Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How can I synchronize my two Palms(z22 and T/X) in one computer?

I have 95MB out of 114MB free space in T/X and 5.3 MB out of 24.6MB in My z22. How can I synchronize them seperately? (e.g: I want to install handstory in my z22, because it’s small. But on my T/X, I want to install Documents To Go, because it allows me to read Word and Excel.) What should I do?

Answer by acaplinger
HotSync tracks two Palms separately, including installations. When you double-click a .pdb file on a machine with two Palm profiles, it should ask you which profile to install the .pdb file into.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Palm Pixi or Iphone 4G?

I had a few questions about both phones (Palm Pixi and Iphone 4G.) First off, I had a question about the Palm Pixi, can you download music onto the phone from iTunes. Then, with the Iphone 4G should I really wait for the Iphone 4GOS? What’s your opinion on these phones?

Answer by ScσττRΛSC³
You used to be able to but that was deemed wrong so now once again only iPhones, iPads & iPods can.

Well it actually called the iPhone 4. The iOS (the iPhone’s operating system) is being released on the 21st & the iPhone 4 on the 24th. To give an indication of the phone’s anticipation, people who now order will have to wait until the 14th of July to get them.

I read somewhere that the Pixi is being offered free, usually thats a sign that the phone is not selling & they are just giving them away to get rid of them. Also, Palm was bought by HP a couple of weeks ago.
On the other hand, Apple is doing quite well with the iPhone 4 debuting soon, the iOS debuting sooner, a new Mac mini, new Macs, etc.

I say the choice is obvious.

Answer by london WEST 9 chick
sorry but the palm pixi does not look that nice. 😛

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : how to make multiregion (region free) one dvd player sony DVP-ns53p?

i buyed a dvd player but i cannot watch some region 2 dvds

can some give me a code for unlock that?

Answer by canadianhelper
Sony Player / Recorders CANNOT be Hacked using The Factory Remote Control.

You have 3 options to make this player Region Free …Firstly you can take it to a Specialised Sony Centre …who will be able to Unlock it for you it just depends if they are able to ..or can be bothered and there will most probably be a charge.

Secondly You can use the services of a “Chipping Company” who will be able to help you, but they most definately will charge you …a Google search will help you find one of those.

Or Thirdly you can look at this link and use a One For All Type Remote Control , Palm Pilot or any similar Programming type device to enter the Sony Service codes to make your Player Region Free

The Codes covered on the Page will work on 99% of Sony Players with Model Numbers starting with DVP-NS

Also if Your Player is Region 1 ( NTSC) you will need to consider this fact

NOTE. This modification is only for use with dual format PAL / NTSC Models. These are machines with Original Region Code 2 ( European / UK ) or Region code 4 (Australia). If your machine is not one of these, then this upgrade will not work. As your Player will be Unable to read PAL no matter what .

As you did NOT state the Default Region of your Player the above NOTE is important …If Your Player is Region 2 or Region 4 then then Disregard the above NOTE.

You can only modify dual format PAL / NTSC models via these specific service codes (i.e R2 or R4). NO OTHER dual format models accept this set of service codes (i.e Region 3 Asia). NTSC only models ((i.e USA / Canada that are NOT dual format PAL/NTSC) CANNOT be modified for all region playback by any means – there is a set of service codes to change the regional coding, but this is pointless as NTSC models are not capable of PAL playback regardless of if modified or not.

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