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Hello, (im 21 years, old, im on my friends daughters account btw.) i recently had my palm read, the lad y described men in every way i could think of, she was really good. she then said your travel line links up with ur fate and life line, causing you to have an life changing experience, i asked her if it was a good experience or bad,she said good. ive benn wondering for so long now,she practically said it was going to swap my life around, and this is not just like marrying somebody. Its more deeper, and she said i have a very unusual and interesting hand. I had to cut the session short, cause i was going somewhere.
I wonder what this could be?> im reall curious any tips on helping me find out what it is?

Answer by love-is-everything(L)
just visit they have palm reading scan your palm and see it

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is it possible for a psychic to mix up palm readings? like she’s reading your palm but she tells you a friends future?
if you’re a palm reader can you contact me?
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Answer by MSB
There are many scam artists out there…

or she could have been having an off day…

or, metaphysically speaking, she could have been subconsciously picking up on your friend’s energy through you and it jumbled her reading.

Answer by anatketani
That’s pretty difficult for her to do. I’d agree that she was having an off day. How do you know she was predicting your friend’s future instead of your own? I think if you’re skeptical of her reading then she was probably a fake.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : PALM READING-two different headlines on my palm?

so… any of you palm readers out there the headlines on my right and left palm are pretty different.
on my left palm the lifeline and the headline are connected, but on the right they are spaced about half an inch.
i do not know very much about palm reading i just googled it a second ago and skimmed some of the material i found, but i was just wondering what the significance of this was


Answer by It’s Leah!
there’s this site :

you can read your own palm by looking at the examples they give you:)

hope it helps!

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Kelly Clarkson Palm Reading


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