Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How can I release my suppressed anger and frustration?

Get ready for a long and boring rant. My entire life I have been pushed around and made fun of, mostly because I am overweight (not even a lot) but for other reasons, for example, I have social anxiety disorder, I wear glasses, I have trouble focusing in school, but when I do, I usually do an OK job, I’m a 17 year old kiss-less virgin, my parents separated right in front of me when I was 10, most of my friends are people on the Internet, and I have 4 brothers who all make fun of me for these things on a daily basis. (usually in the presence of my mother, but she doesnt seem to mind anymore) My entire life I have been suppressing these emotions and not once have I snapped, not once have I laid a finger on my younger brother (who makes fun of me the most with his constant sarcasm and insults) and not once have I talked about this with anyone. Because of all this stress the only things that reward me with momentarily relief are playing video games for hours and binge eating. Does anyone have any tips on how to relieve stress without killing someone? Also I can’t afford therapy and even if I could everyone in my family would give me crap for it.

Answer by abc
do physical exercises such as push up on knuckles (pressure points in contact with the floor are knuckles of index finger and middle finger), bicycle crunch, sit up on bed, chin up with palm grip down, lying on ur back bench press with knees on top of chest in order to prevent spine from curving upward when pressing the weight away from chest, lying on ur stomach reverse fly, lying on ur back dumbbell pullover or whatever is enjoyable, daily, physical exercise produces serotonin and testosterone
cardio such as running and rowing is the best for causing body to creates serotonin
‘happiness’ in

– eat kosher diet (beef and lamb are kosher and contains lots of zinc, 1 egg a day may help too)
– rest do no physical exercises from friday sundown to sunday daybreak (sabbath)
– avoid food high in phytate ‘Food sources of Phytic Acid’ in

phytate causes body less able to absorb zinc, no zinc means no semen no testosterone no erection

– if physical exercises causes more unwanted erection then this may create better underwear for erection, using tight underwear :
cut underwear so that in the front side of underwear :
only left edge and right edge are left intact, the cloth which cover penis, 2balls must be removed, so the underwear only cover butt from touching long pants. so that erection is free, balls temperature is low good for semen production

– ensure u got vitamin d (milk, orange juice usually contain vitamin d), vitamin e (wheat germ oil, sunflower seeds) for skin protection, then sunbathe penis regularly, don’t shower afterward because ur sweat contains extra vitamin d, but not for too long of a time pls read source for more info

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How much calcium should i take in a day?

14 year old boy, slightly underweight. I bought some 500 mg calcium(+vitamin D 125IU) supplements because i realized i wasnt consuming enough calcium and my bones dont appear to be strong…how much should i take? is it alright to take one 500mg tablet a day?

Answer by Is that so
How much?? I believe it’s around 1,200mg daily at your age … you would need to research that though.

Here we go, I found you a link and it suggests 1300mg daily ~

A 14 year old boy would be going through a few growth spurts so you need to pay attention to eating fresh food sources of calcium and avoiding calcium and magnesium thieves like processed sugar …… avoiding eating and drinking junky and fake type rubbish foods and drinks like sodas and pop and candy and chocolate and icecream and cakes and biscuits alone will likely add a couple of decades to your life and dramatically improve health of bones, teeth, and heart….. and the very best place for you to get your calcium from is from leafy and green vegies, salad greens, fresh salmon, sardines and fresh tuna and fresh low sugar fruits like berries, pears and cantalope.

That’s why your mom wants you to eat your greens mate….. they’re rich in calcium and magnesium and vitamin C ….. all needed for strong bones…. the fresh fishes are rich in vitamin D or simply get 15 mins daily of safe sun exposure…. you only need 2 or 3 serves weekly the size of your palm of the fresh fish to get ample vitamin D.

Regular exercise and avoiding being sedentary will also build strong bones.

The tablets …….. there’s so much that can be misrepresented with tablets and supplements I hardly know where to start …. they use fillers, preservatives, flavorings and other possibly less than usefull chemicals in all sorts of supplements and medications these days ….. and it’s surely a painfull exercise to try to distinguish precisely what those ingredients are let alone deciphering the immediate or long term side effects of same……. my advice to you is to read the ingredients list on the side of the bottle then google the words that you don’t understand ie ~ sodium benzoate is a common ingredient and from memory disrupts DNA and suppresses immune system functioning leading to cell demise in your body … eventually ….. but do the research and then decide if you want to ingest those pills or eat the fresh food.

If you must take the tablets I suggest you halve the dosage suggested for an adult on the bottle. Children should never take an adult sized dosage as their bodies could never possibly assimilate the ingredients as an adult’s body would.

If you were my son and you didn’t want to eat the greens, fish, fruit I would get you a powdered organic (to avoid nasty sheetchemicals) calcium supplement as in a powdered form your body has no digestion to deal with so the supplement will be far easier to assimilate and it will be absorbed directly into your bloodstream.

Treat your body like a temple mate …. you don’t get many chances and being so young you at least have the upper hand here because you are clearly intelligent enough to ask the question to begin with … many people don’t ask and just blindly accept what they are told.

Knowledge is power and freedom.

BE free.


Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : If I slice up squash and put it in a frying pan will it stick?

Can you cook squash by slicing it thin then frying it? Do you need to use oil? what kind?

Answer by suprabrigada
Vegetable oil, or just plain butter will work.

Answer by nicro
yeah use cooking oil

Answer by aaronjrepo
it would burn

Answer by tiny tater
i use a little olive oil but i do my squash in a little bit of flour or if u wanna do battered ones do one egg some flour and a little milk

Answer by Shortee
use a cooking oil, like olive oil because yes, it will stick

Answer by mysti
You need to use some cooking spray, like Pam, or just a bit of olive oil or will stick to even the best “non-stick” pan.

Answer by steeltoe_abortion
Is it a non-stick pan? Are you using oil? Otherwise yes, it probably will. Unless you keep it moving constantly.

Answer by Something A
Yes, you can cook it that way. Yes, you need oil or else it will stick. Any kind of oil will work, but I prefer extra virgin olive oil.

Answer by HellooThere<3
yep it probs will.use teflon!

Answer by PJ
You need to use oil or butter – doesn’t matter which – you can use spray oil if calories are a concern, butter tastes better, but spray oil will work just fine. Add some salt and pepper and maybe a few slivers of onion if you like that. You can slice it thin and steam it also.

Answer by Deborah L
Butter is best.

Answer by terrified by spiders
Use some oil of some kind. I’m not fond of squash, so I like to be frying other vegetables at the same time.

Answer by ASh D
yes use olive oil or veg oil

Answer by Tabbi

Answer by theninjette
Use pam or olive oil. (Olive oil tastes better)

Answer by Cat
Use vegtable oil or butter. Heat the pan and throw the squash in. Mmmmm.

Answer by michelle ♥

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