could combine sword and whip to make a whip-sword, or combine flail with stick to make nunchaku). For the weapon, it’s ranging from ordinary stick, knife, sword, bow and arrow, to guns, rifles, grenades and rockets launcher (try to make your own gunblade!).

Oh, and weight really important in this game, since it affects your attack speed, walking speed, stamina, evasion, etc. You could bring a cart or something to bring extra thing but it really hinderance in battle, and if you leave it carelessly, someone (or some monsters) may steal it (so be sure to have someone to watch over it).

And you also could make lots of thing (provided you have neccesary money, items, skills, and previleges) like armor/gear that slow-moving, eating expensive fuel like no body’s bussiness, and need constant maintenances but really, really pack lots of firepower and could bring lots of cargo and weapon systems (like linear rocket launcher and high-mega-beam buster cannon, or even nuclear missiles that could wipe out an entire clan but cost twenty millions per missile), your own airship (to travel between area fast and can be used for battle to some extend like bombing run), and later even your own battlecruiser or carrier that could bring lots of peoples and gears (and its garage, remember that gear need constant maintenances) but need several people to operate (and several guardian if you don’t want your mega-super-expensive carrier shot down by some gears). But this battlecruiser/carrier is really mega-super-expensive, need even more maintenances than gear, and extremely rare that you need to fight it over with several (or all) clans to be able to make one.

And last but not least, you could meet some heroes or even legendaries (NPCs, of course) that super-strong with really cool skills that sometimes will fight by your side if you’re doing some right and vital-quest (vital for the story progression). And if you win (or at least survived) the quest, your name will be written in history along with those heroes and legendaries (and who knows, you could be a heroes/legendaries some day).

Answer by cheater_addy
i would like to see a age of empires type game but in like our time, m-16 tanks and stuff like that, and add rag doll phisics, those r the best

Answer by Daniel
there are many problems with online games. here are the reasons:
1. you cant react fast enough. you need to think of an rpg that is NOT just a bunch of links that you click just to see what will happen and even when you do you have to click refresh.
2. there are many online games that you have to work on for literally a month just to get powerful enough in the game to have fun. if you made a game that had fast progresion(not too fast though) then that would be better.
3. NEED A GOOD STORY!!! too many RPs have crappy storylines. you need to do something that has a point. if its a fighting game then you dont need to have just plain fighting. you need a reason to fight.

those are sonme of the main reasons but those are the main ones.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : I need a device that can go online, do msword, open pdf, is there such a device?

Does PDA do the followings?

I am a student and I need tech device that I can pull out and use anytime anywhere:
personal scheduling
go online
type notes (I’ve seen people use those portable keypad with their PDA)
read ( I need to increase my vocab)
read pdf (that would be great)
play music (optional)

If there is such device, what is it and how much would it be? Which type (brand, model) is the best?

Answer by Vivek B
Palm Treos can do all of those things, and can take the place of your cell phone. Reliability with the Treo 650 is a little shaky, but you could try the 680 or 700. These would run between $ 200 and $ 400, and you’d probably have to sign up for a $ 70/month data plan.

The Motorola Q would probably also work for you, as would the Nokia E62 ($ 100) or Samsung Blackjack ($ 200).

Reading documents or PDF’s with any of these devices will get tiresome after a while, though.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : While Obama has cleared himself of any wrongdoing, will the FBI do the same?


Answer by kathleen O
So far, they have.

Answer by Anna P
Who knows? He presented information requested. Whether it’s entirely true will be determined.

Answer by cheb
After reading the article, I surmise that Obama and Rahm made suggestions and Blago wanted to either be the Kingpin of the arena and grease his own palm at the same time. It was just unfortuante that Obama is again caught holding hands with a scumbag.

But this quote from the article:
“While Obama certainly deserves some credit for releasing his team’s contacts with Gov. Blagojevich, it remains unfortunate he acted only after political pressure was exerted,” Mr. Conant said in a statement. “Hopefully, President-elect Obama’s promises of transparency related to this matter will extend to all communications, including written.

Scares me more than anything. Reminiscent of Cheney’s antics.

Answer by zazen
Most likely. Gov Blago seemed annoyed that Obama’s people weren’t willing to throw him anything substantial, just their respect if they got their way. No money, no job offers. Obama should come out OK.

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